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Full text of "Genealogy of the family of Lt. Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, Connecticut"

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ARMS — Or, an escallop in the chief point, sable, be- 
tween two bendlets, gules. 

CREST — On a chapeau , gules, turned up ermines, — 
an escallop, sable, between two wings, 







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The following, compiled from the celebrated works of the 
Hyde's and Tracy's, by Chancellor Reuben H. Walworth, proves 
that Lieut. Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, Conn., was a direct 
descendant of the Saxon Kings, of England. 

The Princess Gode, youngest daughter of King Ethelred II, 
his last wife was Emma, of Normandy, daughter of Richard I, 
Duke of Normandy, held lands in Gloucestershire in the reign of 
her brother, King Edward the Confessor, (see 2, Ellis' Doomsday 
book, 119), which lands remain in the hands of her descendants 
at this time. She married for her first husband, Dreux, Count 
of Vexin, called by English historians, Walter de Mante, Count 
of Mantes. He was great grand- son of Waleran who succeeded 
Hugh, the great Duke of France, father of Hugh Capet, as count 
of Vexin, in 956, and is said to be descended from Emperor Char- 
lemagne and Hildegarde of Swabia, his wife. He went on a pil- 
grimage to Jerusalem, and died in Bythinia, about the first of 
July, 1035, and she died in 1054. They had four sons : first, 
Gauther, same name as Walter; second, Rudolph or Ralph: 
third, Toulgues ; fourth, Poutoise. 

General Rudolph or Ralph de Mantes, their second son was 
Lord of the Manor of Sudeley and of Toddington, which he in- 
herited from his mother. He was created Earl of Hereford by 
his uncle, Edward the Confessor, of which earldom his son was 
deprived in the reign of William the Conqueror. He married 
Gethe, who held lands in her own right in Buckinghamshire, and 
who, in Doomsday book, is called Gethe, wife of Earl Rudolph. 

He died the 21st of Dec., 1057, and was buried at Peterborough. 

Harold de Mantes, their only son, married Matilda, daughter 

of Hugh Lupis, the first Earl of Chester, and Ermitrude his wife, 

and had by her two sons, John de Sudeley and Robert de Ewas. 

John, the eldest son, inherited the lands of his father, in 
Gloucestershire, and became John de Sudeley, Lord of Sudeley 
and Toddington. He married Grace Tracy, daughter and heiress 
of Henry de Tracy, Feudal Lord of Barnstable, in Devonshire. 
They had two sons, Ralph the heir of the father, and William de 
Sudeley, who inherited the lands of his mother, and assumed her 
family name of Tracy. 

Sir William Tracy, the second son, knight of Gloucestershire 
held lands at Toddington to the extent of one knights fee, from 
his brother Ralph de Sudely.. He was one of the knights who, at 
the command of Henry II, assassinated Thomas A. Becket. He 
died iii Devonshire and was hurried in the church of Marthoe, 
(see Fuller's church history, Polwheles history of Devonshire.) 

Sir Oliver Tracy, his eldest son and heir, was one of the 
knights of Gloucestershire in the time of King John, and as early 
as 1695 he was in possession of the estates of Barnstable. 

AVilliam Tracy, his son, of Toddington, was in arms against 
King John in 1215, and his property was confiscated, but it was 
restored to him by Henry III, about 1*217. He married Hawis 
de Born, and died about 1224. 

Henry Tracy, his son and heir, of Toddington. died about 
1246, and had two sons and one daughter. 

Henry Tracy, of Toddington, his eldest son and heir, was 
presented to the church of Marthoe, in Devonshire, in 1275. 

Sir William Tracy, of Toddington, his son and heir, was one 
of the knights of Gloucestershire in 1290, and had a command 
in the Scottish war. 

His son, William Tracy of Toddington, was a ward of Law- 
rence Tresham in 1300. He was one of the knights of Glouces- 
tershire, and was sheriff for hve years, commencing in 1324. In 

1313 he was elected to Parliament as one of the knights of Glou- 
cestershire, and again in 1321. (The office of sheriff in those 
days was a situation of great dignity and importance, very dif- 
ferent from now.) 

William Tracy, of Toddington, his son and heir, had a man- 
date to raise troops for the King, in the severfth Edward III, 
from the county of Gloucestershire. 

Sir John Tracy, of Toddington, his son and heir, was in 
Parliament as one of the knights of Gloucestershire in 1357, and 
was sheriff in 1368-1369. 

Sir John Tracy, his eldest son, of Toddington, was a mem- 
ber of Parliament, he was sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1378, and 
died in 1379. 

William Tracy, of Toddington, his son and heir, was sheriff 
of Gloucestershire in 1395, and died in 1399. 

William Tracy, of Toddington, his son and heir, was sheriff 
of Gloucestershire in 1418, and in 1431 was called to the privy 
council of King Henry VI. He married Alice, the widow of Wil- 
liam Gifford, and daughter and heiress of Guy cle la Spine, Lord 
of the manor of Coughton, in Warwickshire. 

William Tracy, of Toddington, their eldest son and heir, was 
sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1443-1444-1450. He married Mar- 
garet Pauncefort, daughter of Sir John Pauncefort and Margaret 
Beauchamp, his first wife. 

Henry Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, their eldest son and heir, 
married Alice Baldington, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
Baldington, Esq., of Alderly, and died about 1506. 

Sir William Tracy, of Toddington, their eldest sun and heir, 
was sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1513. He married Margaret 
Trockmorton, daughter of Sir Thomas Trockmorton of Ass Court, 
and Margaret Ordney, his wife, and grand-daughter of Sir John 
Trockmorton, who married Eleanor, daughter and co-heiress of 
Sir Guy de la Spine, Lord of the manor of Coughton in Warwick- 
shire, and died about 1531. He was one of the first who em- 
braced the reformed religion, in the time of King Henry VIII. 



In his will, instead of leaving his soul to God through the inter- 
cession of the Virgin Mary and the rest of the Saints, according 
to the then common form, he stated briefly his belief as a Chris- 
tian, and his hope of salvation by the grace and merit of the 
Saviour, and then proceeds as follows : "As touching the wealth 
of my soul, the faith that I have taken and rehearsed is sufficient 
as I suppose without any other man's works or merits. My ground 
and belief is that there is but one God and one mediator between 
God and man, which is Jesus Christ. So that I accept none 
other in heaven or earth to mediate between me and God, all 
others to be but petitioners in receiving grace, and therefore will 
I bestow no part of my goods for the intent that any man shall 
say or do ought to help my soul. For therein I trust only to the 
promises of Christ. He that belie veth and is baptised shall be 
saved, and he who believes not shall be damned/' This will was 
condemned as heretical, and the testator's body was raised and 
burned in 1582. He left two sons: first, William, who was an- 
cestor of the Viscounts Tracy, of Rathcoole, in the peerage of 
Ireland, and of Robert Tracy, who was one of the English judges 
from 1700 to 1726 ; second, Richard Tracy. 

Richard Tracy, Esq., of Stairway, the second son, was sher- 
iff of Gloucestershire in 1559. He obtained grants of lands from 
the Crown at Stanway ajid at Beckford, in the county which had 
belonged to the suppressed Abbey of Tewksbury, (see first Plow., 
Rep. 7145.) He was a man of good education, and prior to the 
death of Edward VI, wrote several treaties in defence of his 
fathers' faith, the most remarkable of which was entitled "Prep- 
arations for the Cross," written in 1550. He married Barbara 
Lucy, pupil of Fox, the Martyrologist, she was daughter of Thom- 
as Lucy, of Charlecote, in Warwickshire, and it was her nephew 
on whom Shakespeare took revenge, by writing in one of his 
plays as Justice Shallow, as it was before Sir Thomas Lucy, 
Shakespeare was arraigned for deer stealing. Richard Tracy, 
Esq., of Stanway, and Barbara Lucy had three sons and three 
daughters. He was sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1560, Barbara 

Lucy, his wife, was a descendant in the sixteenth generation 
from Hugh de Mountfort, son of Gilbert de Garnet and Alice 
Mountfort, and great grand- son of Baldwin V. Count of Flanders, 
who married Alice, daughter of Kobert II, King of France. 
Through her ancestress, Judith, wife of Baldwin, the first Count 
cf Flanders, Barbara Lucy was descended from the Emperor 
Charlemagne, and through his ancestors, Alfritha, wife of Bald- 
win II, Count of Flanders, she was descended from Alfred the v - 
Great, and other Saxon kings of England. 

Nathaniel Tracy, of Tewksbury, their second son received 
lands from his father at that place. 

Lieut. Thomas Tracy, son of Nathaniel Tracy, came from 
Tewksbury, where he was born, in 1610, to New England. He 
landed at Salem, where he stayed until Feb. 23, 1637. He came 
over in the interest of his friends, Lord Say and Lord Brooks. 
He soon left the bay for the old colony on the Connecticut river 
in 1649, and there married the widow Mason in 1641, at Weth- 
ersfield, afterward moved to Saybrook, named after his friends. 
'Tis an old, substantial, euphonious name, interesting from its 
historical associations. Lord Say and Lord Brook with their as- 
sociates were the patentees of Connecticut. Their patent was 
received from Kobert, Earl of Warwick, in 1632, and extended 
along the New England coast, westward from the Narragansett 
river 120 miles, and in latitude and breadth to the South Sea. 
The Earl of Warwick was president of the Council of Plymouth, 
incorporated by King James the First, for the settlement of New 
England, and authorized to dispense grants and patents to others. 
The patents were therefore valid and clear. The place of imme- 
diate importance in this patent, was the point at the mouth of 
the Connecticut river. And here John Winthrop acting under 
commission from the patentees, built a fort and commenced a 
plantation in 1635 to 1636. The Pequot war folloAvecl soon after 
the establishment, and threatened the annihilation of the infant 
settlement. The fort was frequently surrounded by bloodthirsty 



Thomas Tracy bad by bis first wife, the widow Mason, seven 
children : first, John, born 1642 ; second, Thomas, about 1644 ; 
third, Jonathan, 1646 ; fourth, Miriam, about 1648 ; fifth, Solo- 
mon, 1651 ; sixth, Daniel, 1651 ; seventh, Samuel, 1654, who died 
in 1693, unmarried. The first two children were born inNNeth. 
ersh'eld, the others in Say brook, where he lived many years before 
removing to Norwich, Conn., where he was one of the proprietors 
of the nine mile grant. 

John, Lieut. Thomas Tracy's first son, married Mary Wins- 
low, June 10, 1670, resided in Duxbury, Mass. The bride was a 
daughter of Josiah Winslow, the elder, who was a brother to Gov. 
Edward Winslow, of Plymouth. It is a mistake about her being 
the daughter of John Winslow and his wife, of the Mayflower, 
(From Mrs. Calkin's celebrated book on Norwich.) 

Thomas Tracy, second son, born 1642, The name of his wife 
is not recorded. He had eight children : Nathaniel, Sarah, Jer- 
emiah, Daniel, Thomas, Jediah, Deborah and Jerusha. His will 
was dated April 6, 1721, but not proved until 1724. 

Jonathan Tracy, third son of Lieut. Thomas, was born in 
1648, and married Mary Griswold. July 11, 1672, Their children 
were : Jonathan, Jr., Hannah. Christopher and Mary. 

Miriam Tracy, only daughter, the fourth child of Lieut. 
Thomas Tracy, was born in 1649. Married Thomas Waterman, 
Nov. 1668. Their children were : Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Mi- 
riam, Martha, Lydia and Waterman. Thomas Waterman, her 
husband, was one of the original proprietors of Norwich. 

Thomas Waterman, her eldest son, married Elizabeth Allyn, 
and John, her second son, first married Elizabeth Lathrop, sec- 
ond, Judith Woodward, third, Elizabeth Bassett. He was the 
father of William Waterman, who married Margaret Tracy, and 
of Hannah Waterman, mother of Benedict Arnold, the traitor. 
Elizabeth Waterman, her eldest daughter, married Capt. John 
Fitch, of Windham, and had four children. Martha Waterman, 
her third daughter, married Deacon Reynold Marvin, of Lyme. 

Dr. Solomon Tracy, fourth son of Lieut. Thomas, Avas born 


1651. He first married Sarah Huntington, Nov. 23, 1676 ; second 
Sarah Bliss, widow of Thomas Sherman, April 8, 1686. Their 
children by the first wife were Lyclia and Simon, and by second 
wife, Solomon Tracy. Simon died July 9, 1782. 

Daniel Tracy, fifth son, born 1652, married Abigail Adgate, 
Sept. 9, 1682, second wife, Hannah Bingham, widow of Thomas 
Bingham, March 4, 1711. Their children by the first wife were 
Daniel and Abigail ; by the second wife, Elizabeth and Samuel. 
Daniel Tracy, Sen., died July 29, 1728. 

Samuel Tracy, sixth son, died June 11, 1693, without issue. 

The youngest son of Thomas Tracy, who was the son of 
Lieut. Thomas Tracy, was Jedediah Tracy, of Preston, who died 
June 8, 1779. His father, Thomas Tracy, son of Lieutenant, 
died April 6, 1721. 

Deacon Jedediah died at the age of 87 years. His death 
Avas caused by being thrown from a horse, (gay old fellow to be 
riding at that age) he had been deacon of his church fifty years. 
He was Magistrate and Bepresentative of the town. He left 
one hundred and thirty-seven direct descen dents. Good for you 

Lieut. Thomas Tracy was evidently a man of talent and ac- 
tivity, skillful in the management of varions kinds of business. 
He took great interest in ship-building, and did not think it a 
degradation to use his hands as well as his mind. The confi- 
dence placed in him by his associates is manifested in the great 
number of appointments which he received. His name is on the 
roll of the Legislature as representative of Norwich, at twenty- 
seven sessions. The elections were semi-annual, and Mr. Tracy 
was chosen twenty-one times, beginning October 9, 1662, and 
ending July 5, 1684. The others Avere extra sessions. In August 
1673, he Avas lieutenant of the "New London County Dragoons," 
enlisting to fight the Dutch and Indians. 

These six John Tracy's Avere in the line of primogeniture, 
and natives of NorAvich, except the first one. 

John Tracy, the second son, Avas born in 1673. He married 


Elizabeth Leffingwell, daughter of Thomas Leffingwell, the 2d, 
of Norwich. He was born Aug. 27, 1649. The eldest son Lieut. 
Thomas Leffingwell, was one of the original proprietors of Nor- 
wich. He was born at Croix Hall, England, and was one of the 
first settlers of Say brook. 

Thomas Leffingwell, the second son, came to Norwich in 
1660, being then 11 years old. He married Mary Bushnell, who 
was born Jan. 8, 1655, at Saybrook. The eldest daughter of 
Richard Bushnell and Mary Marvin, of Saybrook. 

John Tracy, third son, born 1702, married Margaret Hyde. 

John Tracy, fourth son, was born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 
11, 1726, was the eldest son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, 
of Norwich. He married Oct. 13, 1747, his third cousin, Mar- 
garet Huntington, born Nov. 23, 1724, at Norwich, daughter of 
Christopher Huntington and Abigail Abel-Lathrop. His children 
by her were : John 5th, born at Norwich, married Lester Dridge ; 
Mary, born April, 1750, at Norwich, married Andrew Hyde ; 
Margaret, born May 29, 1753, at Norwich, married first, Zebe- 
diah Lathrop, second Benjamin Stoors ; Lydia, born 1775, died 

John Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Dec. 21, 1755, eldest 
son of John Tracy and Margaret Huntington. He married May 
24, 1780, Esther Pride, of Lisbon. In 1806 they removed to Co- 
lumbus, N. Y., where he died June 14, 1821. 

His first son John, was born Oct. 26, 1783, at Norwich, mar- 
ried Susannah Hyde. He was a lawyer, and they settled at Ox- 
ford. He was Lieutenant Governor of the state for six years. 
They were living at Oxford in 1852. They had three children, 
born at Oxford. The first, John, born June 20, 1820. He was 
the seventh John in descent from Lieut* Thomas Tracy. This 
John died Dec. 24, 1820, living only a few months. 

Lieut. Joshua Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Aug. 13, 1745. 
The seventh son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Norwich, 
was grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He 
married, May 2, 1771, Naoma Bingham, of Windham, born May 


13, 1744, daughter of Jonathan Bingham and Mary Abbey, of 
Windham, grand- daughter of John Abbey, the first, of Wind- 
ham, Mass. He died March, 1777, at Norwich, Conn., of small- 
pox, and was hurried on the hill at Franklin, near Dr. Wood- 
wards. Their children were : Abel, born April 26, 1772, at Nor- 
wich ; Thomas, born May 23, 1774, at Norwich, was educated at 
Yale, and died at Baltimore, unmarried ; Joshua, born Dec. 21, 
1776, at Norwich, died Aug. 11, 1779. 

Abel Tracy, son of Lieut. Joshua, was the grand-father of 
the celebrated artist, Mr. John Martin Tracy. His home for a 
few years has been Greenwich, Conn., where he moved from New 
York, as his specialty is cattle painting, for which he is famous. 
He left the Sophomore Class of the Northwestern University, of 
Evanston, 111., to enlist in the army ; he served through the war, 
reaching the grade of Lieutenant. After ths war he went on a 
tpur of the Eastern States, and forming the acquaintance of sev- 
eral artists, he decided to adopt the profession of painting. He 
went at once to Paris, and soon entered the Ecole dis Beaux arts, 
and atelier of Isidor Pils, intending to become a painter of bat- 
tles. Alter the death of his master, he went for some years un- 
der the instruction of Caroleas Daran, and he began an acciden- 
tal but most encouraging career as a portrait painter. During 
the Franco-Prussian war, he was in America, and traveled for 
two years in California and the far west generally, returning to 
Paris in 1874. He married Melamia, daughter of August Guill- 
man, the celebrated pastel portrait painter. His wife's family, 
on the father's side, have all been professional artists since a time 
when there is no record to the contrary. The brother of his wife, 
Emile Guillman, is to-day one of the most eminent of those sculp- 
tors who devote themselves to bronzes. Her mother is of the fam- 
ily of Chamfflewey, the novelist and writer on Ceramics, etc. 

Deed of Norwicu. 

Know all men that Onkos, Owaneco, Attawanhood, Sachems 
of Mohegan have Bargained, sold and passed over, and doe by 


these Presents sell and pass over unto the Towne and Inhabitants 
of Norwich nine miles squar of land lying and being at the Mo- 
heagen and the parts thereunto ajoyneing, with all ponds, rivers, 
woods, quarries, mines, with all royalties, privileges, and appur- 
tenances thereunto belonging, to them the said inhabitants to 
Norwich, theire heirs and successors forever — the said lands are 
to be bounded as followeth, viz : to the southward on the west 
side of the Great Eiver, ye line to be begin at the brooke falling 
into the head of Trading Cove, and soe to run west norwest sev- 
en miles — from thence the line to run nor northeast nine miles, 
and on the East side the afores'd river to the southward the line 
is to joyne with New London bounds as it is now laid out and soe 
to run east two miles from the foresd river, and soe from thence 
the line is to run nor noreast nine miles and from thence to run 

nor norwest nine miles to meet with the western line. In 

consideration whereof the sd Onkos, Owaneco and Attawanhood 
doe acknowledge to have received of the parties aforesd the full 
and juste sum of one hundred and seventy pounds and doe prom- 
ise and engage ourselves, heirs and successors, to warrant the sd 
bargain and sale to the aforesd parties, their heirs and successors 
and them to defend from all claims and molestations from any 
whatsoever. — In witness whereof we have hereunto set to our 
hands this 6th of June, Anno 1659. 

Unkos V his marke 

Owaneco ( / marke 

Attawanhood / £ marke 

Witness hereunto 
John Mason 
Thomas Tracy 


This deed is recorded in the County Booke Agust 20, 1663 : 
as atests John Allyn, Sec'y. 

The bounds of this tract, as more particularly described in 
the first volume of the Proprietors' Kecords, were as follows : 

The line commenced at the mouth of Trading Cove, where 
the brook falls into the cove ; thence W. N. W. seven miles to a 
Great Pond, (now in the corner of Bozrah and Colchester,) the 
limit in this direction being denoted by a black oak marked N, 
that stood near the outlet of the "Great Brook that runs out of 
the pond to Norwich river ;" thence N. N.E. nine miles to a black 
oak standing on the south side of the river (Shetucket) "a little 
above Waw-mi-ag-waug ;" thence S. S. E. nine miles, crossing 
the Shetucket and the Quinebaug, and passing through "a Seader 
Swamp called Catantaquak," to a white oak tree marked N, thir- 
teen rods beyond a brook called Quo-qui-qua-soug, the space from 
the Quinebaug to this tree being just one mile and fifty-eight 
rods ; thence S. S. W. nine miles to a white oak marked N, near 
the dwelling-houses of Bobert Allyn and Thomas Bose, where 
Norwich and New London bounds join ; thence west on the New 
London bounds, crossing the southern part of Mr. Brewster's 
land, two miles to Mohegan river, opposite the mouth of Trading 
Cove brook, where the first bounds began. 

Such were the bounds, as reviewed and renewed in October, 
1685, by an authorized committee, accompanied by two sachems 
and some of the chief men of Mohegan. The former deed of 
1659, with the boundaries thus described and explained, was 
then ratified and confirmed by "Owaneco, sachem of Mohegan, 
son and heire unto Owaneco," in a new deed, signed by them Oct. 
5, 1685, witnessed by John Arnold and Stephen Gifford, and ac- 
knowledged before James Fitch, Assistant. 

The southern boundary line, it will be observed, is nine miles 
in length, two east of the river, and seven west, without counting 
the breadth of the Thames, and the length of Trading Cove to 
the mouth of the brook, which would make this line nearly ten 
miles long. This is explained in the deed to be designed as a 


compensation for "the benefit and liberty of the waters and river 
for fishing and other occasions," reserved to the Indians. 

First House Lots, 1660. 


Extract from a half century sermon delivered in the First 
Society of Lisbon, Dec. 5, 1854, by the Eev. Levi Nelson, pastor 
of the First Congregational Church in that place. 

The Tracy family, Lieut. Thomas Tracy, came from Eng- 
land, arrived at Salem. Mass., where he staid for a short time, 
removed to Saybrook, Conn., then to Norwich. His son Thomas 
settled in that part of Norwich which is now near Preston. 
Thomas Jr's. son Jeremiah, became a land holder in Newent, 
bordering on the Quinebaug river. He was one of the first set- 
tlers, and joined the church when it was organized in 1723. He 
was the father of Deacon Andrew Tracy. 

Andrew Tracy, of Lisbon, Conn., was born Feb. 16, 1722, 
married Euth Smith, daughter of Capt. Elija Smith, of Barn- 
stable, Mass. She was born July 18, 1725. His first son was 
Ebenezer Tracy, born April 20, 1744. He first married Mary 
Freeman ; second, Thankful Ayres ; third, Anna Berry. Their 
children were : Eliza, Ziporah, Mary, Sarah, Lydia, the last was 
the mother of Mr. Henry Allen, of Norwich, Conn., Rebecca, Ebe- 
nezer, Jr. and Frederick, who died the same day he was born. 

Jesse Tracy was born Dec. 20, 1745, married Faith Bing- 
ham. Their children were : Lucy, Jesse, Jr., Freeman, Hannah, 
Jedediah, Andrew, Erastus, Anna and Felix. 

Sarah Tracy married Jedediah Lathrop, had ten children. 
The names and ages are on the City Records, 

Andrew Tracy, Jr., married Anna Bingham, of Windham, 
Sept. 17, 1771. He died Dec. 28,1819, aged 69 years. His wife 
Anna, died Sept. 8, 1827, aged 77 years. They had eight children : 
Lemuel Tracy, born July 29, 1763, died April 6, 1865, aged 82 ; 
Ruth Tracy, born March 30, 1775, died Oct. 17, 1856, aged 81 ; 
Lucy Tracy, born Nov. 4, 1777, died April 20, 1824, aged 47 : 
Elias Tracy, born Jan. 22, 1780, died June 20,1850, aged 70: 
Stephen Tracy, born July 2, 1782, died Oct. 23, 1856, aged 84 ; 
Anna Tracy, born Dec. 27, 1784, died March 1, 1829, aged 45 ; 
Andrew Tracy, Jr., born Jan. 25, 17*89, died Jan. 8, 1861 ; Jesse 


Tracy, born March 31, 1792, died March BO, 1857, aged 65 ; Eli- 
jah Tracy died at the age of 11 years. 

Euth Tracy married Israel Herrick, had seven children, and 
died at LeRoy, N. Y., aged 85. Mary Tracy married Nathan 
Taylor. They had eight children. Anna Tracy married Farwell 
Coit, had two children. The son, who did not marry, was Eras- 
tus Coit. The daughter married a Mr. Reynolds. 

Mary Tracy, third daughter of Andrew Tracy, born Sept. 9, 
1758, and Nathan Taylor, born Jan. 1752, were married April 
24, 1783. Their children were : Nathan, born May 25, 1785, died 
Jan. 1, 1865 ; Mary, born April 26, 1787, died May 8, 1872 ; Tra- 
cy, (twin to Mary) born April 26, 1787, died Feb. 23, 1832 ; John, 
born Dec. 20, 1789, died June 20, 1877 ; George, born January 5, 
1793, died August, 1854 ; William, born March 18, 1795, died June 
8, 1881 ; Lydia, born Oct. 6, 1797, died Sept. 18, 1885 ; Elias, 
born Jan. 5, 1830, died aged about 30. 

Jeremiah Tracy was born at Lisbon, Conn., Saturday, April 
11, 1761, married Martha Lascelle, May 19, 1785 ; Martha Las- 
celle Tracy, born Monday, March 25, 1765 ; Olive Tracy, born 
July 4, 1788 ; Jeremiah, born April 21, 1788; Susannah, born 
Wednesday, June 9, 1793 ; Martha Tracy, born Monday, July 2, 
1792 ; Jerusha Tracy, born Thursday, July 10, 1794, died Mon- 
day, May 2, 1796; Erastus Tracy, born April 12, 1797. Second 
Jerusha Tracy, born Monday, Aug. 17, 1799 ; Maria Tracy, born 
Tuesday, Nov. 17, 1801 ; Calvin Tracy, born Saturday, Nov. 5, 
1803 ; Luther Tracy, born Feb. 11, 1805 ; Joshua Tracy, born 
1807, cannot give the month. 

Elizabeth Tracy married Grover Le Hommedian. He had 
two wives : by his first wife he had thirteen children, by Eliza- 
beth, his second wife, six, in all nineteen children.' Nothing 
small about his family. 

David Tracy married Susannah Capron ; they had nine child- 
ren. Mrs. Henry Allen, the wife of Mr. Henry Allen, of Nor- 
wich, Conn., and one of the oldest and most respected citizens, 
is the only one living of this large family. David died in Nor- 


wich, Conn. ; George died while descending the Mississippi river ; 
the Eev. William Tracy, a man of great purity and worth, went 
out to India, accompanied by his wife, who was in sympathy 
with him in his missionary labor. They and their children deep- 
ly lamented, now sleep in that far off land. 

The descendants of Andrew Tracy are very numerous, and 
are to be found in many cities of the United States. Those of 
his daughter, Mary Tracy, who married Nathan Taylor, many 
are living in Philadelphia, Pa. Her son, Tracy Taylor, was the 
first to leave his New England home ; where his brothers George 
and William, soon followed him to Philadelphia. They were all 
interested in the iron business. In 1810 George and William 
established an importing house at 303 Branch street, making a 
specialty of tin plate. When they retired, their sons, Nathan 
and George conducted the business with the same integrity and 
energy that has always made the house of these honorable men 
so popular. Nathan and George are both dead ; they were deep- 
ly lamented by relatives and friends. Mr. William Taylor has 
recently retired. The firm now is Mr. Nathan Taylor, Mr. Hol- 
lingsheacl and George Taylor, Jr. They now occup}^ stores 801- 
303-305 Branch street, Philadelphia. Mr. Nathan Taylor, of the 
present firm, married Miss Florence N. Supplee. Their children 
are Elizabeth H. Taylor, Florence O. Taylor and Natalie Taylor. 
Mr. Hollingsheacl W. Taylor married Miss Evaline Skillman ; 
children are Aline Skillman Taylor and Hollingsheacl N. Taylor. 

Tracy Taylor, grand- son of Andrew Tracy, was a man far 
above ordinary in intelligence and worth. He retired from the 
iron business, in which he was engaged for many years with his 
brothers George and William Taylor, in Philadelphia, and was 
an eminent jurist and a magistrate until his death in 1882. He 
married Miss Ann Henry, her father, John Henry, was a mer- 
chant in Philadelphia in the early days of that city. Her moth- 
er w r as Miss Knouse, sister to Jacob Knouse, a man highly res- 
pected. He left a large property that was distributed among his 
many descendants of Philadelphia and the Kising Sun, an ad- 
joining place. The children of Ann and Tracy Taylor were: 


Emily Ormond Taylor, married Mr. William Winberg, of Phila- 
delphia, she died of consumption, childless ; Albert Augustus, 
died young ; Matilda Ormond Taylor married Harvey Birchard, 
of Milwaukee, who was an immediate descendant of John Birch- 
ard, one of the proprietors of Norwich, Conn. They have one 
son, Mr. Harvey L. Birchard, now twenty-eight years of age. 
Her second husband was Col. D. C. Abbey, now dead ; Charles 
Hiram Taylor, second son of Ann and .Tracy Taylor, was a phy- 
sician graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, married Miss 
Mary Irick, daughter of Gen. Irick, of New Jersey. They had 
two children, Charles Tracy, and Mary, who died. Charles 
Tracy is a merchant in Philadelphia, married Miss Sophia Davis, 
grand- daughter of Mr. Cramp, the well known ship-builder of 
Philadelphia. Their children are Charles Keen Taylor, Harvey 
Bircha*rd Taylor, Emily Cramp Taylor. Almira died unmar- 
ried ; Alfred died, aged twenty-three, unmarried ; DeWitt was a 
physician graduate at the Pennsylvania college, Philadelphia, 
and died of pneumonia ; Tracy Watmough Taylor died in in- 

Mr. William Taylor, brother to Tracy Taylor, married Miss 
Sarah Mollidor. Their only son, Nathan Taylor, was an ener- 
getic member of the firm of W. & G. Taylor, 303 Branch street, 
Philadelphia. He married Miss Chariot Cooper, of Philadelphia. 
Their sons were Nathan A. Taylor and Hollingshead Taylor. 

George Taylor, brother to Nathan and Tracy Taylor, died in 
Philapelphia. He married Miss Augustine. Their children were : 
George E., married Miss Deal. George, his son, a member of 
the firm of N. and G. Taylor, of which his father was so long an 
honored and energetic member, is every way worthy of the high 
respect and confidence in which he is held. Maria, sister of 
George E., married Henry Elder; Cornelia married Granville 
Stokes; Julia is unmarried; William Y., married Miss McCul- 
lough, they have one daughter, Ella. Mr. John Taylor, brother 
to Tracy, George and Nathan Taylor, died in Philadelphia in 
1876, unmarried, 

Capt. Israel Hollister, born Dec. 16, married Mary Taylor ? 


twin- sister to Tracy Taylor, they were the children of Nathan 
and Mary Taylor, and grand-children of Andrew Tracy. Capt. 
Israel Hollister died May 12, 1853, aged 97, his wife, Mary, died 
May 8, 1872, aged 85. Their children were : Mary Maria Hollis- 
ter, born June 5, 1815 ; Francis Israel, born July 30, 1817 ; Eliza 
Ann, born Feb. 20, 1820 ; Sarah, born, Nov. 22, 1823 ; William 
Tracy, born April 6, 1825. The Hollister' s have always made 
their home in Connecticut. Mr. William T. Hollister and his 
esteemable wife, who was a Miss Abbey, lived at East Hartford. 
They have a son, Charles, and daughter, Miss Hattie Hollister. 
Erastus Coit, born July 31, 1827 ; Cornelia Matilda, born March 
31, 1831, are dead. 

Mr. Henry L. Palmer, of Milwaukee, president of the life 
insurance company, resides at 302 Juneau Avenue. He is the 
grand-son of Jeremiah Tracy, son of Andrew 7 Tracy, of Lisbon, 
Conn. Mr. Palmer is one of the most respected men of the 
Northwest, and a high mason, being Puisant Sovereign Supreme 
Council, A. A., S. E., N. M., J., U. S. A. ; Past Grand Master 
Knight Templer, U. S. ; Past Grand Commander; Past High 
Priest : Past Grand Master Ancient Order of Scottish Eite, Jur- 
isdiction of the United States of America. Mr. Palmer's family 
consists of a wife, children and sisters, all highly respected. 


Two or three times a day if you are watching, you will see a 
certain gentleman going from his handsome new residence on 
Juneau Avenue, to the New T Insurance Building, on Broadway. 
His step never varies, his head bends a little to the right and he 
stoops slightly w 7 hen he walks. He looks like a man who thinks 
a great deal, and who is capable of thinking deeply, and his looks 
in this respect do not belie him. Do you want to know some- 
thing about this gentleman, Judge Henry Palmer. About forty 
years ago he came to Milwaukee a young lawyer, and this city 
has been his home ever since. He has been a Judge, a member 
of Assembly, a State Senator, a candidate for Governor, several 
times Grand Master of the Masons, Grand High Priest of the 


Chapter, Grand Commander of the Knight Tern pier, head of the 
Wisconsin Consistory, and at the head of the 33° Masons, in the 
Northern Jurisdiction of North America. If I mistake not, he 
participated in the organization of all the grand masonic lodges 
in this state. There are men in Milwaukee upon whom he has 
conferred all of the degrees as masons, from entered apprentice, 
to the 33 ° . Without a doubt he has at his tongues end more of 
masonic ceremonies than any other living man. He takes an 
active part in conferring the degrees in the Wisconsin Consistoiy, 
every time there is a convocation. And the work of no man is 
more keenly appreciated by all the old membere and those who 
are receiving grades. He is a ready, able and pleasant public 
speaker, has the confidence and respect of all classes, and a very 
warm place in the affections of the masons every where in North 
America. Mr. Palmer is president of the North Western Mutual 
Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee. 

Nathan Taylur, first son of Mary Tracy and Nathan Taylor, 
married Miss Sarah Hackstaff, Sept. 13, 1810. He died in Troy, 
N. Y., June 2, 1855. She was born Oct. 13, 1793, died in New 
York, June 1, 186*2. They were both highly respected. Their 
children were : Charles Taylor, born Nov. 11, 1811, who was 
drowned: Herman Taylor, born Dec. 2, 1813, died at Peru, N. 
Y., Nov. 10, 1814; Tracy Taylor, born in New York, Feb. 15, 
1819, died at Troy in 1867. He was Teller of the Troy bank for 
many years ; Sarah Ann, born at Peru, N. Y., June 2, 1821, died 
Feb., 1887, in New York City ; Mary I. Taylor married William 
Pthodes, July 7, 1849 ; George H. Taylor, born June 23, married 
Josephine Hicock. He was lost on the Ville du Havre. She left 
New York on Nov. 15, 1873, with more than three hundred souls 
aboard. She came in collission in mid-ocean with the ship Loch 
Earn, bound from London to New York. Within twelve minutes 
after the collission the Ville du Havre sank, carrying down two 
hundred and twenty-six men, women and children ; eighty-seven 
were saved ; Alfred Taylor is married aud has two children, and 
lives at Orange, N. Y. Mr. Nathan Taylor was a man very much 
respected and was connected with large lumber interests. 

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The /\!len famiiy received the Crest and Shield at the 
time of the Second Crusade, 

Arms of the Allen's who have married into the Tracy family. 
Henry Allen's mother was Lydia Tracy, who married Amos Allen. 


From Burke's Peerage op 1886. 

Sudeley, Baron, (Charles-Douglas- Bicharcl-Hanbury-Tracy) 
of Toddington, county Gloucester, a lord in waiting to the Queen 
in 1880 to 1885, born July 3, 1840, married May 9, 1868, Ida- 
Maria- Catherine, daughter of the Hon. Frederick- James Tolla- 
mache, (brother of the Earl of Dysart) and has issue : first, Eva- 
Isabella-Henrietta, born Jan. 25, 1889 ; second, William- Charles, 
Frederick, born April 19, 1870; third, Algernon-Henry- Charles, 
born April 11, 1871 ; fourth, Florence-Emma-Louisa, born Feb. 
11, 1873 ; fifth, Ida-Madeleine- Agnes, born Jan. 20, 1875 ; sixth, 
Alice-Evelyn- Agatha, born Aug. 12, 1877; seventh, Bhona-Mar- 
garet-Ida, born July 13, 1879 ; eighth, Felix- Charles-Hubert, 
born July 27, 1882. His lordship, who succeeded as fourth baron 
on the death of his brother, April 28, 1877, was formerly in the 
Koyal Navy, which he entered in 1854, became lieutenant in 
1830, and resigned his commission in 1863, having received med- 
als for his services in the Baltic and China. He was subsequent- 
ly called to the bar in January, 1856, and was M. P. for Mont- 
gomery from 1863 until his succession to the peerage. 

The ancient family of Tracy boast of descent from Saxon 
Kings of England. 

John de Sudeley, Lord of Sudeley and Toddington, A. D. 
1140, married Grace, daughter and heir of Henry de Traci, feudal 
lord of Barnstable, and had issue. Balph de Sudeley, founder 
of the priory of Erdburie ; William, who adopted his mothers' 
name of De Traci. 

The youngest son, William, assumed his mother's name of 
De Traci, lived in the reign of Henry II, and held lands of his 


brother Ralph de Sudley, by one knights fee, which was proba- 
bly the manor of Toddington, for it appears by Doomesday book, 
that it was held by the Lord Sudeley, of the manor of Sudeley ; 
and in the reign of Edward I, the Tracy's are expressly said to 
be possessed of it ; and this William in a deed to Otwell, Lord 
of Sudeley, son and heir of the said Ralph, is called his uncle ; 
this is, (almost beyond a doubt) the same Sir William Tracy, 
who was concerned in the assassination of Thomas A. Becket. 
Fuller, in his "Worthies," naming the assassin as Sir William 
Tracy, cf Toddington, describes him as "a man of high birth, 
state and stomach, a favorite of the king's, and his daily atten- 
dants." In the 19th Henry II, he was created Steward of Nor- 
mandy, which he held only two years ; and he is again mentioned 
in 2 John. During the troublous reign of that monarch, William 
de Traci appeared in arms with the other barons, and had his 
lands confiscated ; but they were restored to him by 2 Henry III, 
as is shown by a Roll, dated at West win ster, Nov. 18, in that 
year. He also founded and endowed a chapel to Thomas A. 
Becket, in the conventual church at Tewksbury. He died aria, 
1224. By Hawise de Born, his wife, (who married secondly, 
Hugh Fitzwilliam, Lord of Hatten, county Warwick) he left, 
with two daughters, the elder married to Sir Cervase Courtenay, 
and the younger to William de Arden ; a son and successor. 

Henry de Tracy, of Toddington, county Gloucester, who died 
about the year 1246, leaving a daughter, Margery, wife of Mau- 
rice de Stanlinch' and two sons, Henry, his heir, and Thomas, 
who became "jure uxous [soldo s de Cardinan," of Restormel 
Castle, Coonwall, Henry de Tracy's eldest son. 

Henry de Tracy, of Toddington. appears in a charter, July 
26, 1260, and was summoned to perform military service at Car- 
marthen, 11 Edward I. He died aria, 1296, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Sir William Tracy, of Toddington, who is recorded among 
the knights of the same county, in the 17th Edward I, and with 


Ealph de Sudeley, his kinsman, is stated to have had a command 
in the Scottish war. He left a son and heir. » 

Sir William Tracy, of Toddington, who was in ward to Law- 
rence Tresham, 27 Edward. I, at which time he is certified to hold 
£40 in lands. In the beginning of the reign of EdAvard II, he 
was at the tournament at Dunstable, as appears by an old draw- 
ing of a knight in armour, bearing a standard with the arms of 
the family. In the 17th of Edward H, he was, jointly with John 
Bermansel, high sheriff of Gloucestershire, which office in those 
times was of great authority. In a roll of the nobles of Eng- 
land, dated June 80, 1815, at Berwick, appear the names of this 
William Tracy, William de Sucleley, William le Boteler, of We- 
nun, etc, Sir William left a daughter, Margery, wife of John 
Archer, of Umbesslade, and a son and heir, 

William Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, to whom, in conjunc- 
tion with Thomas Berkeley, of Coberle, a mandate was issued, 7 
Edward III, to raise three hundred men from the forest of Dene, 
and two hundred men from the county of Gloucester. His son 
and heir, 

Sir John Tracy, of Toddington, knight of the shire of Glou- 
cestershire, £2 Edward III, and sheriff for five years in succes- 
sion, commencing in 1358, died in 1363, leaving, with a daugh- 
ter, Margaret, wife of Sir Thomas de Langley, Knt., two sons, 
of whom the elder, 

Sir John Tracy, of Toddington, M. P., and sheriff of Glou- 
cestershire ; died in 1379, leaving a daughter, Margaret, wife of 
Piobert FitzElys, and a son and successor, 

William Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, high sheriff in 1395 ; 
died in 1899. His son and heir, 

William Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, was called to the privy 
council of Henry VI, as appears by private letters, still extant, 
written by the king in the most nattering terms, and dated July 
21, 1401, "from my manor of Sutton." He was high sheriff 5 
Henry V, and "one of those persons of quality in the county of 
Gloucester, who, bearing ancient arms from his ancestors, and 


holding by tenure, had summons in the 7 Henry V, to serve the 
king in person in defence of the realm." William Tracy, the 
privy councillor, married Alice, eldest daughter and co-heir of 
Sir Guy de la Spine, Knt., Lord of Coughton, county Warwick, 
and widow of William Gifford, (which Sir Guy de la Spine, was 
great grand-son of William de la Spine, by Joan, his wife, daugh- 
ter and heir of Sir Simon Cocton, Knt.) and had issue, William 
his heir; John; Alice, who married Hugh Culme, Esq., of Mo- 
land, Devon. The elder son, 

William Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, sheriff of Gloucester- 
shire, 22 and 23 Henry VI, who married Margery, daughter of 
Sir John Pauncefort, Knt. ; and died in 1460, leaving a daughter 
Margery, wife of Thomas Mylle, Esq., of Horscombe, county 
Salop, and two sons, Henry and Richard, the elder, 

Henry Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, married Alice, daughter 
and co-heir of Thomas Baldingtcn, Esq., of Alderly, county Oxon 
and died about 1506, leaving issue, two daughters, Anne married 
first, William Wye, second Thomas Mannington ; Elizabeth, mar- 
ried first, Mr. Langley, secong Sir Alexander Baynham ; and 
three sons, viz : William, his heir; Richard, who married and 
had issue ; and Ralph, a monk. The eldest son, 

Sir William Tracy, of Toddington, was sheriff of Gloucester- 
shire, in the 5 Henry VIII, amio, 1513. He was a gentleman of 
excellent parts and sound learning, and is memorable for being 
one of the first who embraced the reformed religion in England, 
as appears by his last will, dated 22 Henry VIII, which was con- 
demned in the Bishop of London's Court after his decease, and 
an order sent to Parker, Chancellor of Worcester, to raise his 
body ; but he too officiously burning the corpse, the recorder onl}< 
warranting him to raise the body according to the law of the 
church, he was afterwards fined £400, and turned out of the 
chancellorship. Sir William's famous will is a curious docu- 
ment — most characteristic of the times. Sir William married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton of Corse Court, 
in Gloucestershire, and had issue : William, his heir; Richard, 


who obtained from his father the manor of Stanway, in the coun- 
ty of Gloucester, part of the lands of the Abbey of Tewksbury, 
which came to him by grant from the crown. " This Kichard," 
says an old writer, " was well educated and wrote learnedly of 
his father's faith several treatises in the English tongue, and 
that most remarkable one, entitled " Preparations for the Cross," 
written experimentally, having suffered much in his estate for 
his fathers' reputed heretical will ; he also wrote prophetically, 
of anno, 1550, (a few years before the beginning of Queen Mary) 
another treatise, "To Teach one to Die," which is annexed to his 
"Preparations for the Cross," which was printed, and falsely 
ascribed by the editor to be composed by John Frith, being one 
of the three that was found in the belly of a cod, brought into 
the market to be sold at Cambridge, A. D. 1626, wrapped about 
with canvass, very probably what that voracious fish plundered 
out of the pocket of some ship-wrecked seaman." In the 2nd 
of Elizabeth, he was sheriff of Gloucestershire, and having mar- 
ried Barbara, daughter of Thomas Lucy, Esq., of Charlecote, 
had three daughters and three sons, Paul, Nathaniel and Sam- 
uel. He was succeeded by the eldest, 

Paul Trac}^, Esq., of Stanway, in the county of Gloucester, 
high sheriff in the 20th of Elizabeth, who was created a baronet 
by King James I, June 29, 1611. Sir Paul married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Ealph Shakerly, Esq., and had ten sons and as many 
daughters, of whom, 

Richard, (Sir) the eldest, succeeded his father ; Anne, mar- 
ried to Edward Hall, Esq., of the county of Worcester; Lucy, 
married to Ray Aylworth, Esq., of Aylworth, in the county of 
Gloucester ; Alice : Hester, married to Francis, eldest son of 
John Kyrle, Esq., of Much Marcle, in Herefordshire ; Elizabeth ; 
Susan, married to William Price, Esq., of Winchester ; Barbara ; 
Margaret. He died about 1626, and was succeeded by his eldest 

Sir Richard Tracy, whu had received the honor of knight- 
hood in the life-time of his father, and was sheriff of Glouces- 


tershire, in the 4th of Queen Mary. He married Anne, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Coningsly, of Hampton, in the county of Here- 
ford, and had three sons, Humphrey, Richard and John. He 
died about the year 1637, and was succeeded by the eldest 

Sir Humphrey Tracy, sheriff of Gloucestershire in the 15th 
of Charles I, who suffered severely for his loyalty during the re- 
bellion, having had to pay to sequestrators £1600 for compensa- 
tion for his estate. He died without issue, and was succeeded 
by his brother, in 1651, 

Sir Richard Tracy, who likewise died, (sine prole) without 
issue, and was succeeded about 1666, by his only surviving 

Sir John Tracy, who died issueless in 1677, when the baron- 
etcy expired. 3 Robert, died without issue, (sine prole.) 1 Mar- 
garet, married to Richard Dyneley, Esq., of Charleton, countj^ 

of Worcester. 2 Alice, married to Wogan, Esq. The 

eldest son, 

William Tracy, Esq.. of Toddington, married Agnes, daugh- 
ter of Sir Simon Digby, of Coleshill, county Warwick, and had 
(with two daughters, Margery, married to John Stratford, Esq., 
and Margaret, married to John Washbourne, Esq., of Wychyn- 
ford) a son and successor, 

Henry Tracy, Esq., of Toddington, who married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Bruges, first Lord Chandos, of Sudeley, and 
died in 1557, (will dated Feb. 5, 1556, and proved in 1557) left 
issue : John, his heir ; Giles, married Katherine Pickhurst, and 
had issue; Edward; Francis; Nicholas; Eleanor, married to 
Anthony Kingston, Esq. The eldest son, 

Sir John Tracy, cf Toddington, sheriff of and M. P. for 
Gloucestershire, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1574. He 
married Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton, of Corse 
Court, and by her, (who died May 21, 1551) had, with other issue : 
John, (Sir) his heir; William, who married Mary, daughter of 
Sir John Conway, Knt. of Arrow ; Thomas, (Sir) grand usher to 
the Queen, died without issue, (sine prole ;) Mary, married first, 


William Hoby, Esq., second, Horatio, Lord Vere, of Toddington, 
the famous general. Sir John died in 1591, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Sir John Tracy, of Toddington, who received knighthood 
from King James I, in 1609, and was advanced by letters-patent, 
dated Jan. 12, 1642, to the peerage of Ireland, as (Baron and 
Viscount Tracy, of Eathcole.) He married Anne, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Shirley, Knt. of Isfield, county Sussex, and was suc- 
ceeded at his decease, by his son, 

Eobert Tracy, 2nd Viscount Tracy, was knighted by King 
Charles I, and sat in parliament as member for Gloucestershire. 
His lordship married first, Bridget, daughter of John Lyttleton, 
Esq., of Frankley Court, county Worcester, by Meriel, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor, and by her, 
(who died in 1682) had issue : 

John, his heir ; Robert, d. s. p. ; Thomas, d. s. p. ; William, 
d s. p. ; 

Anne, who married William Somerville, Esq., of Edston, 
county Warwick, and was grand-mother of the author of " The 
Chase," and other poems ; Meriel, married Sir William Poole, of 
Saperton ; Frances, married Dr. Hinckley ; Mary, died unmar- 
ried. His lordship married secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Thom- 
as Cocks, Esq., of Castleditch, county Hereford, and had by her, 

Robert, of Coscomb, one of the judges of the Court of King's 
Bench, and a commissioner of the Great Seal ; married Anne, 
daughter of William 'Dowdeswell, Esq., of Pull Court, county 
Worcester, and died Sept. 11, 1735, aged 80, having had issue : 

Richard, of Coscomb, who married Margaret, daughter of 
Owen Salusbury, Esq., of Rug, county Merioneth ; and left at 
his decease, in 1734, an only child, Robert, of Coscomb, who died 
(sine prole) without issue, in 1756 : Robert, of the Middle Tem- 
ple, died unmarried, 1732 ; 

Dorothy, married John Pratt, Esq. ; Anne, married first, 
Charles Dowdeswell, Esq., of Forthampton Court, county Glou- 
cester, second, Charles Wilde, Esq. : 2, Benjamin ; 


Dorothy, married William Higford, Esq., of Dixton, county 
Gloucester. The second viscount died in 1662, and was succeed- 
ed by his eldest son, 

John Tracy, third viscount, who married Elizabeth, eldest 
surviving daughter of Thomas, first Lord Leigh, of Stoneleigh, 
and by her, (who died in 1688) had, with a daughter, the wife of 
Sir John Every, three sons, viz : William, his heir ; Charles, 
died unmarried, May 3, 1676 ; Ferdinando, born in 1659, who 
became possessed of Stanway by the will of Sir John Tracy, last 
baronet of that branch. He married in 1680, Katherine, daugh- 
ter of Sir Anthony Keck, and died in 1682, leaving an only child. 

John, of Stanway, who married Anne, only daughter of Sir 
Robert Atkyns, of Saperton, chief Baron of the Exchequer ; and 
died in 1735, leaving issue : 

Robert, M. P., died without issue, (sine prole) ; Anthony, 
who assumed the surname of Keck, he married Lady Susan 
Hamilton, daughter of James, fourth Duke of Hamilton, and 
died May 30, 1769, left two daughters, Henrietta Charlotte, mar- 
ried Edward, Viscount Hereford, and Susan, married in 1771, 
Francis, Lord Elcho, and was mother of the seventh Earl of 
Wemyss ; Thomas, of Sandywell, M. P., died issueless; John, 
who assumed the surname of Atkyns, and was Cursitor Baron of 
the Exchequer, died without issue ; Anne, married John Travell, 
Esq. ; Frances, married Gustavus Guy Dickens, Esq., colonel of 
the third regiment of Guards. His lordship was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

William Tracy, fourth viscount, who married first, Frances, 
daughter of Leicester Devereux, six viscount Hereford, by whom 
he had an only daughter, Elizabeth, married first Robert Bur- 
det, Esq., secondly, Ralph Holden. Esq., of Aston, county Derby. 
His lordship married secondly, Jane, third daughter of the Hon. 
Sir Thomas Leigh, son of Thomas, second Lord Leigh, and died 
in 1712, leaving by her a daughter, Anne, married Sir William 
Keyt, Bart., and a son and heir, 


Thomas Charles Tracy, fifth viscount, who married first, 
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Keyt, Esq., son of Sir 
William Keyt, Bart., of Edrington, and by her, (who died in 
1719) had issue : William, died without issue, vita patris, 1752 ; 
Thomas Charles, sixth viscount ; Jane, who married, Oct. 7, 
1743, Capel Hanbury, Esq., of Pontypool Park. M. P. for Mon- 
mouthshire ; and died March 7, 1787, leaving issue. Lord Tracy 
married secondly, Frances, eldest daughter of Sir John Paking- 
ton, Bart., of West wood, county Worcester, and by her, (who 
died April 23, 1751) had issue : John, successor to his half-broth- 
er as seventh viscount ; Kobert Pakington died without issue, 
(sine prole) at Bombay, in 1748 ; Henry, eighth viscount ; Fran- 
ces, bed-chamber woman to Queen Charlotte, died unmarried ; 
Anne, married June 23, 1757, to John Smith, Esq., of Combhay, 
county Somerset, who died in 1783 ; Dorothy, died young ; Eliz- 
abeth, died young. The fifth viscount died June 4, 1756, and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Thomas Charles Tracy, sixth viscount. D. C. L., born in 
July, 1719, married Feb, 10, 1755, Harriet, daughter of Peter 
Bathurst, Esq.. of Clarendon Park, Wilts, by the Lady Selina 
Shirly, his wife, daughter of Bobert, Earl Ferrers, but died sine 
prole, Aug. 10, 1792, and was succeeded by his half-brother, 

John Tracy, seventh viscount, warden of All Souls College, 
Oxford, at whose decease, unmarried in 1793, aged seventy-one, 
the houses and estates passed to his brother, 

Henry Tracy, eighth viscount, born Jan. 25, 1732, married 
Dec. 12, 1787, Susannah, daughter of Anthony Weaver, Esq., of 
Morvil, county Salop, son of A. Weaver, Esq., M. J)., of Castle 
House, Bridgenorth, who was brother of John Weaver, Esq., of 
Morvil, M. P., and of Anne Weaver, wife of John Blayney, Esq., 
of Cregyunog, county Montgomery, and mother of the late Ar- 
thur Blayney, Esq.. of Cregyunog, who died unmarried October, 
1795. By Susannah, his wife, (who died in 1783,) Lord Tracy 
left at his decease, April 27, 1797, an only surviving child and 


The Hon. Henrietta Susannah Tracy, born Nov. 80, 1776, 
married Dec. 29, 1798, her cousin, Charles Hanbury, Esq., who 
had assumed by royal license, Dec. 10, previously, the additional 
surname and arms of Tracy, and who, having been raised to the 
peerage in 1838, was the first Baron Sndeley, of Toddington. 

Family of Hanbury. 

This family and that of Lord Bateman, derive from the same 
source, viz : the ancient house of Hanbury, of Hanbury, an old 
Worcestershire stock, which had been there seated, from a very 
remote period. 

Henry de Hanbury, son of Geoffrey de Hanbury, of Hanbury, 
and grand-son of Geoffrey de Hanbury, living at Hanbury, temp. 
John was lord chief justice of the common pleas, in Ireland, 
temp. Edward II, and died about the year 1353. His son and 

Reginald de Hanbury, M. P. for Worcestershire, 37 Edward 
II T, was father of 

Roger de Hanbury, M. P. for Worcestershire, living at Han- 
bury, temp. Richard II, whose son and successor, 

John de Hanbury, of Hanbury, A. D. 1400, married and had 
issue : 

William, of Hanbury Hall, father, by Margery, his wife, of 
John Hanbury, Esq., of Hanbury Hall, county Worcester, an- 
cestor of the Hanbury's of that place ; John, of Beanhall, man- 
or of Fakenham, county Worcester, whose son, Edward Han- 
bury, Esq., of Beanhall, was ancestor of the Hanbury's of Kel- 
marsh, whose heir male and representative, is Lord Bateman ; 
Richard, of whose descendants we treat. The third son, 

Richard Hanbury, Esq., married, and was father of 

Richard Hanbury, Esq,, who married, first, Catherine Smyth 
and secondly, Margery Tynter ; by the former he was father of 

Richard Hanbury, Esq., of Elmley Lovett, county Worces- 
ter, whose Avife was a daughter of Basset, and whose son and 


John Hanbury, Esq., was of Elmly Lovett. He married 
twice, and by his second wife, a daughter of Bradley, was the 
father of 

Eichard Hanbury, Esq., of Elmley Lovett, who married 
Margery, daughter of Francis Bradley, Esq,, and left a son and 

John Hanbury, Esq., of Fakenham, county Worcester, M. 
P. for the city of Gloucester in 1628, was a stanch parliamenta- 
rian, high in the confidence of Oliver Cromwell, by whom he was 
appointed sheriff of Worcester in 1649-50. He married Anne 
daughter of Christopher Capel, Esq., of Capel House, in Here- 
fordshire, Alderman and M. P. for Gloucester ; and died in 1659, 
left several children, of whom the youngest son, 

Capel Hanbury, Esq., of Gloucester and of Whorestine, in 
Worcestershire, died in 1707, leaving by his first wife, (with a 
daughter Mary, wife of Mr. Sergeant John Hoo) a son and suc- 

John Hanbury, Esq., of Pontypool Park, in Monmouthshire, 
M. P. for that county, and a major in the army ; who married 
in July, 1703, Bridget, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Edward 
Ayscough, of Stallinborougb, county Lincoln, and died June 13, 
1734, leaving, (with other children, who died without issue,) 

Capel, of whom presently : Charles (Sir) K. B. of Coldbrook 
Park, county Monmouth, born Dec. 8, 1709, M. P. for Monmouth, 
married in July, 1732, Frances, second daughter and co-heir of 
Thomas, Earl of Coningsly, and had two daughters, his co-heirs : 
Frances, married in 1754, to William, fourth Earl of Esses; 
Charlotte, married in 1750, to Hon. Robert Boyle. Sir Charles, 
who assumed the surname of Williams, died Nov. 17, 1759; 
George, of Coldbrook, born Sept. 23, 1715, who assumed the sur- 
name of Williams, at the decease of his brother, Sir Charles 
Hanbury- Williams. He married Margaret, daughter of John 
Chambre, Esq., of Llanfoist, county Monmouth, and died Dec. 
11, 1764, leaving issue : Thomas, died in 1778, leaving issue. 
The eldest son, (to leave issue,) 


Capel Hanbury, Esq., of Pontypool Park, M. P. for Mon- 
mouthshire, born Dec. 9, 1707, married Oct. 7, 1743, Jane, who 
died Aug. 13, 1744, daughter of Thomas Charles, fifth viscount 
Tracy, and died Dec. 7, 1765, left, with two daughters, Henrietta 
and Frances, (who both died unmarried) one son, 

John Hanbury, Esq., of Pontypool Park, M. P. for the coun- 
ty Monmouth, born Aug. 1774, who married Jane, daughter of 
Morgan Lewis, Esq., of St. Pierre, in that shire, and by her, 
(who married secondly, Thomas Stoughton, Esq., of Ballyhor- 
gan, county Kerry) had issue : 

John Capel, born Jan. 27, 1775, died unmarried, aged 21, 
Dec. 1790 : Capel, of Pontypool Park, Lord Lieutenant, county 
Monmouth, born Oct. 6, 1776, who assumed in 1797, the surname 
and arms of Leigh. He married first, April, 1797, Molly Anne, 
only daughter of Nathaniel Meyers, Esq., of Neath, Glamor- 
ganshire, and relict of Sir R. H. Mackworth, Bart., which lady 
died without issue, June 27, 1845. Mr. Hanbury-Leigh married 
secondly, Aug. 20, 1847, Emma Elizabeth, fourth daughter of 
Thomas Bates-Rous, Esq., of Courtyrala, county Glamorgan 
and died Sept. 28, 1831, leaving issue by her ; John Capel Han- 
bury, Esq., of Pontypool, born May 14, 1853, married Jan. 8, 
1885, Louisa Charlotte, daughter of Col. Edward Eager ; Emma 
and Frances Elizabeth, married Dec. 12, 1.838, the Hon. A. L. 
G. Ashley, and died Aug. 2, 1875 ; Charles, first Lord Sudeley. 
Mr. Hanbury died April 4. 1784. His third son, 

Charles Hanbury, Esq., of Toddington, county Gloucester, 
Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire, born Dec. 28, 1777, mar- 
ried Dec. 29, 1798, Henrietta Susanna, only child and heir of 
Henry, eighth Viscount Tracy, and assumed in consequence the 
surname and arms of Tracy. By her, (who died June 5) his 
lordship had issue ; Thomas Charles, second baron ; Henry, born 
April 11, 1802, married Jan. 19,1841, Miss Rosamond Anne Myr- 
tle-Shirley, daughter of the late Viscount Tamworth, and by 
her, (who died April 2) had issue : Charles Henry Tamworth, 
born Jan. 14, 1842; Arthur, born June 30, died Sept. 4, 1856; 


Eosa Mary; Henrietta Susanna; John Capel, born Aug. 19, 
1803, died May 4, 1852; Capel Arthur, in the E. I. Co's. civil 
service, born Jan. 5, 1809, married Sept. 18, 1833, Eliza Anne, 
daughter of Lieut. Col. John Tyler, E. A. ; and died without is- 
sue, July 28, 1834. His widow married Capt. Graham, and died 
in 1837 ; William, late in the Madras civil service, born Jan. 18, 
1810; Edward, (Eev.) born Feb. 6, 1812, chaplain to H. M's. 
Embassy at Vienna, 1848-1856 ; Henrietta ; Frances died Dec. 
23, 1887 ; Laura Susanna, died June 30, 1881. His lordship was 
raised to the peerage as Baron Sudeley, of Toddington, July 12, 
1838. He died Feb. 10, 1858, and was succeeded by his eldest 

Thomas Charles, 2nd baron, who was born Feb. 5, 1801, and 
married Aug. 25, 1831, Emma Elizabeth Alicia, second daughter 
of the late George Hay-Dawking-Pennant, Esq., of Penrhyn 
Castle, county Carnarvon, by Sophia Mary, his wife, daughter of 
the first Viscount Hawarclen, and had issue : Sncleley-Charles- 
George, third baron ; Charles-Douglas-Bichard, present peer ; 
Algernon- Corn wallis- Henry, born March 21, 1844, died Feb. 8, 
1845; Alfred-Francis-Algernon, M. A. Eev., vicar of Dymock, 
county Gloucester, born Oct. 13, 184S, married April 11, 1868, 
Agnes Jane, eldest daughter of Henry James Hoare, Esq., of 
Morden Lodge, Surry, and has, Bertram -Henry- Algernon, born 
July 21, 1875; Una-Theodora- Alicia, bom Jan. 12, 1870; and 
Sybil-Mary- Alice, born June 22, 1873; Frederick-Stephen-Arch- 
ibald, M. P. for Montgomery, (116, Queen's Gate, S. W.) born 
Sept. 15, 1848, married Sept. 8, 1870, Helen a- Caroline, daughter 
of Sir Thomas E. Winnington, Bart., and has issue : Eric-Thorn. 
as-Henry, born July 4, 1871 ; Claud-Sudeley-Francis, born Nov. 
3, 1873, died May 12, 1874 ; Edith-Julia-Helena, born Sept. 2, 
1872; Cyprienne-Emma-Madeline, born Oct. 27, 1874; Violet- 
Mary-Claudia, born Feb. 27, 1876 ; Hilda-Adelaide-Eleanor, born 
July 16, 1877; Gwyneth-Eose-Goda, born Sept. 20, 1879; Hu- 
bert-George-Edward, born Aug. 14, 1855 ; Juliana-Sopbia-Eliz- 
abeth ; Georgiana - Henrietta - Emma, married Oct. 6, 1859; 

34 » 

pharles- Henry- Maude, Esq., captain Madras army, and has is- 
sue : Adelaid-Frances-Isabella, married May 28, 1859, to the 
llev. Frederick Peel, vicar of Malvern, Worcester, (see Peel, 
Bart. ;) Alice- Augusta-Gertrude, married May 17, 1861, to Lieut. 
Col. Charles E. Webber, C. B., royal engineers, and died Feb. 
25, 1877, their only daughter, Evelyn-Emma-Frances, died April 
7, 1877 ; Gertrude-Emely-Rosamond, died an infant, Jan. 24, 
1812; Madeline-Emily-Augusta, married Dec. SO, 1875, to the 
Hon. and Rev. Maurice Ponsonby, second son of Lord de Man- 
ley, and has issue. His lordship, who was lord-lieutenant of 
Montgomeryshire, died at Pan, Feb. 10, 1863, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

Sudeley-Charles-George, third baion, born April 9, 1837; 
lieutenant of county Montgomeiy, and for some time in the 
grenadier guards, in which corps he was appointed captain in 
1857, and retired in 1863. His lordship died unmarried, April 
28, 1877, and was succeeded by his next brother, Charles-Dong- 
lis-Kichard, fourth and present Baron Sudeley. 

Sudeley Arms — The field of the escutcheon is gold, and di- 
vided into four parts : the first and fourth have each in the chief 
point an escallop shell, black, between two narrow red bands — 



all of which stand for Tracy. The shell denotes that an ances- 
tor went on a pilgrimage or crusade. The second and third parts 
are divided by a plain green band, with engrailed edge, (um) and 
narrow black border, for Hanbury. 

Crests — On an ermine cap turned up, an escallop shell, 
black, between two wings of gold, for Tracy. Out of a sable 
mural crown, a golden demi-lion rampant, holding in the paws 
a black battle-axe, with helve of gold, for Hanbury. 

Supporters — On either side a purple falcon, with wings ex- 
tended, and beaks and bills of gold. 

Motto — Memoria pii aetena — The memory of the good man 
is immortal — The memory of the just is eternal. 

Badge of the Lords Sudeley — Crests — On a chapeau, turned 
up, ermine, an escallop, sa., between two Avings, are for Tracy. 
Out of a mural crown, sa., a demi-lion, rampant, or holding in 
the paws a battle-axe, sa., helved gold, for Hanbury. Supporteis 
— On either side a falcon, wings elevated, ppr., beaked and 
belled. Motto — Memoria pii reterna. 

Seats — Toddington Park, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, and 
Gregyunog, Newtown, county Montgomery. Clubs — Brook's, 
Traveler's Town-house — 7 Buckingham Gate, S. W. 

Sudeley, Viscount, see Arran, Earl of. 




John Tracy, born in 1642, married Mary Winslow, June 17, 
1670. Their children were: Josiah Tracy, born Aug. 10, 1671, 
died Jan. 27, 1672 ; John Tracy, Jr., born Jan. 19, 1672 ; Eliza- 
beth Tracy, born July 7, 1676 ; Joseph Tracy, born April 20, 
1682 ; Winslow Tracy, born Feb. 9, 1688. Mr. John Tracy died 
Aug. 16, 1702. Mrs. Mary Tracy died July 31, 1721. 

Lieut. Thomas Tracy died Nov. 7, 1685. 

Jonathan Tracy married Mary Griswold, July 11, 1672. 
Their children were : Jonathan Tracy, Jr., born Feb. 21, 1674 ; 
Hannah Tracy, born July 8, 1677 ; Christopher Tracy, born May 
1, 1680 ; Mary Tracy, born Sept. 7, 1682. 

Jeremiah Tracy married Mary Witter, Oct. 13, 1713. Their 
children were : Mary Tracy, born Nov. 19, 1714 ; Ebenezer Tra- 
cy, born Oct. 29, 1716 ; Jeremiah Tracy, Jr., born April 19, 1719 ; 
Andrew Tracy, born Feb. 5, 1721 ; Dorothy Tracy, born May 5, 
1724 ; Abiah Tracy, born Aug. 15, 1726, died Aug. 31, 1727 ; sec- 
ond Abiah Tracy, born Dec. 31. 1728 ; Elizabeth Tracy, born 
Jan. 21, 1731. 

Winslow Tracy, born Feb. 9, 1688, married Rachel Ripley, 
June 21, 1714. Their children were : Joshua Tracy, born June 
19, 1715, died Dec. 13, 1715 ; Percy Tracy, born Nov. 13, 1716 : 
Josiah Tracy, born May 10, 1718 ; Elephlet Tracy, born Nov. 14, 
1720 ; Nehemiah Tracy, born March 18, 1722 ; Samuel Tracy, 
born Dec. 5, 1724; Solomon Tracy, born May 22, 1728. 

Isaac Clark married Meriam Tracy, May 27, 1707, had eight 


John Tracy married Margaret Hyde. Their children were : 
John, born Feb. 11, 1725, at Norwich, married Margaret Hunt- 
ington ; Eleazer, born March 16, 1728, at Norwich, supposed to 
have been killed by the Indians in the French war ; Josiah, born 
April 17, 1736 ; Hezekiah, born 1736, at Norwich ; Daniel, born 
March 14, 1738, at Norwich ; Theophilns, born Sept. 14, 1742, at 
Norwich ; Joshua, born Aug. 13. 1745, at Norwich ; Elizabeth, 
born May 1, 1747 ; Margaret, born May 16, 1749 : Eachel, born 
Sept. 27, 1750. 

Solomon Tracy married Sarah Huntington, Nov. 23, 1676. 
Their children were : Lydia Tracy, born Oct. 11, 1677 : Simon 
Tracy, born Jan. 8, 1679. Mrs. Sarah Tracy, the wife of Solo- 
mon, died Aug. 31, 1683. Solomon Tracy married Sarah Solo- 
mon, relict of Thomas Solomon, April 8, 1688. Solomon Tracy 
died July 9, 1732. Mrs. Sarah Tracy died Aug. 29, 1730. 

Samuel Tracy died Jan. 11, 1693. 

Daniel Tracy married Abigail Adgate, Sept. 19, 1683. Their 
children were : Daniel Tracy, Jr,, born Dec. 7, 1682. Abigail 
Tracy died Sept. 23, 1710. Daniel Tracy married Hannah Bing- 
ham, widow of Thomas Bingham, March 4, 1711. Elizabeth 
Tracy, born Feb. 10, 1712, died April 16, 1715 : Samuel Tracy, 
born March 12, 1714. Mr, Daniel Tracy died June 29, 1728. 

Thomas Leffingwell married Lydia Tracy, March 11, 1698 ; 
had seven children. 

John Tracy married Elizabeth Leffingwell, May 10, 1697. 
Their children were : Elizabeth Tracy, born April 16, 1698 ; John 
Tracy, Jr., born June 27, 1700 : Hezekiah Tracy, born Aug. 30, 
1702 ; Joshua Tracy, born Feb. 27, 1705, died April 28, 1705 ; 
Isaac Tracy, born May 25, 1708 ; Anna Tracy, born Nov. 29, 
1708 ; Kuth Tracy, born Sept. 13, 1711. John Tracy, Sen., died 
March 27, 1728. Mrs. Elizabeth Tracy died Oct. 25, 1737. 
Elizabeth Leffingw r ell, wife of John Tracy, was the daughter of 
Thomas Leffingw r ell and Mary Bushnell, 

Joseph Tracy, born April 20, 1682, married Mary Abel, Dec. 
31, 1705. Their children were : Joseph Tracy, Jr., born Oct, 17, 


1706 : Mary Tracy, born June 4, 1707 ; Margaret Tracy, born 
Mpy 11, 1710 ; Elisha Tracy, born May 17, 1712 ; Zerwich Tracy, 
born Dec. 14, 1714 ; Lyclia Tracy, born Dec. 10, 1716 ; Irene 
Tracy, born Jan. 15, 1718; Phineas Tracy, born Jan. 1, 1720; 
Jerusha Tracy, born May 23, 1723. Capt. Joseph Tracy died 
April 10, 1765. 

Simon Tracy, born Jan. 8, 1679, married Mary Leffingwell, 
Jan. 14, 1707. Their children were : Simon Tracy, born Nov. 
24, 1709, died Feb. 20, 1710 ; second Simon Tracy, bom Nov. 7, 
1710 ; Civil Tracy, born Dec. 8, 1712 : Moses Tracy, born Oct. 4, 
1714; Job Tracy, born Jan. 11, 1716, died Oct. 5, 1719; Lydia 
Tracy, born June 12, 1719. Mrs, Mary Tracy died Sept. 23, 
1770, aged 89 years. Mr. Simon Tracy died Sept. 14, 1775, aged 
98 years. 

The names of Joseph Tracy's children are as follows : Joseph 
Tracy, son of Joseph and Abigail, his wife, born April 22, 1725 ; 
Anna Tracy, born Feb. 5, 1726 ; John Tracy, born Sept. 2, 1729 ; 
Sarah Tracy, born Sept. 17, 1731 ; Asa Tracy, born Sept. 4, 1733 ; 
Elijah Tracy, born Jnne 25, 1735 ; Jesse Tracy, born June 14, 
1739, died young ; second Jesse Tracy, born April 20, 1741. 

Richard Hyde married Anna Tracy, Nov. 12, 1730, daughter 
of John Tracy and Elizabeth Leffingwell. 

Daniel Tracy, Jr., married Abigail Leffingwell, March 14, 
1710. Their children were : Abigail Tracy, born July 10, 1716, 
died May 4, 1725 ; Daniel Tracy, born Jan. 3, 1718, died June 1, 
1728 ; Samuel Tracy, born Sept 23, 1723 ; Hannah Tracy, born 
Sept. 2, 1727; second Daniel Tracy, born Oct. 24, 1730, died 
Nov. 2, 1730. Mr. Daniel Tracy died Jan. 29, 1771. Mrs. Abi- 
gail Tracy died March 16, 1777. 

Isaac Tracy married Elizabeth Bushnell April 9, 1730. 
Their children were : Joseph Tracy, born May 17, 1731 ; Zer- 
wich Tracy, born Oct. 5, 1735 ; Elizabeth Tracy, born Nov. 14, 
1737 ; Ruth Tracy, born Oct. 10, 1739 ; Andrew Tracy, born Dec. 
9, 1742 ; Zerwich Tracy, born Feb. 26, 1746, died Feb. 13, 1752 ; 


Eunice Tracy, born Dec. 18, 1748 ; Hannah Tracy, born Jan. 14, 

Civil Tracy married John Huntington, Nov. 5, 1735. 

Ebenezer Tracy, son of Jeremiah Tracy and Mary his wife, 
died April 15, 1738. Stephen Tracy, son of Jeremiah Tracy and 
his wife, Mary, born Oct. 17, 1738. Abiah Tracy died Sept. 9, 
1743. Stephen Tracy died Sept. 9. 1743. Dorothy Tracy died 
Oct. 6, 1743. 

Simeon Tracy, Jr*, married Elizabeth Hyde, daughter of 
Jabez Hyde, Dec. 29, 1735. Their children were: Elizabeth 
Tracy, born Sept., 1738 ; Jabez Tracy, born March 25, 1740 ; 
Mary Tracy, born Aug, 19, 1741. Elizabeth, wife of Simeon 
Tracy, Jr., died Aug. 28, 1741. Simeon Tracy, Jr., married Abi- 
gail Bushnell, his second wife, Nov. 23, 1734. Their children 
were : Abigail Tracy, born Dec. 9, 1744, died July 12, 1746 : sec- 
ond Abigail Tracy, born Sept. 10, 1748 ; Mendator Tracy, born 
May 18, 1749 ; Simeon Tracy, born April 16, 1752, died Jan. 20, 
1755. Abigail Tracy, wife of Simeon Tracy, Jr., died July 6, 

Daniel Tracy married Dorothy Safford, Nov. 22, 1733. Their 
children were : Daniel Tracy, Jr., born July 1, 1734 ; John Tra- 
cy, born Oct. 8, 1736 ; Elisha Tracy, born Nov. 28, 1739 ; Minor 
Tracy, born Oct. 4, 1742 ; Desire Tracy, born Aug. 4, 1745 ; Na-. 
thaniel Tracy, born April 1, 1748 ; Olive Tracy, born July 27, 
1751. Mr. Daniel Tracy died Nov. 8, 1760. This Daniel Tracy 
was son of Thomas Tracy, Jr. Olive Tracy married Daniel Wit- 
ter in 1748. He died in 1781 and she died in 1814. They had 
one son, William, born in 1769, who died in 1811. 

Joseph Tracy married Mary Fuller Feb. 14, 1736. Their 
children were : Mary Tracy, born Jan. 6, 1737, died Feb. 2, 1745 ; 
Ziporah Tracy, born March 30, 1740 ; Joseph Tracy, Jr., born 
June 1, 1741, died Aug. 7, 1746 ; Avery Tracy, born Feb. 24, 
1742 ; Asher Tracy, born Aug. 14, 1744, died Sept. 13, 1744 ; Zer- 
viah Tracy, born April 5, 1746 ; second Joseph Tracy, born Oct. 
7, 1747 ; Mary Tracy, born May 10, 1749, died July 24, 1751 ; 


Ebenezer Tracy, born Jan. 22, 1752 ; Lyclia Tracy, born Aug. 
25, 1752. 

Moses Tracy, married Sarah Leffingwell, May 25, 1737. 
Their childron were : David Tracy, born April 22, 1789 ; Zaeha- 
riah Tracy, born March 6, 1742; Nathan Tracy, born Sept. 24, 
1745 ; Moses Tracy, Jr., born March 1, 1747 ; Leander Tracy, 
born Jan. 2, 1750 ; Solomon Tracy, born March 5, 1756. 

Joseph Tracy, Jr., married Anne Hinckley, of Lebanon, 
March 5,1739. Their children were: Jarred Tracy, born Oct. 
10, 1741 ; Ruby Tracy, born May 14, 1746, died July 9, 1751 ; 
Frederick Tracy, born Aug. 3, 1749 ; Anne Tracy, born Nov. 30, 
1751 ; Uriah Tracy, born Aug. 9, 1753 ; Lois Tracy, born Aug. 
19, 1755. Mr. Joseph Tracy died April 19, 1787. 

Percy Tracy married Elizabeth Hyde, Aug. 7, 1740. Their 
children were: Joshua Tracy, born June 7, 1741 ; Richard Tra- 
cy, born Sept. 17, 1743; Elizabeth Tracy, born June 23, 1746; 
William Tracy, born May 2, 1750 : Benjamin Tracy, born Nov. 
4, 1756. 

Josiah Tracy married Rachel Allen, Nov. 3, 1740. Their 
children were : Irene Tracy, born Dec. 21, 1741 ; Nehemiah Tra- 
cy, born March 23, 1744 ; Daniel Tracy, born Nov. 8, 1746, died 
Jan. 19, 1747 : Anne Tracy, born Dec. 22, 1748 ; Dorothy Tracy, 
born Aug. 26, 1751 ; Calvin Tracy, born Sept. 14, 1753, died Jan. 
1, 1755 ; second Daniel Tracy, born Oct. 23, 1756 ; second Cal- 
vin Tracy, born June 7, 1753. Rachel Allen died Aug. 8, 1761. 
Josiah Tracy married Esther Pride, second wife, June 28, 1762. 
Their children w y ere : Rachel Tracy, born June 8, 1763, died 
Dec. 20, 1777 ; Mehetible Tracy, born Oct. 28, 1765. 

Andiw Tracy married Ruth Smith, March 80, 1743. Their 
children were : Ebenezer Tracy, born April 20, 1744 ; Jesse Tra- 
cy born Dec. 31, 1745 ; Sarah Tracy, born Jan. 25, 1747 ; Andrew 
Tracy, Jr., born March 17, 1749; Elijah Tracy, born May 14, 
1752, died Feb. 23, 1763 ; Ruth Tracy, born Oct. 1, 1754 ; Mary 
Tracy, born Sept. 9, 1756 ; Anne Tracy, born March 9, 1859 : 


Jeremiah Tracy, born April 11, 1761 ; Elizabeth Tracy, born 
Feb. 11, 1784 ; David Tracy, born May 25, 1766. 

Margaret Tracy married William Waterman, Sept. 23, 1733, 
and had five children. 

Elephelet Tracy married Sarah Manning, Dec. 16, 1742. 
Their children were : Elisha Tracy, born Feb. 23, 1743 ; Allatheu 
Tracy, born Jan. 28, 1743; Lucy Tracy, born Sept. 26, 1749 ; 
Uriah Tracy, born Feb. 3, 1755. 

David Tracy, Jr., married Mrs. Eunice Elliot, April 18, 1744. 
Their children were : Silas Tracy, born March 27, 1745 ; Eunice 
Tracy, born April 23, 1752 ; Lemuel Tracy, born May 12, 1754. 
Mrs. Eunice Tracy died Oct. 4, 1758. 

Elisha Tracy married Lucy Huntington, June 16, 1743. 
Their children were : Lucy Tracy, born July 20, 1744 ; Alice 
Tracy, born Oct. 11, 1745 ; Lucretia Tracy, born Sept. 5, 1747 ; 
Lyclia Tracy, born Dsc. 23, 1749 ; Philura Tracy, born Sept. 80, 
1751. Mrs. Lucy Tracy, wife of Elisha Tracy, died in 1751. 
Elisha Tracy married Elizabeth Dorr, second wife, April 16, 1754. 
Phineas Tracy, born June 29, 1755 ; Philemon Tracy, born May 
33, 1757; Elizabeth Tracy, born June 29, 1760, died Oct. 80, 
1773 ; Charlotte Tracy, born May 27, 1762 ; Mary Tracy, born 
May 3, 17c4 ; Elisha Tracy, Jr,, born May 27, 1766; Joseph 
Winslow Tracy, born Aug. 11, 1769, died July 6, 1770 ; Deborah 
Dorr-Tracy, born Nov. 9, 1770. 

Isaac Tracy married Elizabeth Bushnell. Their children 
were : Ebenezer Tracy,- born April 19, 1754. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Tracy, wife of Isaac Tracy, died May 12, 1764. Eunice Tracy, 
daughter of Isaac Tracy, died April 18, 1767, (there is no record 
of the birth of Eunice on the book,) Ebenezer Tracy, son of 
Isaac Tracy, died May 23, 1769. Isaac Tracy died Jan. 25, 1779. 

Jeremiah Tracy, Jr., married Abigail Storey, Feb, 6, 1746. 
Their children were : Dorothy Tracy, born Feb. 12, 1746, died 
March 6, 1747 ; Stephen Tracy, born Feb. 1, 1748 ; Abigail Tracy 
born Oct. 14, 1750. Mrs. Abigail Tracy, wife of Jeremiah Tra- 


cy, Jr., died Dec. 14, 1750. Jeremiah Tracy, Jr., married Anne 
Cleveland, Aug. 27, 1751 ; Jeremiah Tracy, Jr., born Aug. 6, 
1754, died Jan. 31, 1755, Jeremiah Tracy, Jr., married Margaret 
Huntington, May 17, 1755 ; Solomon Tracy, born May 1, 1756. 
Jeremian Tracy died March 16, 1757. 

John Tracy married Margaret Huntington, Oct. 13, 1747. 
Their children were : Mary Tracy, born Ayril 1, 1750 ; Margaret 
Tracy, born May 29, 1753 ; John Tracy, born Dec. 21, 1755. 
Mrs. Margaret Tracy, wife of John, Jr., died Dec. 24, 1755. 
John Tracy, Jr., married Bethia Johnson, Jan, 16, 1758 ; Elea- 
zer Tracy, born April 28, 1759, died Jnly 7, 1759 ; second Eleazer 
Tracy, born June 23, 1790. died Oct. 7, 1760 ; Bethia Tracy, born 
April 14, 1764, died Sept. 8, 1764; Oliver Tracy, born Jan. 11, 
1769; Erastus Tracy, born Feb. 14, 1771. 

Samuel Tracy married Mrs. Sybel Lathrop, May 17, 1750. 
Their children were : Daniel Tracy, born June 8, 1751, died 
June 27, 1753 ; Sybel Tracy, born Aug. 2, 1753 ; second Daniel 
Tracy, born March 27, 1758 ; Zebediah Tracy, born April 26, 
1760 ; Ebenezer Tracy, born Nov. 11, 1792 ; Abigail Tracy, born 
Jan. 18, 1765 ; Thomas Tracy, born Dec. 23, 1767. Mr. Daniel 
Tracy, son of Samuel Tracy, married Lucretia Hubbord, Nov. 5, 
1782. Daniel Tracy, son of Samuel, died Dec. 6, 1782. 

Nathaniel Tracy died March 12, 1751. 

Lemuel Tracy married Sarah Williams July 16, 1752. Their 
children were : Mary Tracy, burn Oct. 24, 1753 ; Sarah Tracy, 
born Dec. 23, 1755. Mr. Lemuel Tracy died July 14, 1756. 

David Tracy married Abigail Cleveland, Jan. 10, 1753. 
Their children were : Elizabeth Tracy, born Sept. 29, 1753 ; Da- 
vid Tracy, Jr., born April 10, 1755. 

Nehemiah Tracy married Meriam Waterman, Feb. 12, 1767. 

Solomon Tracy married Mrs. Anne Edgerton, Sept. 1, 1755. 
Their children were : Sybel Tracy, born Ang. 5, 1756 ; Samuel 
Tracy, born March 4, 1758 ; Sarah Tracy, born June 3, 1761 ; 
Eleazer Tracy, born July 12, 1763 ; Louisa Tracy, born May 29, 


1765 ; Winslow Tracy, born April 10, 1770 ; Clarissa Tracy, born 
April 18, 1773, 

Samuel Tracy, son of Moses Tracy and wife, Esther, born 
June 3, 1758. Sybel Tracy, daughter of Moses Tracy and wife, 
Ester, born Sept. 8, 1760. 

Josiah Tracy, Jr., Married Margaret Sette, Dec. 15, 1757. 
Their children were : Cynthia Tracy, born Sept. 6, 1758 ; Lucy 
Tracy, born Oct. 7, 1730 : Margaret Tracy, born Dec. 14, 1762 ; 
Eleazer Tracy, born March 21, 1763 ; Peter Tracy, born April 
19, 1767; Bethia Tracy, born July 10, 1769; Josiah Tracy, Jr., 
born May 7, 1772 ; Lucretia Tracy, born Sept. 4, 1774 ; Kachel 
Tracy, born March 6, 1777 ; Naoma Tracy, born March 17, 1780 ; 
Zebediah Tracy, born July 18, 1782. 

Hezekiah Tracy, Jr., married Elizabeth Pettis, Aug. 9, 1759, 
Their children were : Dudley Tracy, born Sept. 28, 1759 ; Eliza- 
beth Tracy, born Dec. 1, 1762 ; Welthea Tracy, born Feb. 13, 
1767 ; Joshua Tracy, born Oct. 16, 1768 ; Hezekieh Tracy, born 
May 5, 1771. 

Daniel Tracy, third, married Mary Johnson, of Norwich, 
Sept. 16, 1762. Their children were : Uriah Tracy, born Feb. 8, 
1774 ; Hiel Tracy, born July 5, 1765 ; James Tracy, born May 3, 
1770 ; Mary Tracy, born Sept. 22, 1772 ; Daniel Tracy, born Aug. 
3, 1774. 

Alethea Tracy married Asahel Smith, Sept. 23, 1767, and 
had six children. 

Jabez Tracy married Ziporah Hebard, May 26, 1763. Their 
children were: Jabez Tracy, Jr., born Oct. 21, 1764; Elizabeth 
Tracy, born June 8, 1768. Mrs. Ziporah Tracy died Feb. 26, 
1769. Jabez Tracy married Hannah Edgerton, June 26, 1776 ; 
Simeon Tracy, born Feb. 10, 1777 ; Hannah Tracy, born Nov. 
5, 1778. 

Daniel Tracy, fourth, married Anna Lamb, July 12, 1764. 
Their children were : Lucinda Tracy, born June 20, 1765 ; Do- 
rastus Tracy, born July 28, 1766 ; Lysanias Tracy, born Jan. 31, 


1768 ; Arza Tracy, born July 21, 1771 ; Philanca Tracy, born 

June 18, 1775. 

Andrew Tracy, Jr., married Mrs. Molly Clement, Nov. 27, 
1765. Their children were: Peleg Tracy, bom Sept. 25, 1776; 
Leonard Tracy, born Jan. 19, 1770 ; Molly Tracy, born Tec. 27, 
1771 ; Zebediah Tracy, born Nov. 16, 1774 ; Eunice Tracy, born 
July 22, 1776; Elizabeth Backus-Tracy, born March 21, 1779: 
Sidney Tracy, born May 25, 1781 ; Harriet Tracy, born April 4, 

Jarred Tracy married Margaret Grant, Oct. 20, 1765. Their 
children were: Sarah Tracy, born Feb. 10, 1768; William Gid- 
ney-Tracy, born Nov. 15, 1768 ; Susannah Tracy, born Aug. 8, 
1770; Joseph Winslow Tracy, born March 9, 1773; Gardner 
Tracy, born Feb. 23, 1777 ; James Grant Tracy, born March 
16, 1781; Margaret Tracy, born Dec. 19, 1783, died March 24, 

Theophilus Tracy married Sarah Giftord, Dec. 10, 1766. 
Their children were: Theophilus Tracy, born Nov. 16, 1768; 
Sarah Tracy, born Dec. 15, 1770 ; Experience Tracy, born Dec. 
16, 1772 ; Riel Tracy, born Dec. 5, 1774 ; Stephen Tracy, born 
Nov. 4, 1776; Welthea Tracy, born Oct, 2, 1778: Anna Tracy, 
born Oct. 6, 1783; Hannah Tracy, born June 20, 1783; Ruth 
Tracy, born May 16, 1785. 

Nehemiah Tracy married Miriam Waterman, February 12, 

Ebenezer Tracy married Mary Freeman, May 15, 1765. 
Their children were: Elijah Tracy, born April 17, 1766; Zipo- 
rali Tracy, born July 21, 1769 : Mary Tracy, born January 15, 

Jesse Tracy married Faith Bingham, Sept. 27, 1770. Their 
children were: Lucy Tracy, born Aug. 2,1771; Jesse Tracy, 
born Oct. 4, 1773; Freeman Tracy, born March 5, 1775; Han- 
nah Tracy, born March 24, 1777 ; Jedediah Tracy, born June 12, 
1779 ; Faith Tracy, born Aug. 6, 1781 : Andrew Tracy, born Nov. 


16, 1783 ; Erastns Tracy, born Nov. 17, 1785 : Felix Tracy and 
Anna Tracy, not on the Town Records. 

Elisha Tracy married Dorothy Wilson, Nov. 7, 1771. Their 
children were : Guredon Tracy, horn Sept. 12, 1772 ; Molly Tra- 
cy, born Dec. 10, 1775. 

Andrew Tracy, Jr., married Anna Bingham, Sept. 17, 1773. 
Their children were : Lemuel Tracy, born July 29, 1773 ; Ruth 
Tracy, born March 30, 1775 ; Lucy Tracy, born Nov. 4, 1777 ; 
Elias Tracy, born Jan. 22, 1780; Stephen Tracy, born July 2, 

Mendator Tracy married Caroline Bushnell, Oct. 28, 1773. 
Their children were : Caroline Tracy, born Jan. 14, 1776, died 
Dec. 1, 1781 ; Phebe Tracy, born Jan. 6, 1779 ; Simeon Tracy, 
born Sept. 14, 1781 : Jedediah Tracy, born Feb. 15, 1784. Mrs. 
Caroline Tracy died Jan. 25, 1785. Mendator Tracy married 
Nabby Lord, May 4, 1788. 

Joshua Tracy married Naoma Bingham, May 22, 1771. 
Their children were: Abel Tracy, born April 26, 1772; Thomas 
Tracy, born May 23, 1774; Joshua Tracy, Jr., born Dec. 21, 
1776, died May 11, 1779. Mr. Joshua Tracy died March 26, 1777. 

Samuel Tracy, third, married Hannah Storey, July 3, 1780. 
Their children were : Olforcl Tracy, 'born Feb. 17, 1781 ; Samuel 
Tracy, born Dec. 25, 1782. 

John Tracy, fourth, married Esther Pride, May 24, 1781. 

Calvin Tracy married Elizabeth Huntington, Dec. 18, 1781. 
Their children were: Anna Huntington-Tracy, born Jan. 12, 
1783 ; Calvin Tracy, Jr., born March 16, 1784, 

Daniel Tracy, son of Josiah, married Lucy Tracy, Oct. 30, 
1783. Their children were: Lucy Tracy, born Sept. 13, 1784; 
Nancy Tracy, born Aug. 18, 1786. • 

David Tracy married Susannah Capron, Dec. 3, 1789. Their 
children were : David Tracy, Jr., born March 9, 1791 ; Susannah 
Tracy, born Jan. 21, 1793 ; Betsey Tracy, born May 16, 1795 ; 
Charles Tracy, born Nov. 14, 1796 ; Mary Tracy, born May 19, 
1800 ; Mary Ann Tracy, born June 80, 1802 ; George Tracy, born 


Dec. 11, 1804 ; William Tracy, born June 2, 1807 ; Sarah Tracy, 
born June 12, 1811. 

Nathan Tracy married Hannah Kingsley, Oct. 1769. Their 
children were : Civil Tracy, born May 21, 1772 ; Sally Tracy, 
born July 15, 1774 ; Hannah Tracy, born Sept. 3, 1776 ; Nathan 
Tracy, born Feb. 16, 1779 ; Clarissa Tracy, born April 1, 1781 : 
Lucy Tracy, born March 21, 1788. Mrs. Hannah Tracy died 
April 4, 1788, aged 44 years, 

Uriah Tracy married Lydia Hullman, Feb. 9, 1794. Their 
children were : William George Tracy, born Jan. 11, 1797. 

Barton Tracy married Betsey Case, April 1, 1798. Their 
children were : Lucy Tracy, born Oct. 29, 1798 ; Luther Tracy, 
born June 12, 1800 ; Elisha Tracy, born April 19, 1802. 

Benjamin Tracy married Hannah Johnson, of Bozrah, May 
22, 1806. 

Joseph Winslow Tracy, married Wealthy Huntington, of 
Bozrah, Sept. 21, 1807. Their children were : Jarred Winslow 
Tracy, born May 29, 1812 ; James Joseph Tracy, born Dec. 3, 
1814; Edward Huntington Tracy, born April 21, 1817; Sarah 
Grant Tracy, born Aug. 21, 1819 ; Cornelia Margaretta Tracy, 
born Oct. 15, 1822 ; Lydia Huntington Tracy, born July 3, 1825. 

Dorastus Tracy married Lovice Sanford, Nov. 16, 1788. 
Their children were : Charles Tracy, born Feb. 18, 1790, died 
Sept. 18, 1806 ; Fanney Tracy, born Nov. 13, 1792 ; Elisha Tra- 
cy, born May 11, 1794 : Harvy Tracy, born July 17, 1796 ; Lov- 
ice Tracy, born June 1, 1798 ; Almira Tracy, born May 28, 1800 ; 
Jabez Tracy, born March 2, 1803, died May 3, 1804; Eliza Tra- 
cy, born Feb. 8, 1805 : William Sanford Tracy, born March 22, 
1809 ; Sophrona Tracy, born Sept. 17, 1811 ; Mary Ann Tracy, 
born Dec. 7, 1813. 

Jedediah Tracy married Mercy M. Doan, Oct. 29, 1812. 
Their children were : Caroline Abbey Tracy, born March 24, 1815. 

Elisha Tracy married Lucy Coit Huntington, Oct. 31, 1796. 
Their children were : William Swan Tracy, born Feb. 4, 1799 ; 
Winslow Tracy, born Jan. 13, 1801 ; Elizabeth Dorr Tracy, born 


July 22, 1803 ; Lucy Huntington Tracy, born May 11, 1806 ; 
Hannah Phelps Tracy, born April 13, 1808, died Feb. 13, 1810 ; 
Elisha Dorr Tracy, born June 4, 1811 ; Stephen Decatur Tracy, 
born July 14, 1813. 

Nathaniel Tracy married Fanney Kelley, Nov. 15, 1807. 
Their children were : Fanney Tracy, born June 17, 1808 ; Caro- 
line Tracy, born June 27, 1810 ; John Tracy, born Jan. 12, 1813 ; 
Daniel Tracy, born Sept, 7, 1818 ; Lucy Tracy, born March 7, 

Joshua Tracy married Hannah II. Mansfield, March 28, 
1810. Their children were: Juliet Tracy, born Dec. 30, 1810; 
died Feb. 12, 1815 ; Augustus Converse Tracy, born Feb. 13, 
1812, died Dec. 19, 1814 ; James Lawrence Tracy, born July 2, 
1813 ; Caroline Mansfield Tracy, born July 24, 1814 ; Joshua 
Perkins Tracy, born March 31, 1816, died Nov. 13, 1816. Joshua 
Tracy died Aug. 10, 1816. 

The Tracy-Preston Record. 

Jonathan Tracy and Mary Griswold were married July 11, , 
1672. Their children were : Jonathan Tracy, born Feb. 21, 167^ ; 
Hannah Tracy, born July 8, 1677 ; Christopher Tracy, born 
March 1, 1680 ; Mary Tracy born Sept. 7, 1682 ; Maryam Tracy, 
born April 23, 1685 ; David Tracy, born Sept. 4, 1687 ; Frances 
Tracy, born April 1, 1690 ; Sarah Tracy, born Aug. 2, 1692, died 
Sept. 6, 1693 ; Samuel Tracy, born June 6, 1697 ; Jonathan Tra- 
cy, Jr., died Feb. 25, 1704. Mary Tracy, the wife of Jonathan 
Tracy, Sen., died April 24, 1711, in the 55th year of her age. 

Jonathan Tracy and Mary Richard were married Aug. 21/) 

Hannah Tracy and Thomas Davison were married Nov. 28, 


Jeclediah Tracy and Margaret ,Eix were married Jan. 27, 
1714. Their children were : Jedediah Tracy, born Dec. 17, 1714 ; 
Charity Tracy, born Dec. 23, 1718 ; Margaret Tracy, born Oct. 
27, 1718 ; Sarah Tracy, born Sept. 23, 1720 ; Abigail Tracy, born 
March 23, 1722; Thomas Tracy, born Sept. 3, 1724; Mary 
Tracy, born July 16, 1726. Margaret Tracy, wife of Jedediah 
Tracy, died Aug. 1, 1727. The above named Jedediah Tracy was 
married to Mary Parke, April 15, 1728. Their children were : 
.Caswell Tracy, born Sept. 10, 1730 ; Benjamin Tracy, born Nov. 
6, 1739. 

Jonathan Tracy and Anna Palmer were married Feb. 11, 
1700. Their children were : Jonathan Tracy, born Nov. 80, 1702 ; 
Anna Tracy, born Oct. 29, 1703. Jonathan Tracy, Sen., died 
Feb. 25, 1704. 

Jeremiah Tracy and Mary Witter were married Oct. 13, 1713. 

Francis Tracy and Elizabeth Parrish were married Jan. 6, 
1713. Their children were : Elizabeth Tracy, born Angnst 23, 
1714 ; Isaac Tracy, born Nov. 9, 1716 ; Frances Tracy, bom Feb. 
23, 1717; Thankful Tracy, born Nov. 29, 1718; Menum Tracy, 
born Oct. 12, 1720; Sheribiah Tracy, born Jan. 5, 1722. The 
above Francis Tracy, Sen., died Nov. 28, 1755. 

Mary Tracy and Benjamin Parrish were married April 18, 

Jerusha Tracy and Thomas Rix were mariied June 26, 1718. 

Christopher Tracy and Lydia Parrish were married May 20, 
1705. Their children were : Lydia Tracy, born May 5, 1706 ; 
Mary Tracy, born Jan. 14, 1708, died June 25, 1708; Hannah 
Tracy, born April 27, 1709; Christopher Tracy, born June 1, 
1711 ; Jonathan Tracy, born Dec. 16, 1713; Lidsay Tracy, born 
Feb. 9, 1716 ; Bethia Tracy, born July 19, 1718 ; Dorothy Tracy, 
born Jan. 11, 1720; Esther Tracy, born Jan. 19, 1721 ; Deborah 
Tracy, born April 20, 1722 ; Jerusha Tracy, born May 4, 1723 ; 
Solomun Tracy, born Aug. 8, 1724. The above named Christo- 
pher Tracy died Feb. 9, 1725. 


Abigail Tracy and Benjamin Freeman were married Jam 2, 

Ziporah Tracy and Charles Freeman were married April 14, 

Deborah Tracy and Elisha Adams were married November 
9, 1720. 

Jedediah Tracy's children were : Nathan Tracy, born Feb. 
21, 1729; Benjamin Tracy died Sept, 8, 1731; Simon Tracy, 
born May 17, 1732 ; Ezra Tracy, born Oct. 15, 1784 ; Temperence 
Tracy, born Aug. 9, 1737. * 

David Tracy and Sarah Parrish were married Oct. 6, 1709. 
Their children were : Sarah Tracy, born June 17, 1710 ; Mary 
Tracy, born April 2, 1712, died March 31, 1715 ; Zerniah Tracy, 
born Sept. 12, 1714; Ziporah Tracy, born Sept. 10, 1716; Mary 
Tracy, born Nov. 25, 1718; David Tracy, born May 7, 1721; 
Lemuel Tracy, born Nov, 25, 1722 ; Kachael Tracy, born Nov. 29, 
1724; Irene Tracy, born Jan. 19, 1726. Sarah Tracy, wife of 
the above David Tracy, died Jan. 10, 1729. 

Nathaniel Tracy and Sarah Minor were married May 21, 
1703. Their children were : Nathaniel Tracy, born March 15, 
1707 ; Daniel Tracy, born Jan. 18, 1709; Beniah Tracy, born 
July 21, 1710 ; Joseph Tracy, born April 2, 1712. 

Thomas Tracy's children : Nathaniel Tracy, born Dec. 19, 
1675 ; Sarah Tracy, born Dec. 17, 1677 ; Jeremiah Tracy, born 
Oct. 14, 1682 ; Daniel Tracy, born March 3, 1685 ; Thomas Tra- 
cy, born June 15, 1687 ; Jedediah Tracy, born Sept, 24, 1692 7* 
Deborah and Jerusha Tracy, born Sept. 24, 1697, 

Daniel Tracy died March 2, 1704. 

Jedediah Tracy, of Preston, and Jerusha Bichards of Nor- 
wich, were married March 29, 1739. Their children were : Jed- 
ediah Tracy, born May 12, 1740 ; Asahel Tracy, born Aug. 11, 
1744 ; Jerusha Tracy, born May 26, 1747 ; Kufus Tracy, born 
May 30, 1749 ; Margaret Tracy, born Nov. 15, 1751. 

Christopher Tracy and Elizabeth Tyler, both of Preston, 
were married March 26, 1731. Their children were : Kuth Tracy 


born May 18, 1784 ; Desire Tracy, born March 10, 1785 ; Chris- 
topher Tracy, born Dec. 8, 1787 ; Anne Tracy, born Nov. 16, 
1789; Jonathan Tracy, born Apiil 29, 1742. Christopher Tracy 
died Nov. 15, 1743. 

Samuel Tracy and Esther Richmond were married Sept. 26, 
1733. Their children were: Samuel Tracy, bom Oct. 12, 1734; 
Esther Tracy, born Sept. 19, 1735, died Jan. TO, 1736; second 
Esther Tracy, born Feb. 26 ; 1788 ; Prisilla Tracy, born May 29, 
1749 ; Elizabeth Tracy, born April 28, 1743 ; Miriam Tracy, born 
May 29, 1745 ; Stephen Tracy, born Nov. 12, 1748 : Lucretia 
Tracy, born Jan. 81, 1750. 

Benajah Tracy, of Preston, and Hannah Safford, of Nor- 
wich, were married Dec. 25, 1735. Their children were : Sarah 
Tracy, born Nov. 14, 1735; Benajah Tracy, bom Nov. 18, 1788, 
died Aug. 10, 174L ; Hannah Tracy, bom March 17, 1742. 

Rebeckah Tracy, daughter of Jonathan Tracy and Amee, 
his wife, was born Sept. 13, 1726; Moses Tracy, born April 3, 
1728; Samuel Tracy, born Feb. 28, 1731; Anna Tracy, born 
April 1, 1788 ; Amee Tracy, born Nov. 13, 1735 ; Lois Tracy, bom 
Nov. 2, 1787, died May 2 \ 1789 ; Dorothy Tracy, born March 28, 
1740, died April 6, 1740; Jonathan Tracy, born April 11, 1741 ; 
Perez Tracy, born June 18, 1744. Amee, wife of said Jonathan 
Tracy, died Oct, 13, 1744. 

Lydia Tracy and Adam Parke were married May 18, 1782. 

Enoch Tracy, son of Thomas Tracy and Abigail, his wife, 
was born April 15, 1786; Phebe Tracy, born May 81, 1788, died 
March 15, 1739; Deborah Tracy, born Jan. 20, 1740; Elijah 
Tracy, born .July 81, 1741 ; Sarah Tracy, born May 24, 1743. Mr. 
Thomas Tracy died Feb. 28, 1755. 

Francis Tracy and Esther Rude, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried July 31, 174). Their children were: Sarah Tracy, born 
April L6, 1741; John Tracy, born July 11, 1743; Seth Tracy, 
born March 13, 1747, died Nov 15, 1748; Elisha Tracy, born 
Aug. 24, 1749 ; Huldah Tracy, born March 18, 1752 ; Lucy Tra- 
cy, born Aug. 7, 1754; Kezia Tracy, born July 26, 1757; Silas 


Tracy, born July 17, 1759. The above Kezia Tracy died March 

Benjamin Tracy, son of Jedediah Tracy and Mercy, his wife, 
was born in Preston, Aug. 2, 1742. Mrs. Mercy Tracy, the wife 
of Deacon Jedediah Tracy, died May 24, 1775. Deacon Jede- 
diah Tracy died June 8, 1779, in the 87th year of his age. 

Esther Tracy and Ebenezer Bennett, both of Preston, were 
married Oct. 28, 1742. 

Zerniah Tracy and Joseph Branch were married Jan. 27. 

Sheribiah Tracy and Mr. Wenworth, both of Preston, were 
married May 22, 1745. 

Jonathan Tracy, of Preston, and Lucy Avery, of Norwich, 
were married May 19, 1747. 

Children of Christopher Tracy and Elizabeth, his wife, were : 
Elizabeth Tracy, born Jan. 14, 1744 ; Lydia Tracy, born Dec. 6, 
1745 ; Solomon Tracy, born Feb. 11, 1748, died Sept. 12, 1750 ; 
Ziporah Tracy, born 13, 1754. Elizabeth Tracy, the wife of 
Christopher Tracy, died Sept. 11, 1757. Christopher Tracy and 
Rose Tracy, both of Preston, were married March 23, 1758. 

Richmond Tracy, son of Samuel and Esther Tracy, was born 
Sept. 9, 1753. Samuel Tracy, son of Samuel and Esther Tracy, 
died at Fort Edward, Nov. 27, 1756. 

Isaac Tracy and Mehetible Rude, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried July 13, 1742. Their children were: Isaac Tracy, born 
April 10, 1743 ; Mary Tracy, born Feb. 17, 1745 ; Ziporah Tracy 
born Jan. 30, 1748 ; Zanan Tracy, born April 1, 1750 ; Bathsheba 
Tracy, born April 27, 1752 ; Mehetible Tracy, born May 13, 1754 ; 
Solomon Tracy, born June 1, 1756 ; Louise Tracy, born June 4, 
1758 ; Zemrah Tracy, born Oct. 16, 1760 ; Keturah Tracy, born 
at Delaware, Feb. 28, 1763 ; Thankful Tracy, born April 25, 
1765 ; Betsey Tracy, born Jan. 26, 1768. 

Benajah Tracy and Lucy Herrick, both of Preston , were 
married July 1, 1762. Their children were: Elias Tracy, born 
April 5, 1763 ; Elisha Tracy, born Aug. 9, 1764 ; Robert Tracy, 


born Oct. 23, 1765 ; Hannah Tracy, born Aug. 9, 1767 ; Saffdrd 
Tracy, born Nov. 4, 1768 ; Barten Tracy, born June 12, 1773 ; 
Elizabeth Tracy, born May 4, 1776 ; Lucy Tracy, born Oct. 28, 
1778 ; Luther Tracy, born Oct. 21, 1783. 

Levi Tracy, son of Jedediah and Jerusha Tracy, was born 
June 5, 1754 ; Sabra Tracy, born June 30, 1756 ; Eunice Tracy, 
born Aug. 30, 1758; Jedediah Tracy, born April 5, 1761. Mr. 
Jedediah Tracy, Jr., departed this life Jan. 26, 1766. 

Ruth Tracy, daughter of Thomas Tracy and wife, was born 
Feb. 14, 1757. 

Moses Tracy and Esther Tracy, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried June 4, 1755. Their children were : Edward Tracy, born 
July 7, 1756 ; Anna Tracy, born Sept. 25, 1762. Their son Sam- 
uel died March 5, 1764. 

Ruth Tracy and Samuel Rennals, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried Feb. 26', 1756. 

Daniel Tracy, of Preston, and Mary Kennedy, of Norwich, 
were married April 10, 1755. Their children were : Solomon 
Tracy, born March 1, 1756 ; Lemuel Tracy, born March 16, 1758 ; 
Rachel Tracy, born Aug. 5, 1759 ; second Lemuel Tracy, born 
Aug. 12, 1761. 

Samuel Tracy, Jr., and Anna Partridge, both of Preston, 
were married May 15, 1755. Their children were : Elijah Tracy, 
born April 26, 1756 ; Cyrus Tracy, born Aug. 6, 1757 ; Eunice 
Tracy, born Lee. 2, 1758 ; Bela Tracy, born April 3, 1761 ; Diana 
Tracy, born Feb. 15, 1763; Jonathan Tracy, born Nov. 1, 1764; 
Deborah Tracy, born Sept. 12, 1766 ; Samuel P. Tracy, born 
March 21, 1769 ; Lucy Tracy, born Feb. 6, 1771 ; Amy Tracy, 
born Sept. 11, 1774. 

Prisilla Tracy and John Branch, Jr., both of Preston, were 
married Jan. 5, 1758. 

Simeon Tracy and Lois Branch, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried Sept. 13, 1758. Their children were : Seth Tracy, born Oct. 
18, 1759; Elem Tracy, born Aug. 3, 1761 : Mercy Tracy, born 
Sept. 6, 1763; Aseniah Tracy, born June 30, 1766. 

John Tracy and Hannah Haskell, both of Norwich, were 
married Jan. 28, 1755. Nathaniel Tracy, their son, was born 
Sept. 12, 1757. 

Ezra Tracy, of Preston, and Jemima Kimball, of Stoning- 
ton, were married Jan. 24, 1760. Their children were : Gilbert 
Tracy, born Jan. 7, 1761 ; Sanford Tracy, born July 20, 1762 : 
Wealthy Tracy, born March 17, 1765 ; Elisha Tracy, born Sept. 
30, 1768; Erastus Tracy, born Feb, 20, 1771 ; Anne Tracy, born 
Feb. 22, 1773 ; Margret Trocy, born Aug. 13, 1775 : Appleton 
Tracy, born Feb. 20, 1779 ; Jedediah Tracy, born Aug. 14, 1780. 

Sarah Tracy, of Norwich, and John Cook, Jr., of Preston, 
were married Nov. 11, 1755. 

Thankful Tracy and Nathan Eude, both of Preston, were 
married April 30, 174J.- 

Hannah Tracy and Barton Cook, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried Oct, 14, 1762. 

Temperance Tracy and Nathan Forbes, both of Preston, were 
married May 5, 1763. Mrs. Temperance Forbes died Dec. 8, 
1837, in the 70th year of her age. 

Benjamin Tracy and Olive Kill m, both of Preston, were 
married Nov. 17, 1763. Their children were : Lucy Tracy, born 
May 18, 1765 ; Avery Tracy, born June 26, 1767 ; John Tracy, 
born Jan. 27, 1770; Shubael Tracy, born Feb. 12 1773; Mercy 
Tracy, born Sept. 16, Vi 75; Ab*ga' Tracy, born Feb. 17, 1778; 
Betsy Tracy, born April 26, 178). 

Olive Tracy, of Norwich, and Daniel Wit , of 1 eston, were 
married July 16, 1769. 

Asahel Tracy and Olive Le ard, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried Feb. 16, 1769. Their cl Iren were : Eufus Tracy, born 
Dec. 9, 1769; William Tracy, born Jan. 23, 1771, died Nov. 15, 
1772 ; Robert Tracy, born March 27, 1773 ; May Tracy, born 
March 27, 1775; William Tracy, bo t Dec. 7, 1776; Clarissa 
Tracy, born March 10, 1779; Sabra Tracy, born Oct. 22, 17S0 : 
Olive Tracy, born Jan. 22, 1784. Mr. Asahel Tracy, died Feb. 
21, 18j2. 


Jabez Tracy, of Preston, and Prudence Fanning, of Groton, 
were married April 25, 1770. Chester Tracy, their son, was horn 
Sept. 12, 1771, 

Jerusha Tracy and Nathan Geer, both of Preston, were mar- 
ried May 1, 1766. 

Rufus Tracy, of Preston, and Mary Peed, of Norwich, were 
married April 9, 1775. 

Euth Tracy, of Norwich, and Israel Herrick, of Preston, 
were married Jan. 5. 1775. 

Of John Tracy, the third, who married Margaret Hyde. 
They settled at Norwich, West Farms, now Franklin, where he 
died August, 1788. She died Feb. 6, 1789, at Franklin. Their 
children were: John, born Feb. 11, 1726, at Norwich, married 
first, Margaret Huntington, second, Bethia Johnson ; Eleazcr, 
born March 16, 172S, at Norwich, who left his paternal heme 
when young and unmarried, and was never afterwards heard of 
by his relatives. Supposed to have been killed in the French 
war; Josiah, born April 17, 1780, at Norwich, married Margaret 
Pettis ; Hezekiah, born in 1786, at Norwich, married first, Eliza- 
bsth Pettis, second, Abigail Starr; Daniel, born March 14, 1788, 
at Norwich, married Mary -Johnson ; Theophilus, born Sept. 14, 
1742, at Norwich, married Sarah Gifford ; Joshua, born Aug. 13, 
1745, at Norwich, married Naoma Bingham ; Elizabeth, born 
May 1, 1782, at Norwich, married Zebnlon Edgerton ; Margaret, 
born May 16, 1784, at Norwich, married William Bentley ; Ra- 
chel, born Sept. 27, 1740, at Norwich, married Dec. 6, 1768, her 
second cousin, Ezekiel Hyde, second son of Jabez Hyde, the 
second, and Lydia Abel, of Norwich. 

Esther Hyde, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 16, 1709, the 
third daughter of John Hyde and Experience Abel, was a grand- 
daughter of Samuel Hyde, the first, and Jane Lee, of Norwich. 

f f 

She married, Feb. 5, 1740, Thomas Williams. I suppose he was 
of the Montville family, and that he was a son of Thomas Wil- 
liams, who died 1705. He died March 23, 1746, at Norwich, and 
she died April 29, 1799, at Franklin. Their children were : 
Thomas, born March 22, 1742, at Norwich, married Jerusha 
Abel ; Esther, born May 30, 1740, at Norwich, who I : have not 
been able to trace further; Ruth, born Jan. 19, 1744, at Norwich 
died Dec. 16, 1798, at Franklin, unmarried. 

Lucy Hyde, born at Norwich, Conn., April 16, 1713, the 
fourth daughter of John Hyde and Experience Abel, was a grand- 
daughter of Samuel Hyde, the first, and Jane Lee, of Norwich. 
She married, Nov, 26, 1733, Asa Waterman, born Nov. 15, 1706, 
at Norwich, the youngest son of Ensign Thomas Waterman, the 
secondhand Elizabeth Allyn, of Norwich. This Ensign Thomas 
Waterman, was the eldest son of Ensign Thomas Waterman, 
one of the original proprietors of Norwich, who was born in 1644 
at Marshfield, son of Robert Waterman and Elizabeth Bourn. 
He married, Nov. 1668, Miriam Tracy, the only daughter of Lt. 
Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, and died in 1708. He had by her 
three sons and five daughters: Thomas, who married, June 29, 
1691, Elizabeth Allyn ; John, who married first, Nov. 5, 1701, 
Elizabeth Lathrop, second, Sept. 27, 1709, Mrs. Judith Wood- 
ward, third, April 16, 1721, Elizabeth Bassett ; Joseph, who mar- 
ried Elizabeth Woodward ; Elizabeth, who married July 10, 
1695, Capt* John Fitch, of Windham ; Miriam, who died Sept. 
22, 1760, unmarried, Martha, who married June 30, 1709, and 
was the second wife of "Lyme's Captain," Deacon Reynold 
Marvin, of Lyme; Lydia, who married Nov. 25, 1708, Eleazer 
Burnam ; Anne, who married Nov. 4, 1713, Josiah de Wolf, of 

The children of Thomas Waterman, second, and Elizabeth 
Allyn, were: Thomas, born 1692; John, born 1694; Elizabeth, 
born 1698 ; Ebenezer, born 1699 ; Daniel, born 1701 ; Elisha, 
born 1704; Asa, born 1706; and probably Sarah and Nehemiah. 

John Waterman, the first, by his three wives, had eleven 


children : Elizabeth, born 1702 ; Eleazer, born 1704 ; John, born 
1706, died 1730, unmarried ; Hannah, born 1708 ; William, born 
1710 ; Samuel, born 1712 ; Ebenezer, born 1715 ; Peter, born 
1717; Mary, born 1722; David B., born 1725; Elizabeth, born 

Joseph Waterman and Elizabeth Wcodwaid, had seven child- 
ren : Timothy, born 1717 ; Judith, born 1720 ; Ezra, born 1725 ; 
Elizabeth, born 1724; Mehetible, born 1727; Anne, born 1780; 
Joseph, born 1733, died 1753. 

Asa Waterman and his wife, Lucy Hyde, settled at Norwich, 
where he died Nov. 14, 1783. She survived him, and died there, 
Nov. 16, 1790. Their children were: Thomas, born Aug. 12, 
17£4, at Norwich, married Eunice French ; Asa, born May 1, 
1743, at Norwich, married Anne S terry ; Azariah, born Lee. 18, 
1745, died Sept. 7, 1753 : Aruna, born April 24, 1749, at Norwich, 
married Hannah Leffingwell ; second Azariah, born Oct, 1, 1754, 
died Sept. 5, 1759 ; Lucy, born Jan. 15, 1737, at Norwich, mar- 
ried her second cousin, Judge Matthew Adgate, the fouith son 
of Hannah Hyde and Matthew Adgate; Mary, born April 19, 
1739, at Norwich, married her second cousin, Capt. Jedediah 
Hyde, the eldest son of the Lev. Jedediah Hyde, by his first wife 
Jerusha Perkins ; Dehorah, born May 8, 1741, died June 2,1755, 

Lois Gifford, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 25, 1781, the 
third daughter of Samuel Gifford and Experience Hyde, of Nor- 
wich, was a grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third genera- 
tion. She married Jan. 3, 1753, Theophilus Huntington, born 
Sept. 12, 1726, son of Christopher Huntington, of Norwich, by 
his first wife, Abigail Abel-Lathrop. They settled at Norwich. 
He was clerk of the Bozrah church from 1764 to 1778. In 1780 
they removed to Lebanon, N. H., where he died in 1815. The 
date of her death I have not ascertained. Their children were : 
Theopilus, born Nov. 23, 1753, at Norwich, married, first, Ruth 
Talcott, second, Phebe Hall; Samuel, born July 29, 1756, at 
Norwich, married Mary Bonnet ; Hiram, born Aug. 24, 1758, at 
Norwich, married Lucy Perkins. Zila, born Oct. 26, 1760, at 


Norwich, married Sila Green ; Abel, born Dec. 2, 1762, at Nor- 
wich, died Sept. 9, 1778 ; Uriel, born May 7, 1771, at Norwich, 
married Elizabeth Hough ; Nehemiah, born April 20, 1776, at 
Norwich, married Hannah N. Lathrop ; Lois, born May 11, 1765, 
at Norwich, married May 15, 1788, Samuel Lathrop, of Leba- 
non, N. H., where she died April 4, 1846. He was a son of Eli- 
sha Lathrop, by his second wife, Hannah Hough; Margaret, 
born Nov. 2, 1768, at Norwich, married Rufus Lathrop, and lived 
at Chelsea, Vt., and left a family, the particulars of whom I have 
not fully ascertained. 

Experience Gifford, born at Norwich, Conn., May 15, 1733, 
the fourth daughter of Samuel Gifford and Experience Hyde, of 
Norwich, was a grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third gen- 
eration. She married June 26, 1754, Isaac Johnson, born May 
24, 1728, at Norwich, son of Ebenezer Johnson and Deborah 
Champion, of Norwich. They settled at Norwich, where she died 
May 7, 1755. His onty child by her was Oliver, born May 5, 
1755, at Norwich, married Martha Perkins. He then married, 
March 13, 1760, Jerusha Gager, born March 30, 1735, at Norwich, 
daughter of John Gager and Jerusha Barstow, and had by her a 
daughter, Jerusha, born Jan. 14, 1761, who married June 30, 
1785, Dr. Elijah Hartshorn, of Norwich. Isaac Johnson's sec- 
ond wife died March 10, 1839, and he died Nov. 15, 1814, at 

John Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 11, 1726, the eld- 
est son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Norwdch, was a 
grand- son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married 
Oct. 13, 1747, his third cousin, Margaret Huntington, born Nov. 
23, 1724, at Norwich, daughter of Christopher Huntington and 
Abigail Abel-Lathrop, the widow of Barnabas Lathrop, of Nor- 
wich. They settled at Norwich, West Farms, (now Franklin,) 
where she died Dec. 23, 1755. He was a farmer. His children 
by her were : John, born Dec. 21, 1749, at Norwich, married Es- 
ther Pride ; Mary, born April 1, 1750, at Norwich, married her 
father's second cousin, Andrew Hyde, the third son of Jabez 


Hyde and Lydia Abel, of Norwich ; Margaret, born May 29, 1753 
at Norwich* married, first, Zebediah Lathrop, second, Benjamin 
Storrs ; Lydia, born 1755, died young and unmarried. After the 
death of his first wife, he married Jan. 19, 1758, Bethia John- 
son, born April 15, 1784, at Norwich, daughter of Ebenezer John- 
son and Deborah Champion, of Norwich. She died Dec. 18, 
1803. "He survived her and died March 28, 1810, at Franklin. 
His children by her were : Eleazer, born April 28, 1759, at Nor- 
wich, died July 7, 1759; second Eleazer, born June 23, 1769, at 
Norwich, died Oct. 7, 1760; Oliver, born Jan. 11, 1769, at Nor- 
wich, married Lydia Bude ; Erastus, born Feb. 11, 1771, at Nor- 
wich, married Clara Prentiss ; Bethia, born April 14, 1764, at 
Norwich, died* Sept. 9, 1764. 

Josiah Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., April 17, 1780, the 
third son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand-son of John Hyne, of the third generation, He married 
Dec. 15, 1757, Margaret Pettis, born March 4, 1740, daughter of 
Peter Pettis and Abigail Failes, of Norwich. He was a farmer, 
and they settled at Norwich, West Farms, (now Franklin.) He 
died Jan. 24, 1806. She survived him, and died -Sept. 6, 1821., 
Their children were : Eleazer, born March 21, 1764, at Norwich, 
married first, Prudee Bogers, second, widow Hannah Tracy; 
Peter, born April 19, 1767, at Norwich, married Abigail Harts- 
horn ; Josiah, born May 7, 1772, at Norwich, married Mary Bir- 
chard ; Zebediah, born July 18, 1782, at Norwich, died Aug. 15, 
1788 ; Cynthia, born Sept. 6, 1758, at Norwich, married her sec- 
ond cousin, Joshua Hyde, the eldest son of Silas Hyde and Mar- 
tha Waterman, of Norwich ; Lucy, born Oct. 7, 1760, at Nor- 
wich, married' Daniel Tracy ; Margaret, born Dec. 14, 1762, at 
Norwich, married her second cousin, Abel Hyde, the second son 
Of Silas Hyde and -Martha' Waterman, of Norwich ; Bethia, Jborn 
July 16, 1769, at Norwich, married. Andrew Veach Williams, of 
Lebanon, son of Veach Williams and Lucy Walworth, of Leba- 
non, and' had one son, Veach, born April 17, 1797, who died in 
childhood. Her husband died Oct. 12, 1828, at Lebanon, She 


died Feb. 28, 1848, at Mohegan ; Lucretia, born Sept. 4, 1774, at 
Norwich, married William Bailey; Kachel, born March 6, 1777, 
at Norwich, married Cyrenus Clark ; Naoma, born May 17, 1780, 
at Norwich, married Joseph H. Willes. 

Lieut. Hezekiah Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., in 1736, the 
fourth son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Norwich, was 
a grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. , He married 
Aug. 9, 1759, Elizabeth Pettis, born Dec. 29, 1737, at Norwich, 
the eldest daughter of Joshua Pettis, of Norwich, by his first 
wife, Elizabeth Crocker. They settled at Norwich, where she 
died, Nov, 9,1791. He afterwards married the widow Abigail 
Starr, but had no issue by her. He died June 23, 1817, at Frank- 
lin, aged 81. His children were: Dudley, born Sept. 28, 1700, 
at Norwich, married Sarah Kingsbury; Joshua, born Oct. 16, 
1768, at Norwich, married first, Sarah Paine, second, the widow 
Martha Hastings >; Hezekiah, bornMay 5, 1771, at Norwich, mar- 
ried Eunice Packard, of Albany, and settled at Greenwich, Conn. 
She died ;M^y 26, 1831. He died July 10, 1829. They had two 
children : Eliza, thorn June 17, 1798, died Oct. 17, 1799, and John 
Jay/ : born July -•;&,, 18 DO; ? Elizabeth, born Dec 1, 1762, at Nor- 
wich, died unmarried ; Wealthy, born Feb. 13, 1767, at Norwich 
died unmarried. - 

Daniel Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., March 14, 1738, the 
fifth son of John Tracy- and Margaret Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand- son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married 
Sept. 16, 1702, Mary Johnson, born April "7, 1738, at Norwich, 
daughter of Ebenezer v Johnson and Deborah Champion, of Nor- 
wich. They settled; at Norwich, where they- prqbably both died, 
but I have not ascertained the dates of their deaths. Their 
children were : Uri, born Feb. 8, 1764, at Norwich, married Ruth 
Hovey ; Hiel, born July 5, 1766, at Norwich, married Susannah 
Gifford ; James, born Feb. 9, 1770, at Norwich, married first, 
Ruth Calkins, second, Margoret Wheeler; Daniel, born Aug. 3, 
1774, at Norwich, married Mary Havens ; Mary, born Sept. 22, 
1772, at Norwich, married Daniel Baldwin, of Chenango county, 


and had two daughters : Mary, who married Pardon Smith, of 

Oxford, and , who married Corbin, of McDonough, 

New York. 

Theophilus Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 14, 1742, 
the sixth son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Norwich, 
was a grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He 
married Dec. 10, 1766, his first cousin, Sarah Gifford, horn June 
22, 1744, at Norwich, the youngest daughter of Samuel Gifford 
and Experience Hyde, of Norwich. He was a farmer, and they 
settled at Norwich, West Farms, (now Franklin.) They subse- 
quently removed to Granville, N. Y., where he died in 1812. She 
survived him and removed to Hartwick, N. Y. Their children 
were : Theophilus, born Nov. 16, 1768, at Norwich, married 
Thankful Draper ; Kiel, born Dec. 5, 1774, at Norwich, married 
Dimis Anne Martin ; Stephen, born Nov. 4, 1776, at Norwich, 
married widow Wade ; Sarah, born Dec. 15, 1770, at Norwich, 
married March 11, 1793, Dr. William Livingston, of Salem, N. 
Y., and removed to St. Lawrence county ; Experience, born Dec. 
16, 1772, at Norwich, died May 16, 1793, at Granville, unmar- 
ried ; Wealthy, born Oct. 2, 1778, at Norwich, married Sylvanus 
West ; Anna, born Oct. 6, 1783, at Norwich, died May 4, 1796, 
unmarried ; Hannah, born June 20, 1783, at Norwich, married 
William Loring, of Spencer, N. Y. ; Ruth, born May 16, 1785, 
at Norwich ; Lara, born May 11, 1788, at Franklin, married 
Prince West. 

Lieut, Joshua Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., August 13, 
1745, the seventh son of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Nor- 
wich, was a grand-son of John Hyde of the third generation. 
He married May 22, 1771, Naoma Bingham, of Windham, born 
May 13, 1744, daughter of Jonathan Bingham and Mary Abbe, 
of Windham, and grand-daughter of John Abbe, the first, of 
Wenham, Mass. He died March 20, 1777, at Norwich, of the 
small-pox, and was burried on the hill in Franklin, near Dr. 
Woodward's. Their children were : Abel, born April 26, 1772, 
at Norwich. I have not been able to get any further account of 


him, and presume he must have died s. p, ; Thomas, born May 
23, 1774, at Norwich ; Joshua, born Dec, 21, 1776, at Norwich, 
died Aug. 11, 1779. 

Elizabeth Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 1, 1732, the 
eldest daughter of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, was a grand- 
daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. She married 
July 9, 1753, Zebulon Edgerton, born Nov. 14, 1728, at Norwich, 
son of Samuel Edgerton and Margaret Abel, her third cousin. 
They settled at Norwich, West Farms, (now Franklin) where he 
died Feb. 6, 1796. She survived him, and died Oct. 5, 1821, at 
Franklin, aged 89 years. Their children were : Zebulon, born 

March 4, 1754, at Norwich, married Abigail ; John, born 

May 18, 1768, at Norwich, died Oct. 27, 1778 : Elizabeth, born 
Dec. 14, 1755. at Norwich, she probably married her first cousin, 
Eleazer Bentley, son of William Bentley and Margaret Tracy ; 
Margaret, born April 10, 1758, at Norwich ; Silence, born March 
1. 17C0, at Norwich ; Anne J., born Nov. 7, 1762, at Norwich, 
probably married Jan. 21, 1787, at Franklin, Ezra Edgerton, 
born Jan, 17, 1752, third son of William Edgerton and Lydia 
Barstow ; Bethia, born Sept. 8, 1764, at Norwich, probably mar- 
ried Elephelet Metcalf ; Rachel, born June 12, 1770, at Norwich, 
she probably married Jan. 24, 1791, Jehial Boot, at Franklin ; 
Asenath, born Aug. £0, 1772, at Norwich. She lived at Frank- 
lin, where she died Oct. 23, 1836, unmarried. 

Margaret Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 16, 1784, the 
second daughter of John Tracy and Margaret Hyde, of Nor- 
wich, was a grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third genera- 
tion. She married Aug. 5, 1755, William Bentley. They settled 
in that part of Norwich which is now Franklin, where they had 
one child recorded to them. That child was Eleazer, born at 
Norwich. He married Feb. 14, 1788, Elizabeth Edgerton, and 
settled at Franklin. They had one son and two daughters: 
Elizabeth, born May 19, 1793, at Franklin, married Oct. 23, 1829, 
Fidelia Henry, of Lebanon ; Margaret, born Aug. 4, 1789, at 


Franklin, died Nov. 7, 1812, unmarried : Bethia, born Dec. 24, 
1791, at Franklin. 

Thomas Williams, borsi at Norwich, March 23, 1742, son of 
Thomas Williams and Esther Hyde, of Norwich, was a grand- 
son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married Dec. 6, 
1767, Jerusha Abel, born March 11, 1748, at Norwich, second 
daughter of John Abel and Hannah Gifford, of Norwich, They 
settled at Norwich, where they had one child recorded to them. 
That child was Elisha, horn March 14, 1770, at Noiwich. 

Thomas Waterman, born at Norwich, Conn., Aug. 12, 1784, 
the eldest son of Asa Waterman and Lucy Hyde, of Norwich, 
was a grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He 
married May 27, 1759, Eunice French, born July, 24, 1789, at 
Norwich, the second daughter of Samuel French and Elizabeth 
White, of Norwich. They settled at Norwich, where he was 
drowned in 1773, while washing sheep. Their children were : 
Azariah, born April 3, 17(U, at Norwich. He was a soldier in the 
army of the revolution, and was on board the Jersey prison ship. 
Upon his exchange he took tire small-pox, cf which he died soon 
after his return home, unmarried ; Erastus, born March 19, 177>\ 
at Norwich. He lived at Norwich, and died March 1Q, 1850, un- 
married ; Lucy, born Sept. 22. 1763, at Norwich. She married 

Bostwieh and settled at Charleton, N. Y., and had seven 

children: Elizabeth Maria, Sarah Anne, Lucy, Harriet, Bhoda 
Thompson, Olive Eliza, and a son, who was a purser in the U. 
S. navy, and was lost at sea; Eunice, born Jan. 15, 1765, at 
Norwich. She married Nov. 24, 1791, Abner Backus, Esq., born 
Oct. 10, 1767, at Norwich. They settled at Norwich, where he 
was a landholder. He died May 30, 1845, and she died Sept. 3, 
1846, sine prole ; Caroline, born March 25, 1769, at Norwich. 

She married Barlow, and probably removed to Saratoga 

county, N. Y., and had several children, one of whom was Sam- 

John Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Dec. 21, 1755, eldest 
son of John Tracy of Norwich, by his first wife, Margaret Hunt- 


ington, was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third gener- 
ation. He married May 24, 1780, Esther Pride, of Lisbon. They 
settled in that part of Norwich which is now Franklin. In 1806 
they removed to Columbus, N. Y., where he died Jan. 14, 1821. 
She died in June, 1838. Their children were: John, born Oct. 
28, 1783, at Norwich, married Aug. 5, 1813, his father's third 
cousin, Susannah Hyde, born July 3, 1787, at Franklin, second 
daughter of Joseph Hyde, and Susannah Waterman. He was a 
lawyer, and they settled at Oxford, N. Y., where he was a mem- 
ber of the Legislature. He Was lieutenant-governor of the state 
for six years, and was president of the constitutional convention 
of 1846. They were living in Oxford in 1882. They had three 
children, born at Oxford: John, born June 20, 1820, died Dec. 
.24, 1820. He was the seventh John in descent from Lieut. Thom- 
as Tracy, the first, Of Norwich, who came from England, the eld- 
est son of each generation being named John Tracy ;. Esther 
Maria, born April 9, 1816, married Dec. 2, 1835, Henry Eowland 
Mygatt, born April 10, 1810, eldest son of Henry Mygatt and 
Sarah S. Washburn, of Oxford, grand -son of Noadiah Mygatt 
and Clarissa Lynde, of New Milforcl, and was the eighth in de- 
scent from Joseph Mygatt, born in England in 1596, who came 
to Newtown, Mass., in the Griffin, in 1638, with his wife Anne, 
and settled at Hartford in 16c,6, (see Mygatt Genealogy.) Henry 
Rowland Mygatt graduated at Union College in 1830, and was, a 
, lawyer. They settled at Oxford, where they were living in 1858. 
They had two children : John Tracy, born Nov. 29, 1886, who 
graduated at Union College in 1858, and in 1881, married Sarah 
Dickinson, daughter of D. S. Dickinson ; William Roland, born 
April 10, 1851 ; Susan Eliza, born April 9, 1816, (twin of Esther 
Maria,) She was living with her parents in 1860, unmarried ; 
Zebediah Lathrop, born Oct. 8, 178-3, at Franklin, married Dor- 
othy Robinson, of Danbury, Conn., and settled at Durhamville, 
N. Y., where she died. He had by her three children : Fayette, 
born August, 1818; Frederick W., born May 28, 1820, and Har- 
riet. He then married Frances Hibbard, and died Jan. 6, 1852. 


He had by her a daughter, Susan Melissa ; Ulysses, born Aug. 
13, 1790, at Franklin, died July 28, 1791 ; Bela, born April 19, 
1794, at Franklin, married Carlista Spurr, of Columbus, N. Y., 
and removed to Sinclairville, in Charlotte, N. Y. They had six 
children : Emely, born Oct. 23, 1826 ; Pamelia, born Aug. 27, 
1828 ; Melissa, born May 7, 1830 ; John, born Feb. 10, 1832 ; 
Austin, born June 1, 1834; Lewis, born July 2, 1842; second 
Ulysses, born Jan. 4, 1803, at Franklin, married October, 1835, 
Jane L. Bunker, of the city of New York, and in 1838, removed 
to Chautauque county, where he died Aug. 19, 1810 They had 
two children : Esther and Henry ; Rachel, born Aug. 22, 1781, 
at Norwich, married Andrew Palmer, of Mansfield, Conn. She 
died Oct. 29, 1852, in Wisconsin. They had four children, and 
perhaps more : John, Nelson, Emeline and Catherine ; Harriet, 
born May 16, 1792, at Franklin, married Oct. 3, 1811, at Colum- 
bus, N. Y., Otis Eddy, boru Jan. 20, 1787, in Rhode Island, son 
of Willard Eddy and Dorcas xMatthewson. (This Willard Eddy 
was born Jan. 21. 1760, in Rhode Island, and about 1795, remo- 
ved to Richfield, N. Y., where he died April 13, 1854, at the ad- 
vanced age of 94 years. He was a son of Enoch Eddy, grand 
son of Zachariah Eddy, gre.'it grand-son of John Edddy. great 
great grand-son of John Eddy, and great great great grand-son 
of Samuel Eddy, who was born in England, and came to Ply- 
mouth, Mmss., in 1630, in the ship Handmaid, of which John 
Grant was master.) Otis Eddy was a carpenter, manufacturer, 
and a canal constructor. They settled at New Berlin, N. Y., and 
afterwards removed to Ithaca, where he was a mill owner. He 
died Sept. 5, 1843, at Sinclairville, in the town of Charlotte, N. 
Y., while on a visit to his brother-in-law. She was living at 
Brooklyn, N, Y., in 1858, with her youngest son. They had six 
children : the two first born at New Berlin, and the others at 
Ithaca. Willard Tracy, born Sept. 13, 1812, married July 17, 
* 1836, his first cousin, Susan Williams, born July 6, 1819, eldest 
daughter of James Williams and Esther Tracy, of Gerry, N. Y. 
They were living at Fredonia, N. Y., in 1858, and had three 


children : Harriet Emily, born Sept. 30, 1838 ; Susan Maria, 
born Oct. 20, 1845, and Willard Tracy, born June 20, 1849. La- 
throp Storrs, born July 1, 1814, married June, 1839, Adeline E. 
Hargin, of Ithaca, N. Y. He was a lawyer, and practiced his 
profession for some years in the state of New York, and was an 
examiner in chancery. He went to California, and died Nov. 9, 
1851, at sea, on his return passage from San Francisco to Pana- 
ma. She died March, 1852, at Ithaca. They had one ch31d : 
Lathrop Storrs, born Sept. 1, 1844. Axala Fayette, born Oct. 
18, 1816, at Ithaca, and died Oct. 1, 1817, at Ithaca ; William 
Matthewson, born Aug. 16, 1818, married May 8, 1844, at Ports- 
mouth, E. I., Hannah Anthony, daughter of David Anthony, of 
Portsmouth. He was a civil engineer, and she died in 1847, at 
New York, s. p. He then went to San Francisco, Cal., and was 
surveyor- general of that state. He again married in 1851, at 
San Francisco, Harriet Eacker, formerly of Ithaca. He died 
March 9, 1854, at San Francisco, where she was living in 1858, 
He had by her one child : Charles Eacker, born in 1853 ; James, 
born Oct, 23, 1821, at Ithaca, married May 7, 1844, Maria Judd, 
born May 26, 1824, at Ithaca, daughter of Reuben Judd and Mi- 
nerva Stevens, of Ithaca, who were married May 4, 181-., at Wil- 
liamstown, Mass. James Eddy and wife, resided at Portsmouth, 
P. [., Ithaca, N. Y., Bangor and Portland, Me. In 1855 they 
removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where they were living in 1858. He 
was the general superintendent of the American telegraph com- 
pany. They had two children : Otis Judd, born June 30, 1846, 
at Ithaca ; and Charles, born Feb. 28, 1850, at Bangor ; Harriet 
Emely, born Oct, 3, 1826, at Ithaca, where she died Dec. 6, 1826 ; 
Esther, born Nov. 8, 1795, at Franklin, married April 16, 1817, 
at Columbus, N. Y., James Williams, born Sept. 20, 1792, at 
Newport, R. I., son of Obadiah Williams and Dorcas Earl. He 
was a farmer, and they lived at various places in New York, New 
Jersey and Pennsylvania, In 1835 they removed to Gerry, N. 
Y., where they were living in 1838. They had nine children : 
Frederick Tracy, born Feb. 3, 1818, at head of Cayuga lake, mar- 


ried Oct. 24, 1841, at Ellery, N. Y., Anne H. Aldrieh, youngest 
daughter of Tillson Aldrieh and Sarah Metcalf. He was a far- 
mer, and they settled at Ellery, where he died April 3, 1853, and 
where she was living in 1858. They had two children : Sarah 
Maria, born May 28, 1846, and Frederick Tillson, born Sept. 16, 
1853 : Susan, born June 9, 1819, at head of Cayuga lake, mar- 
ried July 17, 1836, her first cousin, William Tracy Eddy, eldest 
son of Otis Eddy and Harriet Tracy, of Ithaca ; Emely, born 
Aug. 25, 1821, at Berks county, Pa., married Nov. 8, 1840, at 
Gerry, Josiah Fisher. He was a carpenter, and in 1858 they 
were living at Weyauwega, Wis. They had five children : Mary, 
born Sept. 23, 1844; Henry, born Oct. 21, 1846; Esther Ella, 
born Sept. 22, 1848 ; Jennie Maria, born Jan. 18, 1851 ; George 
William, born Nov. 13, 1854 ; Henry, born Aug. 12, 1823, in New 
Jersey, died Oct. 13, 1827; Maria, born April 2), 1823, at New 
York, died Nov. 5, 1827 ; Henry H., born Sept. 26, 1828, at Hud- 
son. He was living at Ossawatamie, Kansas, in 1858, unmar- 
ried, where he was a colonel of militia, and a member of the leg- 
islature, and sheriff. He was an architect ; second Maria, born 
Dec. 31, 1830, at Ithaca, married May 21, 1855, at Gerry, Loren- 
zo Somberger, second son of Henry Somberger and Chloe Holms. 
He was a farmer, and they were living at Gerry in 1858 ; George 
Tyler, born July 28, 1833, at Ithaca. He was a telegraph opera- 
tor at Cleveland in 1858, unmarried ; Edwin, born Sept. 19, 1837 
at Gerry, where he was living in 1858, unmarried ; Emely, born 
Nov. 10, 1798, at Franklin, married Dr. Hedges, a physician of 
Jamestown, N. Y., where she died Sept. 30, 1838, sine prole. 

Margaret Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 29, 1753, sec- 
ond daughter of John Tracy, of Norwich, by his first wife, Mar- 
garet Huntington, was a great grand- daughter of John Hyde, of 
the third generation. She married Sept. 22, 1783, Zebediah La- 
throp, of Norwich, who died Oct. 4, 1783, s. p. She then mar- 
ried Sept. 14, 1786, Benjamin Storrs, of Mansfield, born May 21, 
1752, fifth son of Huckins Stoors and Eunice Porter, of Mans- 
field. She had by him a family of children, but I have not been 


able to ascertain the particulars of that family, except the fol- 
lowing children : Lathrop, Huckins, Oliver, Margaret* 

Oliver Tracy, born^ at Norwich, Conn., Jan. 11, 1769, third 
son of John Tracy, of Norwich, by his second wife, Bethia John- 
son, was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third genera- 
tion. He married June 14, 1792, his fourth eousin, Lydia Kude, 
born about 1769, at Norwich, youngest daughter of Jonathan 
Kude and Talitha Ormsby. They settled at Franklin, where she 
died March 5, 1826, and he died May 8, 1846. Their children 
were : Samuel Eude, born July 19, 1795, at Franklin, died Oct. 
7, 1796 ; Oliver, born Oct. 17, 1797, at Franklin. He was a far- 
mer, and lived in Franklin, and was a member of the legislature. 
He died in 1858 at Franklin, unmarried ; Almond, born Nov. 18, 
1830, at Franklin, married Nov. 4, 1846, Abby Jane Huntington, 
born Nov. 15, 1825, daughter of his first cousin, Ziba Huntington 
and Abigail Ellis, of Franklin. They settled at Franklin at his 
father's homestead, where they were living in 1859. They had 
in 1856, three children : Oliver Eude, born Aug. 21, 1847 ; Wil- 
liam John, born July 15, 1852, and Lydia Ellis, born Dec. 18, 
1855 ; Lydia, born Oct. 8, 179?, at Franklin, died May 20, 1795. 

Erastus Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 11, 1771, the 
youngest son of John Tracy, by his second wife, Bethia Johnson, 
was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. 
He married Nov. 29, 1792, Clarissa Prentiss, of Franklin, born 
in 1772. They settled at Franklin, where he died March 1, 1832, 
and she died Dec. 11, 1838, aged 66 years. Their children were : 
Harley Hie, born Sept. 2, 1796, at Franklin, married Jan. 12, 
1823, Mary Abel Bill, probably daughter of Phillip Bill and Han- 
nah Abel, daughter of Simeon Abel and Martha Crocker. They 
settled at Franklin, and removed to Bozrah, where she died. He 
was living at Bozrah in 1859. They had seven children recor- 
ded at Franklin : Mary Louisa, born Jan. 26, 1824 ; Alice Abel, 
born March 29, 1827, married Oct. 16, 1849, her fourth cousin, 
John A, Maples, born March 7, 1826, fourth son of Capt. Joshua 
Maples and Elizabeth Eogers, of Bozrah ; Erastus Philip, born 


March 5, 1829; John, born May 8, 1831; Benjamin Franklin, 
born May 6, 1884 : Hezekiah Abel, born Nov. 28, 1886, died Feb. 
13, 1851 ; Elijah Abel, born Sept. 28, 1841, at Franklin. Charles 
Huntington, born Oct. 4, 1801, at Franklin, married Feb. 8, 
1825, Almira Fargo, daughter of G-urdon Fargo, of Franklin. 
They settled at Franklin and had several children : Emely and 
Jane, both of whom married ; Joseph, who died in infancy ; and 
Noyes, a physician of Franklin. Clarissa, born Aug. 16, 1799, 
at Franklin, married Oct. 19, 1817, Uriah Hartshorn, son of Dr. 
Elijah Hartshorn and Jerusha Johnson, of Franklin. They set- 
tled and died at Franklin. They had in addition to some who 
died in childhood, three children : Mary ; Henry, who married 
and settled at Darien or Pembroke, N. Y. ; and Julia Frances. 

Bethia Johnson, born Nov, 3, 1803, at Franklin, manied 
April 1, 1827, Willard Gurdon Pember, born Feb. 5, 1805, at 
Franklin, eldest son of Thomas Pember and Theodosia Fillmore, 
of Franklin. They settled at Franklin, where she died April 15, 
1829. He had by her one child : Bethia Tracy, born March 26, 
1829, at Franklin, married Aug. 22, 1849, Lyman L. Apsley, of 

Willard Gurdon Pember, after the death of his first wife, 
married Nov. 5, 1829, Frances A. Fargo, and was living at Frank- 
lin in 1859, and had by her seven other children : Julian Thomas 
born Oct. 2, 1830; Olivia Jennette, born Sept. 19, 1332, married 
March 13, 1853, John Benedick; John Luzerne, born Aug. 18, 
1834; Williard Dwight, born Sept. 20, 18%; Lucius Gurdon, 
born March 30, 1841; Julia Frances, born Jan. 24, 1844; and 
Mary Etheridge, born Dec. 7, 1846, at Frandlin. 

Major Eleazer Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., March 21, 
1764, eldest son of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, of Nor- 
wich, was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third genera- 
tion. He married Sept. 14, 1788, his third cousin, Prudee Rog- 
ers, born July 8, 1766, at Norwich, third daughter of Capt. Uriah 
Rogers and Lydia Hyde, of Franklin, a great grand- daughter of 
Samuel Hyde, and also of William Hyde, of the third generation. 


They settled at Franklin, where he was a man of very consider- 
able consequence, and frequently represented the town in the 
state legislature. She died Nov. 22, 1813, at Franklin. He sur- 
vived her, and married Hannah (Jones) Tracy, widow of his 
third cousin, Jabez Tracy, of Norwich. He died Feb. 25, 1841, 
at the residence of one of his daughters, at Mohegan, without 
issue by his second wife, and was burned at Franklin. His 
children by his first wife were : Eleazer, born Sept. 28, 1791, at 
Franklin, married Aug. 10, 1813, his father's and his mother's 
third cousin, Hannah Hyde, born Aug. 11, 1789, at Franklin, 
third daughter of Joseph Hyde and Susanna Wateiman. They 
settled at Westerly, K. I., where she died. He had by her one 
child : Hezekiah, H., born 1814, died at the age of six years. He 
then went to Georgia and married in 1819, Sarah Gunby, of Co- 
Iambus, Ga, He had by her two daughters: Mary and Sarah 
Elizabeth. One of them died in childhood, and the other mar- 
ried a commission merchant, at Savannah, by the name of Piper. 
Carlos, born Aug. 8, 1793, at Franklin, married in 1822, Mrs. 
Jane D. (McLean) Givens, of Beaufort, S, C, born June, 1792, 
at Sanbury, Ga., daughter of Major Andrew McLean, of Savan- 
nah, Ga., and widow of Givens, of Beaufort. They set- 
fled at Beaufort, resided some time at Augusta, Ga., where he 
was a director of the bank. He was subsequently a commission 
merchant and factor at Chaileston, S. C, and died in August, 
1827, at Beaufort, and she died March 7, 1847. Thoy had three 
children, all born at Beaufort : Jane, born March 8, 1824, was 
living in 1859, at Geneva, N. Y., unman ied ; Carlos, born Sept. 
1, 1825. He was a lawyer and settled at Walterboro, Colleton, 
district, S. C, where he was a member of the state legislature, 
nnd where he was living in 1850, unmarried: Clem Chandos, 
born Feb. 10, 1828. He was a lawyer, and pursued that profes- 
sion for some years in the Beaufort district. He married Oct. 
23, 1852, Emma H. Parker, a grand-daughter of Thomas Hay- 
ward, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 
He afterwards relinquished the practice of law, and became the 


owner of the Poco Sabo plantation, near Ashapoe ferry, in the 
parish of St. Bartholomews, Colleton district, S. C, where he 
died June 17, 1859. They had three children : Eliza Parker, born 
Sept. 17,, 1854 ; Carlos Chandos, born Jan, 27, 1856. and Jane, 
born in 1858. 

Fitch Rogers, born March 30, 1838, at Franklin, married 
April 7, 1830, Charlotte Waldo Gager, born Sept. 28, 1807, at 
Franklin, daughter of Jason Gager and Esther his wife, of 
Franklin. They removed to La-pier county, Michigan, and in 
1858, were living at Flint, in th*t county. They had ten child- 
ren : Mortimer, born 1832, died in 1853, in California, unmarried ; 
Joseph Chester, born in 18 54, died in 1855, unmarried: Jane 
Elizabeth married Augustus Gregory, of Goodrichville ; Emely 
married John Algoe : Caroline married Hiram Wilson ; George 
Henry ; William ; Frederick ; Melvin ; Clarence Sophia. 

Prudee, born Feb. 20, 1789, at Franklin, married Sept. 10, 
1811, .Joseph Chester, born Jan. 81, 1788, at Montville, second 
son of Joseph Chester and Elizabeth Lee, and fourth cousin by 
the Lee blood of her father and of her mother. [This Joseph 
Chester, (the father) born Jan. 27, 1758, at Montville, was the 
eldest son of Joseph Chester, Esq., of Montville, by his second 
wife, Elizabeth Otis, and had sixteen brothers and sisters, inclu- 
ding one half-sister, Mary, whose mother was llachael Hillhouse. 
He married Sept. 22, 1785, Elizabeth Lee, born May 25, 1757, at 
Lyme, and was killed at Montville, April 2, 1791, by the falling 
in of a rock, under the side of which he was excavating. His 
wife survived him, and died Jan. 6, 1843. She was the youngest 
daughter of Benjamin Lee, of Lyme, who was born Sept. 4, 1712, 
and married Jan. 25, 1735, Mary Ely, born Jan. 8, 1716, at Lyme, 
eldest daughter of Daniel Ely and Ann Champlin, and grand- 
daughter of William Ely, the first, of Lyme, who was born in 
England. Benjamin Lee was the third son of John Lee and 
Elizabeth Smith, of Lyme, and grand-son of Lieut. Thomas 
Lee. the first, of Lyme, and his first wife, Sarah Kirkland.] Jo- 
seph Chester and Prudee Tracy, his wife, settled in 1812, at Chel- 


sea Landing, now the city of Norwich, where he died Jan. 30, 
1832. She had by him nine children, born at Norwich : Albert 
Tracy, born June 16, 1812. He graduated at Union College in 
1834, was a Presbyterian clergyman and received the honorary 
degree of D. D. at Union in 1847. He married Aug. 3, 1836, 
Elizabefh Stanley, born Aug. 5, 1814, at Goshen, Conn., daughter 
of Oliver Stanley and Khoda Powell, ot Mount Morris, N. Y., a 
descendent of the seventh generation, of John Stanley, of Farm- 
ington, Conn., who was born January, 1624, in England, and 
came to America in 1634, with his father, John Stanley, and mar- 
ried Sarah Scott, daughter of Thomas Scott, one of the first set- 
tlers of Hartford. The Eev. Albert Tracy Chester was settled as 
pastor of the church at Ballston Spa, and afterwards as pastor 
of the church at Saratoga Springs, and in 1850 was settled as 
pastor of a church at Buffalo, N. Y., where they were living in 
1859. They had nine children : Alice, born May 20, 1837, at 
Ballston Spa, married June 3, 1858, Hubert E. Ives, son of Wil- 
liam Ives, of New Haven. They were living at Montreal in 1863, 
and had three children : Lillian, Nettie, and a son ; Frank Stan- 
ley, born May 5, 1839, at Ballston Spa, captain of volunteers in 
1831, married Dec. 24, 1861, Kate Stillman, of Buffalo. They 
were living at Buffalo in 1863, and had one daughter, Mabel : 
Walter Tracy, born July 31, 1841, at Saratoga Springs, lieuten- 
ant of volunteers in 1863 ; Albert Huntington, born Nov. 22, 
1843, at Saratoga Springs, under graduate at Union in 1863 ; 
Elephelet Nott, born July 18, 1886, at Saratoga Springs; Eliza- 
beth, born Nov. 7, 1848 at Saratoga Springs ; Catherine, born 
Sept. 6. 1850, at Buffalo; Ellen, born Aug. 1852, at Buffalo; 
Walworth, born April 6, 1858, at Buffalo. 

Harriet Newel, born Sept. 27, 1814, at Norwich, died April 
23, 1715. 

Charles Huntington, born Oct. 14, 1816, married June 8, 
1841, his mother's third cousin, Julia Anna Thomas, born April 
17, 1817, at Norwich, Conn., second daughter of Charles Thomas 
and Franees Nevens. He was a Presbyterian clergyman, and 


was settle J at Greenfield, Schuyler ville and Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
They were living at Geneva, N. Y., in 1857, and had eight child- 
ren : William Nevens, born June 7, 1842, at Greenfield ; Mary, 
born Sept. 24, 1843. at Greenfield, died March 28, 1844 ; Thomas 
born May 29, 1845, at Schuylerville ; Sarah Elizabeth, born Jan. 
15, 1847, at Schuylerville ; Eliza, born Dec. 11, 1848, at Schuy- 
lerville ; Carlos Tracy, born March 17, 1851, at Niagara Falls ; 
Frederick, born May 19, 1853, at Niagara Falls ; Clara, born 
May 14, 1855, at Niagara Falls. 

Harriet Lee, born Jan. 31, 1819, at Norwich, died April 1, 

Joseph Lemuel, born April 39, 1821, married June 26, 1839, 
Catherine Hendrickson Hubbard, born June 26, 1819, at New- 
York, eldest daughter of John Hubbard and Eleanor Gustin 
Shepard. They were living at Philadelphia, Pa., in 1856, and 
had four children: Mary, born March 21, 1840, at Cleveland; 
Albert Horsford, born Oct. 14, 1841, at New York ; Anna, born 
July 12, 1843, at New York ; and Emma, born July 12, 1845, at 

Sarah Elizabeth, born Nov. 21, 182}, married June 16, 1846, 
Benjamin S. Stone, born March 26, 1821, at Bridgport, Vt., son 
of Isaac Stone and Lydia B. Hulbert, of Bridport. They settled 
at Mexico, N, Y., where they were living in 1856. They had four 
children: Walter Chester, born J)ec. 27, 1847: Anne, born May 
5, 1851, died Sept. 26, 1852 ; Edward Tracy, born April 28, 1868 ; 
William Gleason, born March 21, 1855. 

Leonard Hendee, born Oct. 1, 1825, married Nov. 5, 1849, 
Lucy Caroline Thurston, born March 8, 1826, at Preston, Conn., 
daughter of Benjamin Taylor Thurston and Mary, his wife, of 
Norwich. They were living at Norwich in 1856, and had one 
child, Carl Linley, born August. 1853. 

Anson Gleason, born July 25, 1827, graduated at Union col- 
lege in 1849, and was an editor and miscellaneous writer. He 
married Nov. 21, 1852, Mary Tillie Staines, of Buffalo, born June 
24, 1832, at Troy, N. Y., daughter of John Staines and Elizabeth 


his wife. They settled at Buffalo, where they were living in 1857, 
and had two children : Winfred Tracy, born Oct. 10, 1853, and 
Anson Couldock, born July 28, 1855. 

Frank, born Jan. 19, 1830, at Norwich, and died Jan. 27, 

* After the death of her first husband Mrs. Prudee (Tracy) 
Chester removed in 1835, with most of her children, to Eome, 0., 
where she married Sept, 6, 1837, Rev. John Hall, of Ashtabula, 
0., born Nov, 5, 1788. He was in early life engaged some years 
in teaching, in 1822 was ordained as a deacon, and in 1823, as a 
priest of the Episcopal church, and was settled as rector of St. 
Peter's church, at iVshtabula, 0. She died Oct. 6, 1853, at Nor- 
wich, while on a visit to her friends there, and was burried by 
the side of her first husband. She had no issue by her second 
husband, who in 1853, was living at Ashtabula. 

Cynthia, born March 13, 1793, at Franklin, married, March 
15, 1809, her fifth cousin, Charles Huntington, born June 8, 1785, 
at Norwich, eldest son of Elisha Huntington and Nancy Rude, 
of Franklin. He died Oct. 10, 1818, at Norwich. She had by 
him four children : Joseph Pettis, born in 1810, who died in in- 
fancy : Cornelia Rude, born April 10, 1811, at Franklin, married 
Joseph H. Pettis. She was living at Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1858, 
and had three children ; Carlos Tracy, born Aug. 6, 1813, at 
Franklin, married June f>, 1854, Ellen J. Cobb, of Norwich, and 
was a broker, living in New York in 1858 ; Nancy Rude, born 
Sept. 22, 1815, married George Howard, and was living at Tarry- 
town, N. Y., in 1858, and had three children. After the death 
of her first husband, Mrs. Cynthia Tracy Huntington married in 
1829, Cornelius M. Paul, of Richfield, N. Y., and had by him two 
other children : Catherine M., born Feb. 18, 1830, died May 31, 
1847, unmarried ; and Cornelia. He died June 26, 1833, aged 36 
years and 10 months, and his widow died about 1857, at Rich- 

Lydia, born May 15, 1795, at Franklin, married Jan. 1, 1815, 
Henry Fox, and died in 1830. They had five children : a son, 


who died in infancy ; Prudee, who married Milton Delong, and 
removed to Clarion Valley, Pa. ; Henry, who married and settled 
in Jefferson county, N. Y. ; Elizabeth, and Caroline A., who was 
a teacher at the Lower Cattaraugus Tndian Mission, N. Y. She 
married Hamlin B. Buckingham, of Norwich, librarian of the 
Otis Library, about 1858. 

Rachel, born Jan. 4, 1797, at Franklin, married Jan, 8, 1815, 
Charles Pettis. They removed to Davidsonville, Mich., where 
he died March 4, 1815. She had by him eleven children : Eliza, 
who married, and was living at Flint, Mich., in 1858; Abby, 
who died in infancy: Rachel, who married Daniel O.Barney, 
and died, leaving one child, Rachel ; Charles, who married Jane 
Annabel : Eleazcr Tracy, who married Elsie Gorton ; second 
Abby, who died unmarried ; Julia, who married James Shields, 
and died leaving two children ; Peter, who married Mosella D. 
Clark ; Elizabeth Stanley, who married Henry Ball ; Louisa, 
unmarried in 1858 ; Albert Chester, unmarried in 1858. After 
the death of her first husband, she married iu 1853, Augustus 
Davidson, who died Nov. 22, 1854, She died in 1858, without 
issue by him. 

Eliza, born May 11, 179S, at Franklin, married July 30, 1816, 
at Franklin, Joseph Crandall, of Sangersfield, N. Y., who died 
s. p. She then ►mrrried in 1824, Israel Keith, of Georgia. She 
had by him two children : Anne Bennet, who married in 1840, 
her mother's third cousin, Robert T. Hyde, the youngest son of 
James Hyde and Elizabeth Starr, of Richfield, N. Y. ; Nelson 
Baber, who was living at Geneva, N. Y., in 1858. 

Elizabeth Hill, born June 11, 1800, at Franklin, died July, 
1820, unmarried. 

Margaret P., born Jan. 11, 1802, at Franklin, died in 1880, 
at Hamilton, N. Y., unmarried. 

Bethia Williams, born June 20, 1803, at Franklin, married 
Oct. 24, 1826, Anson Gleason, born May 2, 1797, at Manchester, 
Conn. They went to Georgia, as Assistant Missionaries of the 
A. B. C. F. M., to the Choctaw- Indians, and were released in 


1831. He was afterwards ordained as a Congregational clergy- 
man, and for some years preached to the Indians at Mohegan, 
Conn., and had charge of their school. Iu 1858 he was a mis- 
sionary to the Seneca Indians at the Cattaragus Missionary Sta- 
tion, N. Y., and she was an assistant missionary and teacher. 
He was originally a mechanic, and had not the advantages of a 
liberal education. But he had very considerable power as a pub- 
lic speaker, was a warm and devoted friend to the Indians, and a 
most faithful minister of the gospel. They had eight children : 
Elizabeth Tracy, born Sept. 19, 1827, at Mayhew, married Nov. 
17, 1849, Dana P. White, born November, 1826, and had in 1856, 
two children, Anna Lizzie and Mary Adda, born March 2, 1853 ; 
Mary Louisa, born July -24, 1829, at the Choctaw Mission, un- 
married in 1856 ; Anna Burnham, born July 1, 1832, at Mohegan, 
unmarried in 1856; Alfred W., born Oct. 1, 1834, at Mohegan, 
living at Toledo, Ohio, in 1856, unmarried ; Sarah Bebecca, born 
Sept. 20, 1836, at Mohegan, died Sept. 30, 1840 ; Andrew Wil- 
liams, born Nov. 20, 1838, at Mohegan, unmarried in 1856; Ade- 
line Maria, born Sept. 30, 1840, at Mohegan ; Worthington 
Hooker, born March 8, 1844, at Mohegan, died Dec. 23, 1845. 

Adaline, born July 26, 1807, at Franklin, married Nov. 26, 
1829, Amen Wadsworth Langdon, born June 25. 1795, at Farm- 
ington, Conn., only child of Capt. Anion Langdon and Lucy 
Wadsworth, of Farmington. He was a merchant in Georgia for 
some years, and after his marriage they settled at Geneva, N. Y., 
where they were living in 1857. They had five children, all born 
at Geneva : Eliza Tracy, born Aug. 26, 1830, married Oct. 6, 
1852, George W. Root, son of Timothy H. Root and Celestia 
Lewis, of Farmington, Conn, They were living at Phelps, N. 
Y., in 1757, and had one child, Amon Langdon, born May 1, 
1855, at Phelps ; George Curtis, born April 9, 1833. He was liv- 
ing at Detroit, in 1867, unmarried ; Lucy Wadsworth, born March 
30, 1885, married Sept. 3, 1856, Stephen H. Hammond, a lawyer, 
of Albany, N. Y., who, in 1857, was deputy attorney- general of 
the state of New York ; Ella Chester, born May 5, 1838, was liv- 


ing with her parents in 1857, unmarried ; Thomas Folger, horn 
Dec. 24, 1843, at Geneva 

Julia Frances, born Aug. 10, 1709, at Franklin, married May 
6, 1838, Bev. Daniel VanValkenberg, born Jan. 8, 1805, at Man- 
heim, N. Y., son of James VanValkenberg and Elizabeth Mc- 
Conel. He graduated at Union College in 1824, was licensed as 
a Presbyterian clergyman in 1827, and ordained July 13, 1831. 
He was settled af Evans 1 Mills, Richfield Springs, Mexico, Ta- 
berg and Exeter, N. Y. They were living at Exeter, N. Y., in 

1856. They had five children : Albert Chester, born May 2, 1839 
died Aug. 29, 18?9 ; Charles Huntington, born April 30, 1840, 
died April 28, 1847: Mary Warner, born Jan. 23, 1842; second 
-Albert Chester, born Jan. 21. 1846: Helen Catherine, born Oct. 

Mary Hendee, born Nov. 3, 1811, at Franklin, married in 
July, 1849, James Henry Warner, of Williamsburgh, N. Y., where 
she died April 1, 1841, s. p. 

Peter Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., April 19, 1767, second 
son of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, of Norwich, was a 
great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He mar- 
ried Nov. 30, 1788, his third cousin, Abigail Hartshorn, second 
daughter of Capt. Ebenezer Hartshorn and Abigail Barstow, of 
Franklin. He was a blacksmith, and they settled at Franklin, 
where he died July 3. 1880. She was living at Carlisle, N. Y., in 

1857. Their children were ; Dyer, born April 24, 1790, at Frank- 
lin, died May 27, 179); second Dyer, born June 19, 1791, at 
Franklin, married in 1816, Desdamona Babcock, of Burlington, 
N. Y. She died. He was living at Albion, N. Y., in 1857. They 
had six children : three sons and three daughters, the particulars 
of whom I have not ascertained. 

Simon, born May 3, 1796, at Franklin, married Nov. 21, 1818 
Ruth Kingsbury, of Coventry, Conn., daughter of Joseph Kings- 
bury and Lois Porter, of Coventry. He. was a merchant, and 
they settled at Lebanon and removed to Norwich, Conn., where 
she died Oct. 27, 1831. He had by her three children : Addison 


Leander, born Oct. 25, 1819, at Lebanon, married Jan. 14, 1845, 
Laura P. Hunt, of Vernon, born about 1820, who died Aug. 3, 
1845, at Bockville. He had by her one child, Theodore Hunt, 
born May 16, 1846. He then married April, 1848, Annie Lovice 
Chester, daughter of Socrates Chester, of Ellington. They were 
living at Elmwood, 111., in 1857. He had by her two or three 
children : Mary Ruth, born January, 1849, died Nov. 19, 1851 ; 
Frederick, etc. 

Lois Abby, born July 21, 1821, at Lebanon, married Aug. 24, 
1842, Eli Griffith, born Dec. 2, 1818, at Ellington, son of Eli Grif- 
fith and Abby Booth. They were living at Ellington in 1857, and 
had five children : Alonzo Tracy, born Aug. 12, 1843 ; Ruth Lou- 
isa, born Jan. 10, 1846; George Fitch, born March 29, 1848; 
Ellen Maria, born Aug. 5, 1850 : and Emma, born May 31, 1857. 

Susan Kingsbury, born Oct. 23, 1831, at Norwich, was living 
at Elmwood, 111., in 1857, unmarried. Simon Tracy then mar- 
ried March 15, 1833, Frances M. Adams, of Canterbury, where 
she died May 4, 1834, s. p. He then married Dec. 13, 1835, Eliz- 
abeth Abel, of Lisbon, daughter of Andrew Abel, of Hanover. 
They settled at Rockville, where he was engaged in manufactur- 
ing where he died May 11, 1854. She died Aug. 9, 1855. He had 
by her one child : Harlan Page, born March 2, 1840, at Rock- 

Ebenezer Hartshorn, born July 13, 1798, at Franklin. He 
went to western Virginia about 1817, and is supposed to have 
been killed by the Indians a few years afterwards in attempting 
to cross the Rocky mountains. 

Peter, born July 16, 1800, at Franklin. He was brought up 
by his uncle, Abel Hyde, of Columbus, N. Y., and was for some 
years after he arrived at his majority, employed upon the public 
works. He married in 1832, Miranda Hall, born Jan. 16, 1816. 
at Hector, N. Y., daughter of Anson Hall and Lucy Tajdor. 
They settled at Havana, N. Y., where he engaged in merchan- 
dise. They were living at Havana in 1857, and had eight child- 
ren : Ellen, born Oct. 26, 1833, died April 25, 1836 : Louisa C, 


born May 15, 1836, educated at the Troy Female Seminary, un- 
married in 1857 ; Albert H., born April 29, 1839, died Feb. 16, 
1857 : George, born Feb. 18, 1843, died April 8, 1843 : Charles 
A., born June 18, 1844 ; Calvin, born March, 1846, died in in- 
fancy ; Lucy Abby, born April 30, 1849 ; and Willie, born Jan. 
15, 1852. 

Andrew Williams, born April 7, 1805, at Franklin, married 
May 23, 1833, Emeline Talcott, daughter of Deacon Alvin Tal- 
cott and Philomela Root, of Vernon, Conn. He was a merchant 
and they were living at Rockville, Conn., in 1858, They had five 
children ; Emma L., born May 9, 1836, married July 2 t 1856, 
Andrew Cotter Baldwin, born Oct. 6. 1831, son of Noah Baldwin 
and Sabia Smith Cotter, of Cornwall. They settled at West 
Cornwall, Conn., where he died Jan. 26, 1858 : Rosa M., born 
Sept. 25, 1838, She was living with her parents in 1858, at 
Rockville, unmarried ; Mary Louisa, born Jan. 20, 1843, died 
Aug. 23, 1844 : Alvan Talcott, born Jan. 2, 1845, at Rockville ; 
Louisa Adella, born Dec. 13, 1853, at Rockville. 

Jabez Hartshorn, born July 18, 1810, at Franklin, married 
Dec. 30, 1832, Hannah Bailey Fillmore/born Feb. 23, 1814, at 
Franklin, daughter of his fourth cousin, Annice Bailey and the 
Rev. Comfort Day Fillmore, of Franklin. He was a manufac- 
turer, and died Aug. 27, 1855, at Lisbon, Conn., where she was 
living in 1857. They had nine children ; Ellen Sophia, born Dec. 
19, 1833 ; Edwin Day, born Feb. 19, 1836 ; Henry Fitch, born 
June 13, 1838 ; Emma Jane ; Jabez Addison ; William Hunting- 
ton ; Mary Ann ; Ida Elizabeth ; Annice Louisa. 

Sophia Williams, born Nov. 17, 1793, at Franklin, married 
her father's third cousin, Roswell Huntington, seventh son of 
Capt. Andrew Huntington and Ruth Hyde, of Lebanon. 

Abby Barstow, born Aug. 26, 1802, at Franklin, married Nov. 
1. 1821, Clark Davison, born at Hartwick, N # Y., son of Nathan 
Davison and Catherine, his wife. He was an extensive farmer, 
and they settled at Hartwick. They were living at Hartwick 
Seminary in 1857. They had seven children, all born at Hart- 


wick : Anne Elizabeth, born Nov, 6, 1823, married Oct. 27, 1847, 
Eev. George H. Miller, son of Rev. George B. Miller and Delia 
B., his wife, of Hartwick Seminary. He died Jan. 19, 1850. She 
was living at Ha 'twick Seminary in 1857, and had one child, 
Francis Louisa, born Aug. 11, 1848 ; William Clark, born Jan. 1, 
1826, living at Hartwick Seminary in 1857, unmarried ; Albert 
Nathan, bo v n Jane 10, 1828. He was living in California in 
1857, unmarried : Catherine Louisa, born April 21, 1831, unmar- 
ried in 1857 ; Delia Tracy, born Dec. 11, 1833, died Dec. 25, 1834 ; 
Emma Sophia, born July 27, 1835, living at Hartwick Seminary 
in 1857, unmarried ; second Delia Tracy, born April 1, 1838, un- 
married in 1857. 

Louisa, born Oct. 2, 1808, at Franklin, married Calvin Coo- 
ley, a lumber merchant. They were living at Albany in 1859, 
sine prole. 

Emma Elvira, born Jan. 6, 1813, at Franklin, married her 
fourth cousin, Alexander Fitch, second son of Dr. Benjamin 
Bissell Fitch and Esther Hyde, of Lebanon. They were living 
at New York in 1857, s. p. 

Josiah Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 7, 1772, third 
son of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, was a great grand-son 
of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married Feb. 20, 
1796, Mary Birchard, born July 25, 1773, at Norwich, daughter 
of Jesse Birchard and Lydia Waterman, of Bozrah. He was a 
mechanic, and they settled at Franklin. They removed to Col- 
lumbus, N. Y., where she died Sept. 10, 1840, and he died April 
3, 1844, at Honesdale, Pa. Their children were : Josiah, born 
Oct. 1, 1796, at Franklin, married Aug. 18, 1824, Diantha La- 
throp, born about 1802, daughter of Eleazer Lathrop, from Con- 
necticut, who was one of the earliest settlers of Sherburne, N. 
Y. They settled at Painsville, 0., where he was engaged in mer- 
cantile business with one of his brothers and was a colonel of 
militia. In 1832 they removed to Vermillion, 0., where he super- 
tended the Huron company iron works, and was the first agent 
of that company. About 1835, they removed to Huron, and he 


was engaged in forwarding and commission business. He was 
mayor of Huron, a justice of the peace, a state senator, and one 
of the judges of Erie county. She died April 22, 1840, at Huron 
and he subsequently removed to Mansfield, 0., where he died 
Jan. 11, 1857. They had seven children : Lathrop J., born May 
26, 1825, at Painesville, married in 1852, Eliza Kirkland of Hones- 
dale, Pa., and was living at Mansfield in 1857, and had two child- 
ren : Eunice M., born April 4, 1829, died in 1830: Erederick E., 
born May 6, 1831, at Painesville, married in 1855, Anne Lord, of 
Honesdale, aud was living at Zanesville in 1857, and had one 
child, Ruth M., born April 6, 1833, at Huron, died in 1734 ; Sa- 
rah F., born June 13, 1835, at Huron, died in 1839; Mary D., 
born Jan. 12, 1839, at Huron, unmarried in 1857, Frances, born 
April 10, 1840, died in infancy. 

Jabez Avery, born April 26, 1798, at Franklin, married and 
settled at Painesville, O., where he was a merchant. He had two 
children : James and Catherine. He died Nov. 9, 1830, at Mans- 
field, O. 

Guilford, born May 2, 1800, at Franklin, married April 1, 
1823, Jane Mead, of New York. They removed to Honesdale, 
Pa,, where he died May 23, 1837, and she died June 2, 18S8. 
They had two children : Helen Marr, born Jan. 6, 1827, at New 
York, married H. A. Clark, of Gilbertville, N. Y., and was living 
in Milwaukee in 1856 ; Mary Jane, born Feb. 9, 1834, at Hones- 
dale, married September, 1855, Charles E. Havens, of U-fcica, N. 
Y., and was living in Milwaukee in 1856. 

Thomas Howard Ray, born May 16, 1806, at Franhlin, mar- 
ried Aug. 19, 1832, Anna A. Aldrich, born July 25, 1809, at Sher- 
burne, N. Y., daughter ef James Aldrich and Sybil Curtis, of 
Sherburne. They settled at Honesdale, Pa. He had only a 
common school education, having spent his youth in laboring iu 
his father's shop and on his farm. Soon after they settled at 
Honesdale, he was appointed superintendent of the Pennsylva- 
nia section of the Delaware and Hudson canal, which position 
he occupied until his death. He was one of the associate judges 


of Wayne county, and was for many years chief burgess of 
Honesdale. He was an humble and devoted christian, was kind 
and benevolent to the poor and suffering, and was prompt and 
liberal in the promotion of all public enterprises. He died May 
5, 1856, at Honesdale, leaving her surviving. They had six child- 
ren, all born at Honesdale : Anne Maria, born June 19, 1833, 
died Sept. 1, 1834 ; Miles Lathrop, born March 10, 1836 ; Cath- 
erine Seymour, born May 16, 1839 ; Charles Wurts, born July 19, 
1843 : Thomas Howard Ray, born Aug. 22, 1845 ; Lucy Ann, born 
Dec. 25, 1847. 

Horace Hyde, born May 26, 1811, at Columbus, married May 
28, 1846, Clarissa Tucker, daughter of Stephen Tucker and Lucy 
Harris, of Jackson, Pa. They settled at Honesdale, where he 
died June 9, 1844. She was living at Honesdale in 1856. They 
had two children, born at Honesdale : James Horace, born Feb. 
22, 1845 : and Clarissa Amelia, born Oct. 5, 1846, died April 3, 

Ruth Maria, born March 21, 1802, at Franklin, married 
March, 1850, E. P. Sturgess, of Mansfield, 0., where they were 
living in 1856, s. P. 

Lucy Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct, 7, 1760, second 
daughter of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, of Norwich, was 
a great grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. 
She married Oct. 30 t 1783, her father's second cousin, of the 
Tracy blood, Daniel Tracy, born Oct. 23, 1756, at Norwich, fourth 
son of Josiah Tracy, by his first wife, Rachel Allyn. [That Jo- 
siah Tracy was born May 10, 1718, at Norwich, and married Nov. 
3, 1740, Rachel Allyn, born June 10, 1719, daughter of Timothy 
Allyn and Rachel Dushnell, of Norwich. He was the third son 
of Win slow Tracy and Rachel Ripley, of Norwich, which Wins- 
low Tracy, born Feb. 8, 1689, was the youngest son of John Tra- 
cy, the first, of Norwich, and Mary Winslow.] They settled at 
Norwich, removed to Boston, and from there to Dover, N. H. 
She died Oct. 11, 1807. Their children were : Lucy, born Sept. 
13, 1784, at Norwich, married Dr. Wheeler Palmer, a physician, 


and settled at Otsego, N. Y., and probably died s. p. He died 
Jan. 5, 1860, at Kichfield Springs, N. Y. He had two other wives, 
Nancy, born Aug. 18, 1786, at Norwich, married March 8, 1808, 


at Franklin, Atkins Clark, of Boston, and they settled at Boston 
where he was a trunk-maker; Frances ; Augusta, who died un- 
married ; Lucretia. 

Lucretia Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 4, 1774, lifth 
daughter of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, was a great grand- 
daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. She married 
March 6, 1799, William Bailey, born June 6. 1768, son of Isaac 
Bailey and Alathea Torry, of Lebanon. They settled at Leba- 
non, where he died June 17, 1848. She was living at Rockville, 
Conn., in 1857. Their children were: Alonzo, born Dec. 14, 
1799, at Lebanon, married Sept. 22, 1836, Lucinda Pease, born 
in 1816, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Pease and Eleanor Glea- 
son, of Enfield. He obtained a divorce from her in 1855. He 
had by her three children : Lucinda, born Dec. 9, 1840 ; Eleanor 
Gleason, born June 13, 1844 : Lucretia Tracy, born Oct. 28, 1846. 
He then married Jan. 15, 1857, Catherine Noble, daughter of 
Solomon Noble and Dorcas Vinton, of Mansfield. They were 
living at Rockville, Conn., in 1857, where he was the agent of a 
large manufacturing establishment. 

William T., born April 25, 1804, at Lebanon, married Feb. 

19, 1834, Mary Esther Clark, born in 1814, daughter of 

Clark and Mehetable Hubbard, of Chatham, They settled at 
Buffalo, N. Y,, where they were living in 1857. They had six 
children, all born at Buffalo: Earl William, born March 16, 
1835 ; Mary Esther, born July 21, 1837 : Alonzo Tracy, born 
Feb. 11, 1839; Chauncey Clark, born Nov. 21, 1840; Emely 
Hubbard, born July 7, 1842 ; William Watson, born April 16, 

Dyer Y., born Feb. 4, 1808, at Lebanon, died Aug. 28, 1887, 
at Manhattan, O., unmarried. 

Almanthe, born Dec. 10, 1801, at Lebanon, married Dec. 30, 
1821, Delamere Smith, born Jan. 15, 1796, son of Shubal Smith, 


of Windham. He died Dec. 5, 1830, She had by him two child- 
ren ; Mary Ann, born Dec. 28, 1822, living at Chicago in 1857, 

unmarried ; Eliza, born Dec. 16, 1825, married Hull, and 

living at Chicago in 1857. She then married Joseph K. Edger- 
ton, born in 1815, who died June 18, 1836, s. p. She then mar- 
ried June 16, 1837, William P. Comstock, born June 16, 1809, at 
Lyme, Conn. She died May 11, 1847, and he was living at Chi- 
cago in 1857. She had by him four children : Saphronia Antoi- 
nette, born Dec. 10, 1838 ; Leonora Josephine, born about 1840 ; 
Emely D., born about 1843, died June 13, 1846 ; Mary Edna. 

Lucretia, born Sept. 1, 1806, at Lebanon, married Sept. 1, 
1840, Kobert Champlain, born Jan. 23, 1805, son of John Cham- 
plain, of Lebanon. They were living at Lobanon in 1857, and 
had two children : Martha, born in October, 1841, and Henry. 

Emely Wight, born Dec. 80, 1817, at Lebanon, married Sept. 
1, 1840, Eufus Eipley Dimock, born July 25, 1814, son of Eufus 
Dimock and Elizabeth Kipley, of Mansfield. They were living 
at Eockville in 1857, s. p. 

Eachel Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., March 6, 1777, sixth 
daughter of Josiah Tracy and Margaret Pettis, was a great grand- 
daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. She married 
Jan. 19, 1797, Cyrenus Clark, born April 18, 1772, at Lebanon, 
son of Jarred Clark and her fourth cousin, Mary Abel. They 
removed to Cooperstown, N. Y., w T here they resided many years. 
In 1858 they were living with their son, James Henry Clark, at 
Winfield, N. Y. Their children were : Ezekiel Hyde, born July 
9, 1801, at Cooperstown, married in 1827, Nancy Williams, of 
Otsego county. He was a tanner and currier, and was living at 
Maine, N. Y., in 1858. 

Abel Hyde, born Jan. 14, 1804, at Cooperstown, married in 
1830, Mary Elizabeth Earnst, of Cooperstown, who died in 1836. 
He was a merchant, aud was living at La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 

Josiah Tracy, born June 1, 1806, at Cooperstown, married in 
1835, Sophia Perkins, of Michigan. He was a physician, and 
settled in Michigan, and died in 1849. 


Harvey Fitch, born July 14, 1808, at Cooperstown, married 
in 1833, Lucy Pratt f of Cooperstown. He was a carpenter and 
builder, and was living at Dunkirk, N. Y., in 1858. 

William, born June 25, 1811, at Cooperstown, married in 
1836, Anne Maria Newkirk, of Palatine, N. Y., who died in 1854. 
He was a forwarding merchant, and was living at Fort Plain in 
1858, and had been a member of the legislature. 

James E., born July 6, 1813, at Cooperstown, and died in 

James Henry, born June 10, 1815, at Cooperstown, married 
Sept. 17, 1840, Angaline Cook, daughter of Otis Cook and Lydia 
Cass, of Exeter, N. Y He was a farmer, and they settled at 
Wmfield, N. Y., where she died Oct. 17, 1847. He had by her 
two children, born at Winfield : Otis Henry Cyrenus, born Nov. 
4, 1843 ; Almond Crandall, born April 29, 1847. He then mar- 
ried June 10, 1852, at Bradford, Wis., Jane Wetmore, born Sept. 
7, 1828, at Winfield, daughter of Richard Wetmore and Electa 
Reed. They were living at Winfield in 1858. He had by her 
three children, born at Winfield : Frederick James, born April 
19, 1853; Richard Tracy, born Dec. 11, 1854; George Irving, 
born Nov. 18, 1856. 

John Augustus, born Aug, 9, 1817, at Cooperstown, married 
Sept. 9, 1846, Laura Cornelia Pomeroy, daughter of Dr. George 
Pomeroy and Ann Cooper, of Cooperstown, and niece of Feni- 
more Cooper, the novelist. He was a farmer, and in 1858, was 
living at Green Lake, Wis. 

Emma Elvira, born Aug. 20, 1798, at Cooperstown, and died 
abovt 1812. 

Naoma Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 17, 1708, sev- 
enth daughter of Josiah Tracy, and Margaret Pettis, was a great 
grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. She 
married Sept. 14, 1802, Deacon Joseph H. Willes, born June 15, 
1781, youngest son of Joshua Willes, of Norwich, by his second 
wife, Eunice Huntington, of Lebanon. [This Joshua Willes, 
born Aug. 28, 1735, at Norwich, who married Sept. 30, 1760, 


Martha Edgerton ; married Dec. 13, 1764, Eunice Huntington, 
and had by her two sons and two daughters : Jabez, Joseph H. 
Temperance and Martha ; married Feb. 14, 1793, Elizabeth 
Buslmell, of Lisbon, and died Dec. 2, 1815, aged 80 years, was 
the youngest son of the Rev. Henry Willes and Martha Kirtland, 
of Norwich. The Rev. Henry Willes, son of Jashua Willes, of 
Windham, died in January, 1721, at the age of 75 years. He 
graduated at Yale in 1715, -and in October, 1718, was ordained, 
and settled as the first minister of the church at Norwich, West 
Farms, now Franklin. He married Oct. 27, 1718, Martha Kirt- 
land, and died Sept. 30, 1758, at Norwich, and she died Dec. 11, 
1773. They had nine children: John, born in 1719, died the 
same month ; Martha, born April 23, 1721, married in 1753, Ja- 
bez Edgerton ; Parnal, born March 14, 1723, married Simon Abel ; 
Lydia, born Nov. 25, 1125, died Dec 16, 1816, unmarried ; Hen- 
ry, born Jan. 20, 1728, died Jan. 21, 1796, unmarried; Hannah, 
born July 13, 1730, married Simon Peck : Ruth, born Jan. 21, 
1733: Joshua, above named who married three wives ; Temper- 
ance, born May 19, 1788, married Abner Hyde.] Deacon Joseph 
H. Willes and wife, settled at Franklin, where she died July 3, 
1859, leaving him surviving. Their children were : Joseph Hunt 
Chappel, born April 5, 1804, at Franklin, died July 7, 1820, un- 

Josiah Tracy, born Jan. 20, 1810, at Franklin, died Nov. 30, 
1843, unmarried. 

Herman Huntington, born July 22, 1812, at Franklin, mar- 
ried April 5, 1835, his first cousin, the widow Mary Abel (Willes] 
Woodward, born Nov. 5, 1807, at Franklin, second daughter of 
Jabez Willes and Abigail Abel. They settled at Franklin, where 
they were living in 1859. He had by her five children, born at 
Franklin : Joseph J., born Feb. 26. 1836, died Feb. 28, 1842 ; 
Herman Tracy, born Oct. 9, 1840, died Dec. 28, 1842; Mary 
Naomi, born April 26, 1843 : Harriet Tracy, born Dec. 25, 1845, 
died Jan. 16, 1849 : James Warner, born June 10, 1848, died Feb. 
6, 1849, at Franklin. 


Joshua Henry, born March 25, 1824, at Franklin, died April 
26, 1830. 

Anson Gleascn, born Oct. 7, 1826, at Franklin, died April 4, 

Lucy Peck, born April 20, 1806, at Franklin, died May 14, 
1821, unmarried. 

Floretta Perkins, born April 22, 1808, married Sept. 14, 1828, 
her first cousin, Horatio Willes, born April 26, 1800, at Franklin, 
youngest son of Jabez Willes and Abigail Abel, of Franklin. 
She died Sept. 14, 1839, at Norwich. She had one child, Celia 
Susan, born June 7, 1829. 

Hermoine Warner, born July 22, 1812, (twin to Herman H,) 
died April 1, 1813. 

Catherine Jane, born April 17, 1817, at Franklin, died April 
9, 1835, unmarried. 

Margaret Selina Elmiet, born March 14, 1821, at Franklin, 
married Nov. 13, 1839, George Avery of Norwich, and removed 
to one of the western states. They had one child recorded at 
Franklin, Margaret Olivia, born Oct. 2, 1840. 

Dudley Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 28, 1760, eld- 
est son of Lieut. Hezekiah Tracy, of Norwich, by his first wife, 
Elizabeth Pettis, was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the 
third generation. He married Nov 3, 1783, Mary Kingsbury, of 
Norwich, daughter of Asa Kingsbury. They settled at Franklin 
where he was a member of the state legislature. Their children 
were : Dudley, born Jan. 8, 1786, at Franklin, married April 17, 
1811, Emma Ellis, of Franklin. They had two children recorded 
at Franklin : Joseph Peck, born April 9, 1812, at Franklin ; Asa, 
born March 31, 1816, at Franklin : Chandler, born June 9, 1788, 
at Franklin ; Uriah, born Nov. 1, 1792, at Franklin ; Asahel. 
born July 7, 1795, at Franklin ; Horatio, born March 27, 1830, 
at Franklin, unmarried in 1857 ; Asa Kingsbury, born Feb. 6, 
1804, at Franklin, died in 1819; Elizabeth, born Aug. 29, 1790, 
at Franklin, died in 1839, unmarried ; Sarah, born Aug. 6, 1797, 
at Franklin, died in 1820, unmarried ; Lucy C, born Dec. 22, 


1802, at Franklin, died in 1888, unmarried ; Caroline A., born 
Jan. 24, 1808, at Franklin, unmarried in 1857. 

Joshua Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 16, 1768, second 
son of Lieut. Hezekiah Tracy, of Norwich, by his first wife, Eliz- 
abeth Pettis, was a great grand -son of John Hyde, of the third 
generation. He married June 21, 1789, Sarah Payne, of Leba- 
non, born about 1772. They settled at Franklin, Conn., where 
he was twice elected to the legislature, She died June 25, 1821, 
at Franklin, aged 49 years. He then married Dec. 26, 1824, the 
widow Martha (Smith) Hastings, and died Aug. 9, 1834, at Frank- 
lin, without issue by her. She died Jan. 2, 1842. His children 
by his first wife were : Stephen, born Sept. 13, 1790, at Franklin 
married Oct. 9, 1814, his fourth cousin, Sarah Hyde, born Aug. 
2, 1775, at Franklin, eldest daughter of Abel Hyde and Chloe, 
his wife. He was a blacksmith, and they settled at Franklin, 
where she died. He had by her five children, born at Franklin : 
Martha Marvin, born Jan. 31, 1815, married Sept. 4, 1836, David 
H. Waterman, of Bozrah ; Saphronia Fuller, born Jan. 9, 1816, 
died unmarried ; Chester Payne, born Aug. 14, 1817, died Feb. 5, 
1818 : Marvin, died in childhood. He then married Sarah Anne 
(Scovel) Foote, widow of Daniel Foote, and daughter of Solomon 
Scovel, Esq., of Colchester. He had by her three children : Har- 
riet, Eunice and Elizabeth. 

Hezekiah, born Feb. 27, 1792, at Franklin, married Caroline 
Hall, of Lebanon, Conn., and removed to Salina, N. Y., and had 
several children, whose names T have not obtained. 

Marvin, born Aug. 21, 1798, at Franklin, married, and re- 
moved to Ohio. 

Horatio Nelson, born May 26, 1800, at Franklin, married 
Sept. 16, 1822, Hetty Ann Birchard. He was a lieutenant in the 
United States revenue service, and his family were living at Nor- 
wich in 1857. He had two daughters : Sarah Ann, born July 25, 
1823; Lucretia. 

Henry Brown, born Sept. 22, 1805, at Franklin, married 
April 5, 1838, Caroline Backus. 


Joshua, born Oct. 15, 1808, at Franklin, married March 20, 
1833, Abby J. Hoxie, of Lebanon. They settled at Franklin and 
he represented that town in the state legislature one year. They 
had two children recorded at Franklin : Henry Nelson, born Jan. 
4, 1834 ; Jane Ellen, born March 11, 1843. 

Martha, born May 21, 1795, at Franklin, died in 1797. 

Wealthea, born Aug. 26, 1802, at Franklin, married Feb. 
27, 1823, Abial B. Sherman, of Nerwich, where he was living in 

Eunice Eliza, born Aug. 13, 1811, at Franklin, married her 
fourth cousin, James Hazen Hyde, eldest son of Amasa Hyde 
and Anna Hazen, of Franklin. 

Uri Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 8, 1764, eldest son 
of Daniel Tracy and Mary Johnson, of Norwich, was a great 
grand-son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He graduated 
at Yale in 1789. He engaged in teaching and became the prin- 
cipal of the Academy, »t Oxford, N. Y. He married Euth Hovey, 
of Oxford, where he settled and was a member of Congress. He 
died in 1838. Their children were : Samuel Miles, born at Ox- 
ford, graduated at Hamilton College in 1815, was a lawyer, and 
married Oct. 13, 1822, Mary Daley. They settled at Portsmouth, 
0., where she died Nov. 5, 1845, and he died Dec. 25, 1856. They 
had five children : Elizabeth Daley, born Aug. 4, 1823, married 
Jan. 29, 1843, Matthias B. Boss : Mary Ruth, born Dec. 16, 1825, 
married George Johnson, of Steubenville, 0. ; Samuel Uri, born 
Dec. 13, 1827, died May 1, 1835 ; William Daley, born July 30, 
1833, died unmarried ; Emely Anne, born Nov. 30, 18S6. 

Otis J., born at Oxford, married Margaret Cushman, who 
died. He then married Jan. 2, 1820, his father's third cousin, 
Jane Hyde, born March 9, 1802, at Franklin, youngest daughter 
of Joseph Hyde and Susanna Waterman. She died. He had 
by her one child, Joseph Otis. He then married Margaret 
Storms and died in August, 1849, at Oxford. 

Uri, born Jan. 22, 18)), at Oxford, married Persis Packer, 
daughter of William Packer, of Preston. N. Y., and died April, 


1856, at Oxford. They had four children : Susan Hosmer, mar- 
ried John H. Morris, of Syracuse ; Charles Packer, born Dec. 5, 
1829 ; Henry Reed ; John Bailey. 

Charles Oscar, born October, 1805, at Oxford, married in 
1827, Maria Kinney. He was a lawyer, and they settled at Ports- 
mouth, 0. They had nine children : Francis Henry, born April 
18, 1828, married Frances Oakes, of Portsmouth ; Vander Lyn, 
born Oct. 11, 1829, married Annice Davis; Uri, born June 16, 
1831 ; Mary Kinney, born March 23, 1833, married George Suth- 
erland, of Danville, Va. ; Anne Elizabeth, born May 13, 1835, 
died Oct. 4, 1836 ; Anne Maria, born Feb. 6, 1837, married John 
Davis, of Portsmouth; Persis, born June 26, 1839, died young; 
Charles Oscar, born April 15, 1843, died Sept. 17, 1844; Alice 
Ruth, born Jan. 29, 1845. 

Mary, born at Oxford, married Peter Dickinson, of Balti- 
more, Md. 

Hiel Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., July 5, 1766, second son 
of Daniel Tracy and Mary Johnson, was a great grand -son of 
John Hyde, of the third generation. He married Nov. 8, 1795, 
his second cousin, Susanna Gifford, born March 10, 1771, at Nor- 
wich, second daughter of James Gifford and Susanna Hubbard. 
They settled at Franklin, and afterwards removed to Oxford. N. 
Y., in 1801, where he died Jan. 17, 1842, and where she died May 
22, 1857. Their children were : Melissa, born Aug. 8, 1798, at 
Franklin, married Ebenezer Havens, and they were living at Dix, 
Schuyler county, N. Y., in 1861, and had four children : Anne 
E., Hiel Tracy, Albert and Ebenezer. 

Eliza, born Oct. 26, 1830, at Franklin, married November, 
1821, John Green, of Oxford, N. Y., born Nov. 10, 1776, and died 
Aug. 30, 1834. They had five children, born at Oxford : Susan 
Eliza, born Feb. 16, 1823, married Abner R. Holcomb, and had 
three children : Lucy Ann, born Dec. 6, 1825, married May 17, 
1848, Wilson G. Mowry, of Woodhull, N. Y., and had three child- 
ren ; John M., born April 7, 1828, married Dec. 17, 1856, Mary 
E. Townsend, and were living at Oxford in 1860 ; Mary M., born 


Oct. 27, 1830, died Jan. 6, 1832; Martha V., born Dec. 23, 1832, 
died Oct. 10, 1833. 

Susan, born July 30, 1802, alf Oxford, married Ira Miner 
Maine, of Brookfield, N. Y. He was a farmer, and they were 
living at Orange, N. Y., in 1860, and had two children; Tracy 
M. and Uri H. 

Sophia, born June 12, 1811, at Oxford, married in 1845, 
Dyer McCall. They were living at Oxford in 1860. He was 
a farmer, and they had one child : Olive E., born March 2, 1846. 

James Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 9, 1770, third 
son of Daniel Tracy and Mary Johnson, was a great grand-son 
of John Hyde of the third generation. He married Ruth Calk- 
ins. His children by her were : Daniel, died in 1841, unmarried ; 
Hiel ; Eliza, born Oct. 9, 1792, died April 6, 1799 ; Sophia, mar- 
ried John Hillman, of Scipio, N. Y, He, James Tracy, then 
married Margaret Wheeler. His children by her were : James, 
died in 1818, unmarried ; Elijah, married Caroline Havens, and 
settled at Dix, N. Y., and had four children : Jane, Ophelia, 
Phebe and Ellen ; John Foote, married Ellen Jane Clark, and 
settled at New York, and had two children, Mary Jane and Ellen 
Jane ; Lorenzo Lewis, married Phebe Jackson and settled at 
Dix, N. Y., and had three children : Benjamin, James and Wil- 
liam ; Charles, born in 1813, died in 1815 ; William died in 1820 ; 
Nathaniel ; Sarah, married Orin Sharp, of Newfield, N. Y. ; 
Lydia ; Ethelinda ; Margaret Jane. 

Daniel Tracy, born at Norwioh, Conn., Aug. 8, 1774, young- 
est son of Daniel Tracy and Mary Johnson, was a great grand- 
son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married Mary 
Havens. Their children were : Johnson, married Lydia Bever- 
ly ; Ira ; Albert ; Daniel ; Ebenezer ; Sylvanus ; John ; Eunice, 
married Cyrus Maine. 

Theophilus Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Nov. 16, 1768, 
eldest son of Theopilus Tracy and Sarah Gilford, was a great 
grand- son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married 
May 27, 1794, Thankful Draper. They removed to Pompey, N. 


Y., in 1797. Their children were : Samuel, born Nov. 3, 1798, 
at Pompey, married Feb. 7, 1829, Hannah Edwards. They had 
six children : Mary Jane, born March 2, 1830 ; William, born 
May 12, 1832 ; Sarah Anne, born March 27, 1834, died Sept. 20, 
1834 ; Edward, born May 16, 1835 ; Hiel, born May 10, 1837 ; 
Charles Elijah, born March 5, 1841. 

Theophilus Draper, born April 21, 1802, at Pompey, married 
Jan. 8, 1823, Patience Kenyon. They had six children : Marcia 
Adaline, born Dec. 1, 1827 ; Lucy Emeline, born July 27, 1830 ; 
G-ifford Theophilus, born Oct. 4, 1833; Horace Fayette, born 
Aug. 11, 1836 ; John, born Oct. 25, 1839 ; Samantha, born Aug. 
23, 1842. 

Eri, born Dec 19, 1803, at Pompey, married Mary Hitch- 
cock. They had five children : Saphronia Elizabeth, who died 
in childhood ; Uri ; Alpheus ; Mary Malvina ; second Saphronia 


Nehemiah, born March 15, 1808, at Pompey, died the same 


William Henry, born April 16, 1809, at Pompey, died June 2, 
1825, unmarried. 

Eiel Stephen, born June 27, 1811, at Pompey, married April 
5, 1838, Adelia Eobinson, who died Jan. 5, 1839, sine prole. He 
then married Dorothy Fairbanks, and had by her three children : 
Dorothy Adelia, born July 22, 1840 ; Stephen, born Oct, 18, 1841, 
died May 13, 1843 ; Frances Orcelia, born Oct. 28, 1843. 

Experience, born March 3, 1795, at Pompey, died March 14, 
1815, unmarried. 

Anna, born Nov. 2, 1796, at Pompey, died Dec. 29, 1796. 

Laura, born July 5, 1800, at Pompey, who married David 

Thankful, born Dec. 19, 1803, at Pompey, (twin of Eri) mar- 
ried Orson Wheaton. 

Joanna, born Nov. 13, 1813, at Pompey, married, Dec. 29, 
1835, Murphy Thompson. 

Eiel Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Dec. 5, 1774, second son 


of Theophilus Tracy and Sarah Gifford, was a great grand- son of 
John Hyde, of the third generation. He married Dimis Anne 
Martin, and settled at Granville, N. Y. Their children were: 
Peter, William, Kiel Huntington, Lucinda, Mary, Elmira and 
Dimis Anne. 

Stephen Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Nov. 4, 1776, third 
son of Theophilus Tracy and Sarah Gifford, was a great grand- 
son of John Hyde, of the third generation. He married the 
widow Wade, mother of the Eev. Jonathan Wade, the Baptist 
missionary. They settled at Hector, N..Y. Their children were : 
Allen, Theophilus, Horace. 

Zebulon Edgerton, born at Norwich, Conn., March 4, 1755, 
eldest son of Zebulon Edgerton and Elizabeth Tracy, of Nor- 
wich, was a great grand- son of John Hyde of the third genera- 
tion. He married about 1778, Abigail , and settled in that 

part of Norwich which was afterwards Franklin, and had five 
children recorded to them. Those children were : Reuben, born 
May 29, 1779, at Norwich ; Levi, born June 14, 1781, at Nor- 
wich ; Whiting, born Feb. 28, 1785, at Norwich, Lydia, born July 

9, 1783, at Norwich ; Ruth, born March 26, 1793, at Franklin. 

Bethia Edgerton, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 8, 1764, 
fifth daughter of Zebulon Edgerton and Elizabeth Tracy, was a 
great grand-daughter of John Hyde, of the third generation. 
She probably married Oct. 12, 1788, at Franklin, Elephelet Met- 
calf, born Jan. 28, 1763, at Lebanon, second son of her fourth 
cousin, Abel Metcalf, and Abigail Throop, of Lebanon. They 
settled at Franklin, where they had four children recorded to 
them. Those children were : Uri, born Dec. 31, 1788, at Frank- 
lin ; Elephelet, born Nov. 19, 1792, at Franklin ; Ira, born Sept. 

10, 1794, at Franklin ; Harriet, born Nov. 4, 1798, at Franklin, 
probably married Jan. 29, 1822, Samuel Huntington, of Lebanon. 

Asa Waterman, born at Norwich, Conn., Dec. 2, 1772, eldest 
son of Arunah Waterman and Hannan Leffingwell, of Johnson' 
Vt., was a great grand-son of John Hyde, of the third genera- 
tion. He married March 6, 1806, at Sterling, Vt., Anna McCon- 


nell, born April 23, 1784. at Piermont, N.H., daughter of Thom- 
as McConnell. He was a farmer, and they settled at Johnson, 
Vt., where she died about 1813. His children by her were : Eras- 
tus, born Feb. 27, 1807, at Johnson, married, and was living in 
Michigan in 1856 ; Arunah, born Feb. 22, 1809, at Johnson. He 
went to Texas while a young man, where he probably died un- 
married ; Harvey, born Feb. 29, 1811, at Johnson. He was liv- 
ing at New York in 1856, unmarried ; Thomas P., born April 20, 
1813, at Johnson, died June 11, 1815. He then married Feb. 25, 
1815, Anna Dodge, of Johnson, born March 3, 1784, at New Bos- 
ton, N. H., daughter of Elisha Dodge and Ginger Kaymond, for- 
merly of Beverly, Mass. They were living at Johnson in 1857. 

Caleb Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., April, 1677, second son 
of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, of Norwich, was a grand-son 
of John Post, the first, and Hester Hyde, of Norwich. He mar- 
ried Feb. 20, 1705, Abigail Sluman, born March 14, 1680, at Nor- 
wich, daughter of Thomas Sluman and Sarah Bliss, of Norwich. 
They settled at Lebanon, where she died Nov. 11, 1748. The 
date of his death has not been ascertained. Their children were : 
Daniel, born Feb. 3, 1796, at Lebanon, married Sarah Crane ; 
Caleb, born April 25, 1709, at Lebanon, married Mary Clark ; 
Abigail, born April 11, 1711, at Lebanon, married Joseph Slu- 
man ; Mary, born Aug. 4, 1714, at Lebanon, living at Lebanon, 
where she died Feb. 26, 1785, unmarried. 

John Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., December, 1678, third 
son of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, of Norwich, was a grand- 
son of John Post, the first, and Hester Hyde, of Norwich. He 
married June 2, 1703, Kebecca Sluman, born Oct. 3, 1682, at Nor- 
wich, daughter of Thomas Sluman and Mary Bliss, of Norwich. 
They settled at Lebanon. The dates and places of their deaths 
I have not ascertained. Their children were : John, born March 
10, 1704, died same day ; Solomon, born Jan. 7, 1708, at Leba- 
non, married Mary Northum ; David, born April 7, 1722, at Leb- 
anon, married Alice Roberts ; Sarah, born March 2, 1705, at Leb- 
anon, married Benjamin Metcalf ; Rebecca, born Jan. 18, 1711, 


at Lebanon, married John West ; Bethia, born Oct. 18, 1713, at 
Lebanon ; Hannah, born Sept. 26, 1716, at Lebanon, married 
Oct. 3, 1739, Marshall Hackley, of Lebanon, and had a family. 
Their son Samuel, born Oct. 1, 1740, at Lebanon. 

Theophilus Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., November, 1680, 
fourth son of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, of Norwich, was a 
grand-son of John Post, the first, and Hester Hyde. He married 
June 27, 1716, Anne Calkins, born Oct. 10, 1692, at Norwich, eld- 
est daughter of Hugh Calkins and Sarah Sluman, of Norwich, 
and grand-daughter of John Calkins and Sarah, his wife. Their 
children were : Anne, born July 2, 1717, at Norwich, married 
Hezekiah Edgerton ; Zerviah, born Jan. 29, 1722, at Norwich, 
married Elisha Edgerton. 

Benjamin Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., , 1687, fifth 

son of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, of Norwich, was a grand- 
son of John Post, the first and Hester Hyde, of Norwich. He 
married March 17, 1714, Lydia Hazen. I suppose they settled 
in that part of Norwich which is now Franklin, but I have not 
ascertained the particulars of their residence and deaths. Their 
children were: Benjamin, born May 23, 1715, at Norwich, mar- 
ried Abigail Gild ; Andrew, born April 1, 1717, at Norwich, mar- 
ried his first cousin, Elizabeth Tracy ; Simon, born Sept. 15, 
1721, at Norwich, married Parnal Willes ; Elijah, born May 12, 
1729, at Norwich, married first, Anne Lathrop, second, Mary 
Cleveland ; Matthew, born Sept. 8, 1731, at Norwich ; Oliver 
born Feb. 6, 1734, at Norwich, married Abigail Pettis ; Isaiah, 
born July 24, 1738, at Norwich, married Rhoda Pettis ; Lydia, 
born July 28, 1719, at Norwich, married her father's second cous- 
in, Jabez Hyde, eldest son of Jabez Hyde and Elizabeth Bush- 
nell : Alice, born Jan. 14, 1724, at Norwich, had an illegitimate 
child in 1769, and probably died unmarried ; Hannah, born 
March 26, 1727, at Norwich, married Simeon Lathrop. 

Mary Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., abont 1685, the fourth 
daughter of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, of Norwich, was a 
grand-daughter of John Post, the first, and Hester Hyde, of Nor- 


wich. She married Dec. 31, 1705, Capt. Joseph Tracy, born 
April 20, 1682, at Norwich, third son of John Tracy, the first, 
and Mary Winslow. They settled at Norwich^ where he was a 
justice of the peace, and one of the leading men of the place. 
And he very frequently represented his native town in colonial 
legislature. His wife died Jan. 17, 1751. He survived her and 
died April 10, 1765, aged 83 years. Their children were: Joseph 
born Oct. 17, 1706, at Norwich, married Ann Hinckley ; Elisha, 
born May 17, 1712, at Norwich, married first, Lucy Huntington, 
second, Elizabeth Dorr, third, widow Lois Huntington ; Phine- 
has, born Jan. 1, 1721, at Norwich, died unmarried ; Mary, born 
Jan. 4, 1708, at Norwich, married Benjamin Wadsworth, and is 
supposed to have died s. p. : Margaret, born May 11, 1710, at 
Norwich, married her second cousin, William Waterman ; Zer- 
viah, born Dec. 14, 1714, at Norwich, probably died unmarried ; 
Lydia, born Dec. 10, 1716, at Norwich, married her mother's sec- 
ond cousin, Elisha Hyde ; Irene, born Jan. 15, 1719, at Norwich, 
married Dec. 20, 1743, Daniel Burnham ; Jerusha, born May 23, 
1723, at Norwich, married her mother's second cousin, the Bev. 
Jedediah Hyde, fifth son of William Hyde ; Elizabeth, born at 
Norwich, probably married her first cousin, Andrew Abel, born 
April 1, 1717, at Norwich, second son of Benjamin Abel and 
Lydia Hazen, of Norwich. He died Aug. 31, 1796, at Franklin. 
They had a son, Benjamin Abel, who married April 8, 1759, Es- 
ther Smith, and had five children, born at Norwich : Anne, born 
Oct. 7, 1760 ; Asa, born March 20, 1762 ; Solomon, born June 
23, 1767 ; Elizabeth, born March 30, 1769 ; Rodolphus, born Nov. 
26, 1770. 

Abigail Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., March 16, 1690, fifth 
daughter of Caleb Abel and Margaret Post, was a grand-daugh- 
ter of John Post and Hester Hyde. She married Jan. 12, 1710, 
Barnabas Lathrop. They settled at Norwich, where he died 
May 25, 1710. Her child by him was : Abigail, born Jan. 1, 1711, 
at Norwich. She then married Feb. 4, 1718, Christopher Hunt- 
ington, born Sept. 12, 1686, at Norwich, by his wife, Sarah Ad- 


gate. [This Deacon Ohistopher Huntington, was born Nov. 1, 
1660, and was the first white male child born in Norwich. He 
was a son of Christopher Huntington and Kuth Rockwell, one 
of the 35 original proprietors of Norwich, who came from Eng- 
land to Roxbury in 1633, and married Oct. 7, 1652, Ruth Rock- 
well, eldest daughter of William Rockwell and Susanna Chapin, 
of Windsor. Sarah Adgate, the wife of Deacon Christopher 
Huntington, was born January, 1663, at Norwich, daughter of 
the first Deacon Thomas Adgate, one of the 35 proprietors of Nor- 
wich, by his second wife, the widow Sarah Bushnell.] Christo- 
pher Huntington and Abigail, his wife, settled at Norwich, where 
she died June 2, 1730. Her children by him were : Christopher, 
born June 20, 1719, at Norwich, married Sarah Bingham ; Elisha 
born Sept. 22, 1720, at Norwich, married Dinah Chapman ; Aza- 
riah, born Nov. 26, 1723, at Norwich, probably died unmarried ; 
Theophilus, born Sept. 12, 1726, at Norwich, married Lois Gif~ 
ford, daughter of Samuel Gifford and Experience Hyde ; Barna- 
bas, born May 29, 1728, at Norwich, married Anne Wright ; Ruth 
born Aug. 3, 1722, at Norwich, married Sept. 10, 1741, Joshua 
Sluman, who died Oct. 19, 1742, and she died Dec. 17, 1742, s. p. ; 
Margaret, born Nov. 23, 1724, at Norwich, married her third 
cousin, John Tracy, eldest son of John Tracy and Margaret 
Hyde ; Sarah, born April 27, 1731, at Norwich, married May 12, 
1756, Asa Kingsbury, of Norwich, West Farms, now Franklin, 
born April 7, 1729, eldest son of Ephriam Kingsbury and Mar- 
tha Smith. He died Sept. 5, 1775. They had four children re- 
corded at Norwich ; Asa, born March 12, 1757 ; Sarah, born April 
8, 1761 ; and Lucy, born June 20, 1771. After the death of his 
first wife, Christopher Huntington married May 2, 1783, Eliza- 
beth Ensworth, of Canterbury, who died March 2, 1735, and had 
by her one daughter, Elizabeth, born Feb. 3, 1785, who died Oct. 
25, 1758, unmarried. He then married June 4, 1740, Mary Brew- 
ster, who died Dec. 24, 1749. He then married Feb. 7, 1751, 
Mrs. Mary Gaylord, of Hebron, who died March 14, 1761, and he 
died Feb. 11, 1759. 


Capt. John Hough, born at New London, Conn., Oct. 1, 1697, 
eldest son of Capt. John Hough and Sarah Post, of New Lon- 
don, was a grand-son of John Posl, the first, and Hester Hyde, 
of Norwich. He married Sept. 4, 1718, Hannah Denison, born 
March 28, 1699, at New London, eldest daughter of George Den- 
ison, Esq., and Mary Witherell, of New London. [This George 
Denison, Esq., of New London, was a son of John Denison and 
Phebe Lay, of Stonington, and a grand-son of Capt. George 
Denison and Anne Borrodill, of Stonington. He graduated at 
Harvard in 1693, and was a lawyer, and for several years a clerk 
of the county court of New London county. He was born March 
28, 1671, at Stonington, and died Jan. 20, 1720, at New London. 
He had eight children : Grace, born in 1695, married Edward 
Hallam ; Phebe, born in 1697, married Gibson Harris ; Hannah, 
born in 1699, married John Hough ; Borrodill, born in 1701, mar- 
ried Jonathan Latimer ; Daniel, born in 1703, married Rachel 
Starr; Wetherell, born in 1705, married Lydia Moore; Anne, 
born in 1707, married Samuel Richards; Sarah, born in 1709, 
married William Douglass.] They settled at New London, and 
removed to that part of Norwich, which is now Bozrah, where 
she died April 9, 1782. 

Elijah Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., May 12, 1729, fourth 
son of Benjamin Abel and Lydia Hazen, of Norwich, was a great 
grand-son of John Post and Esther Hyde, of Norwich. He mar- 
ried Nov. 11, 1754, Ann Lathrop, born Feb. 15, 1731, third daugh- 
ter of Capt. Ebenezer Lathrop and Lydia Leffingwell, and grand- 
daughter of Thomas Leffingwell, the third, and Lydia Tracy, of 
Norwich. They settled at Norwich, where she died Dec. 15, 
1764. His children by her were : Elijah, born Oct. 18, 1755, at 
Norwich; Abel, born Sept. 14, 1757, at Norwich; Jabez, born 
Oct. 17, 1759, at Norwich, probably married Jan. 18, 1795, Eliz- 
abeth Sanford ; Anne, born April 3, 1762, at Norwich ; Eunice, 
born March 7, 1764, at Norwich, probably married April 7, 1793, 
Oliver Smith, of Franklin. He then married Oct. 30, 1768, Mary 
Cleveland, and probably died at Norwich. But I have no further 


particulars as to his residence or the time and place of his death. 
His children by her were : Benjamin, born May 13, 1771, at Nor- 
wich ; Elizabeth, born March 19, 1769, at Norwich, married 
Ozias Backus. 

Oliver Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., Feb. 6, 1734, sixth son 
of Benjamin Abel and Lydia Hazen, of Norwich, was a great 
grand-son of John Post and Hester Hyde, of Norwich. He mar- 
ried Feb. 26, 1769, Abigail Pettis, born about 1746. They settled 
at Norwich, West Farms, now Franklin, where he died Nov. 12, 
1815, and she died Dec, 14, 1823. Their children were: Oliver, 
born April 16, 1773, at Norwich, probably married Nov. 19, 1799, 
Mary Lord, of Franklin ; Hiel, born Oct. 20, 1776, at Norwich, 
married Nov. 26, 1801, Cynthia Peck, and removed to Topsham, 
Me* ; Asa, born Sept. 19, 1780, at Norwich, probably married 
first, Aug. 16, 1804, Clarissa Hewitt, of Franklin, second March 
28, 1811, Charlotte Kingsbury, of Norwich : Benjamin, born 
March 26, 1784, at Norwich; Gurdon, born Nov. 5, 1788, at 
Franklin, married Anna Morgan; Abigail, born April 21, 1769, 
at Norwich, married Jabez Williams. 

Isaiah Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., July 24, 1738, young: 
est son of Benjamin Abel and Lydia Hazen, of Norwich, was a 
great grand-son of John Post and Hester Hyde, of Norwich. He 
married Nov. 5, 1762, Rhoda Pettis. They settled at Norwich, 
where they had five children recorded to them. Those, children 
were: Azel, born July 9, 1763, at Norwich; Wyllys, born June 
11, 1777, at Norwich ; a child, born March 24, 1769, at Norwich, 
died unnamed ; Lucretia, born Nov. 28, 1765, at Norwich ; Rho- 
da, born May 15, 1772, at Norwich. 

Hannah Abel, born at Norwich, Conn., March 26, 1727, 
youngest daughter of Benjamin Abel and Lydia Hazen, of Nor- 
wich, was a great grand-daughter of John Post and Hester Hyde, 
of Norwich. She married Jan. 11, 1749, Deacon Simeon La- 
throp, born Jan. 15, 1723, at Norwich, youngest son of Irael La- 
throp and Mary Fellows, of Norwich. They settled at the New 
Concord or Bozrah Society in Norwich, where she died Sept. 17, 


1802. Their children were : Simeon, born Aug. 4, 1753, at Nor- 
wich, married Elizabeth Calkins; Eoger, born Dec. 3, 1754, at 
Norwich; Oliver, born Sept. 9, 1756, at Norwich, married Dec. 
13, 1781, his third cousin, Eunice Hough, fourth daughter of 
Capt. David Hough and his first wife, Desire Clark. They re- 
moved to Hartland, Vt., and had a family: Zabdiel, born Nov. 
30, 1762, at Noswich, married first, Margaret Tracy, second, Abi- 
gail Harris; Andrew, born Oct. 26, 1764, at Norwich, married 
first, Lucretia Smith, second, Zerviah Polley ; Hannah, born 
Aug. 28, 1749, at Norwich, probably married July 9, 1769, Christ^ 
opher Calkins ; Eunice- born Aug. 17, 1751, at Norwich, proba- : 
bly married Oct. 29, 1772, Stephen Woodward, at Bozrah ; Lydia 
born Sept. 2, 1758, at Norwich, probably married John Fish ■•;• 
Sarah, born Sept. 22/1760, at Norwich. 

Joseph Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 17, 1706, eldest 
son of Capt. Josephi Tracy and Mary Abel, of Norwich, was a 
great grand- son of John Post^and Hoster Hyde, of the second 
generation « He married Nov. 5, 1739, Anna Hinckley, born Oct. 
5, 1716, at Lebanon, third daughter of Gershom Hinckley and 
Mary Buel, of Lebanon. They settled at Norwich, where he 
held th&.pJSceiof constable and collector for nearly thirty years. 
She died Jan. 8, 1801, aged 84, and he died April 19,1787, Their 
children were : Jarred, born Oct. 10, 1741, at Norwich, married 
Margaret Grant. 

Frederick, born Aug. 3, 1749, at Norwicn, married Deborah 
Thomas, his fourth cousin of the Tracy blood, and third cousin 
of his father t of the Hyde blood, eldest daughter of Ebenezer 
Thomas, of Norwich, by his second wife, Deborah Hyde. 

Uriah Tracy, born Aug. 9, 1753, at Norwich, married Feb. 9, 
1794, Lydia Hallam, of New London, [the lady who was engaged 
to be married to the unfortunate Capt. Hale, of the army of the 
revolution, who was taken and executed by the British as a spy.) 
They settled at Norwich, where he was arnierchant, and died in 
1832. They had one son, William George, born May 11, 1787, 
died Oct. 31, 1834, s. p. 


Ruby, born May 14, 1746, at Norwich, and died July 9, 1751. 

Anna, born Nov. 30, 1751, at Norwich, resided there and died 
in 1825, unmarried. 

Lois, born Aug. 19, 1755, at Norwich, resided there and died 
in 1825, unmarried. 

Dr. Elisha Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 17, 1712, 
second son of Capt. Joseph Tracy and Mary Abel, of Norwich, 
was a great grand-son of John Post and Hester Hyde, of the 
second generation. He graduated at Yale in 1738, and was a 
distinguished physician and surgeon. He married June 16, 1743 
Lucy Huntington, born May 32, 1722, at Norwich, daughter of 
Deacon Ebenezer Huntington and Sarah Leffingwell, and grand- 
daughter of Deacon Simon Huntington, the second, and Lydia 
Gager, of Norwich. They settled at Norwich, where he was dis- 
tinguished for his classical attainments, as well as for his profes- 
sional skill and for his moral and social qualities. She died Oct. 
12, 1751, at Norwich. His children by her were : Lucy, born 
July 20, 1744, at Norwich, married Dr. Philip Turner ; Alice, 
born Oct. 11, 1745, at Norwich, married Elisha Leffingwell ; Lu- 
cretia, born Sept. 5, 1747, at Norwich, lived there and died March 
28, 1825, unmarried ; Lydia, born Dec. 26, 1749, at Norwich, mar- 
ried Alvan Fosdick, of Boston, had three sons and one daugh- 
ter: Phinehas G., Gregory, John, Mary or Lydia. He died. She 
survived him and died in 1825, at Norwich. 

Philura, born Sept. 30, 1751, at Norwich, married Samuel 
Huntington. After the death of his first wife, he married April 
16, 1754, his third cousin, Elizabeth Dorr, born April 16, 1735, 
at Lyme, Conn., third daughter of Edmund Dorr and Mary Gris- 
wold, of Lyme. She died March 23, 1781, at Norwich. He then 
married Oct. 19, 1781, Lois (Hinckley) Huntington, widow of 
Nehemiah Huntington, Esq., of Bozrah, but had no issue hy her. 
He died May 1, 1783, at Norwich, and she died Oct. 3, 17S0. His 
children by his second wife were: Phinehas L., born June 29, 
1755, at Norwich, was a soldier of the revolution, and died in the 
army at Koxbury, aged 20 years. 


Philemon, born May 30, 1757, at Norwich, married Abigail 

• Elisha, born May 27, 1766, at Norwich, married Lucy Coit 

Joseph Winslow, born Aug. 11, 1769, at Norwich, died Feb. 
6, 1770. 

Elizabeth, born June 29, 1760, at Norwich, died Oct. 30, 

Charlotte, born May 27, 1762, at Norwich, resided there and 
died in 1820, unmarried. 

Mary, born May 3, 1764, at Norwich, resided there and died 
in 1868, unmarried. 

Deborah Dorr, born Nov. 9, 1770, at Norwich, resided there 
and died in 1824, unmarried. 

Margaret Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 11, 1710, sec- 
ond daughter of Capt. Joseph Tracy and Mary Abel, of Norwich, 
was a great grand-daughter of John Post and Hester Hyde, of 
the second generation. She married Sept. 23, 1733, her second 
cousin of the Tracy blood, William Waterman, born July 20, 
1710, at Norwich, eldest son of John Waterman, of Norwich, 
by his second wife, Judith Woodward. [This John Waterman, 
born March, 1672, second son of Ensign Thomas Waterman, 
first, of Norwich, and Miriam Tracy. John Waterman's first 
wife was Elizabeth Lathrop, by whom he had two sons and two 
daughters : Eleazer, who married Martha Adgate ; John, who 
died unmarried ; Elizabeth, who probably died young ; Hannah, 
(this Hannah was grand-daughter of John Waterman and Miri- 
am Tracy) whose first husband was Absalom King, of Long Is- 
land, and who afterwards married Benedict Arnold, of Norwich, 
and was mother of Gen. Benedict Arnold, the traitor, who was 
born Jan. 8 ; , 1741, at Norwich. John Waterman, by his second 
wife, Judith Woodward, had four children : William, Samuel, 
Ebenezer and Peter. By his third wife, Elizabeth Basset, who 
he married in 1721, he had three more : Mary, David Basset and 
Elizabeth.] William Waterman and his wife settled at Norwich, 


where she died June 4, 1767, and where he died Nov. 7, 1789. 
Their children were : William, born March 17, 1748, at Norwich. 
Judith, born March 20, 1736, at Norwich, married March 18, 
1762, Beriah Bill, of Norwich, and had two children recorded to 
them at Norwich : Judith, born March 13, 1763 ; Uriah, born 
March 1, 1765. 

Abigail, born March 12, 1739, at Norwich, married Jan. 15, 
1783, her fourth cousin of the Hyde blood, Marshfield Parsons, 
eldest son of the Kev. Jonathan Parsons and Phebe Griswold, of 
Lyme, died March 14, 1793, at Lyme, s. p. 

Lydia, born Sept. 13, 1741, at Norwich, probably married 
Jesse Birchard, of Bozrah, and had a daughter, Mary, and prob- 
ably other children. 

Margaret, born March 24, 1744, at Norwich. 

Mary, born Sept. 7, 1746, at Norwich, probably married Oct. 
20, 1881, Joseph Perkins. 

Irene Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Jan. 15, 1719, fifth 
daughter of Capt. Joseph Tracy and Mary Abel, of Norwich, was 
a great grand-daughter of John Post and Hester Hyde, of the 
second generation. She married Dec. 20, 1743, Daniel Bum- 
ham, born March 21, 1718, at Norwich, eldest son of Eleazer 
Burnham and Lydia Waterman, grand- son of Thomas Water- 
man, the first, and Miriam Tracy, of Norwich. They settled at 
Norwich, where they had four children recorded to them : Zach- 
arias, born June 26, 1747, at Norwich ; Elias, born June 17, 1754 
at Norwich ; Irene, born Nov. 18, 1744, at Norwich, married 
Aaron Bushnell ; Abigail, born May 29, 1752, at Norwich, died 
July 10, 1756. 

Christopher Huntington, born at Norwich, Conn., June 20, 
1719, eldest son of Christopher Huntington, of Norwich, by his 
first wife, Abigail (Abel) Lathrop, was a great grand-son of John 
Post and Hester Hyde, of the second generation. He married 
Sept. 19. 1748, Sarah Bingham, of Norwich. He was a physician 
and was deacon and clerk of the New Concord Society church. 



He died March, 1800, at Bozrah. Their children were : Christo- 
pher, born July 14, 1749, at Norwich, died Feb. 11, 1759. 

Thomas, born Oct. 28, 1757, at Norwich, married first, Abi- 
gail Backus, second, Griswold. 

Second Christopher, born March 31, 1766, at Norwich, mar- 
ried Lucy Culver. 

Sarah, born Jan. 28, 1751, at Norwich, lived in Bozrah, and 
died unmarried. 

Abigail, born June 13, 1753, at Norwich, married April 3, 
1778, Job Talcott, of Bolton, Conn 

Buth, born Aug. 14, 1755, at Norwich, married Sept. 22, 
1775, Bev. Thomas Baldwin, D. D., born Dec. 23, 1753, at Nor- 
wich. They settled at Canaan, N. H., where he became a Bap- 
tist clergyman. She' died Feb. 11, 1812, and had six children, 
only two of whom survived her. He then married Margaret 
Duncan, of Haverhill, N. H., and became a distinguished cler- 
gyman at Boston. One of his daughters married Holt. 

Elisha Huntington, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 22, 1720, 
second son of Christopher Huntington, of Norwich, by his first 
wife, Abigail (Abel) Lathrop, was a great grand- son of John Post 
and Hester Hyde, of the second generation. He married Dec. 
31, 1760, Dinah Chapman, of New London, born July 20, 1734. 
They settled at Norwich, where he died Feb. 12, 1765. Their 
children were : Elisha, born April 23, 1765, at Norwich, married 
Nancy Rude : Dinah, born Feb. 13, 1765, at Norwich, married 
May 19, 1786, Samuel Judd.. 

Barnabas Huntington, born at Norwich, Conn., May 29, 
1728, fifth son of Christopher Huntington, of Norwich, by his 
first wife, Abigail (Abel) Lathrop, was a great grand-son of John 
Post and Hester Hyde, of the third generation. He married 
Dec. 11, 1751, Anne Wright, of Hebron. They settled at Nor- 
wich, West Farms, now Franklin, where he was deacon of the 
church, and one of its prominent citizens. 

Zabdiel Lathrop, born at Norwich, Conn., Nov. 30, 1762, 
fourth son of Deacon Simeon Lathrop and Hannah Abel, was a 


great grand-son of Margaret Post, of the third generation. He 
married Sept. 22, 1783, Margaret Tracy, the third, who died Oct. 
4, 1783, s. p. He then married June 6, 1785, Abigail Harris, of 
Lebanon. They settled at Bozrah, where they had three child* 
ren recorded to them : Alfred, born Nov. 5, 1785, at Bozrah; 
Zabdiel, born June 2, 1791, at Bozrah ; Caroline, born Sept. 2, 
1788, at Bozrah. 

Andrew Lathrop, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 26, 1764, fifth 
son of Deacon Simeon Lathrop and Hannah Abel, was a great 
grand- son of Margaret Post, of the third generation. He prob- 
ably married Jan. 22, 1789, Lucretia Smith, of Franklin. They 
settled at Bozrah, where he was a Justice of the Peace. She 
died Oct. 9, 1801. His children by her were : Simeon, born Nov. 

25, 1792, at Bozrah, probably married Abigail , who died, 

and had by her one child, William, born April 17, 1817, at Boz- 
rah. He then married Dec. 20, 1820, Phebe Peekham, of Frank- 
lin, born about 1800. They settled at Bozrah, where she died 
Aug. 11, 1847, and where they had eight children recorded to 
them : Andrew, born March 10, 1822 ; Lucy, born May 22, 1823 ; 
Jabez Smith, born May 28, 1824; Alanson Peekham, born July 
21, 1826 ; Jane, born Oct. 25, 1828 ; Daniel Austin and Lydia 
Zerviah, (twins) born April 23, 1832, and Anne, born May 20 

Azariah, born Feb. 25, 1796, at Bozrah, married Dec. 2, 
1824, Talitha Huntington, born Feb. 13, 1794, at Franklin, third 
daughter of Elisha Huntington and Nancy Rude, of Franklin. 
They settled at Franklin, and removed to Vernon, and had five 
children : Azariah Willes, born April 24, 1826, at Franklin. He 
was a lawyer, and went to Iowa : Elisha Huntington, born Aug. 
27, 1827, at Franklin; Philena Maria, born April 26, 1829, and 
died July 11, 1831, at Franklin ; Eliza L., born November, 1831 ; 
Nancy Huntington, born Oct. 3, 1835 ; Dice, born Dec. 3, 1789, 
at Bozrah; Philena, born April 10, 1791, at Bozrah; Apame, 
born July 25, 1794, at Bozrah ; Lucy, born March 8, 1798, at 
Bozrah; Eunice, born June 14, 1799, at Bozrah. Andrew La- 


throp, Esq., then married May 30, 1802, Zerviah Polley, of Boz- 
rah, where he probably died. 

Lydia Lathrop, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 2, 1758, third 
daughter of Deacon Simeon Lathrop and Hannah Abel, was a 
great grand-daughter of Margaret Post, of the third generation. 
She married April 2, 1786, John Fish, of Bozrah, where they set- 
tled, and had six children recorded to them : Simeon, born Feb. 
1, 1787, at Bozrah ; John, born Sept. 25, 1788, at Bozrah ; Mil- 
ler, born June 5, 1791, at Bozrah ; Electa, born April 23, 1793, at 
Bozrah ; Lydia, born Aug. 6, 1796, at Bozrah ; Margaret, born 
Nov. 17, 1799, at Bozrah. 

Jared Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 10, 1741, eldest 
son of Capt. Joseph Tracy and Anne Hinckley, of Norwich, was 
a great grand-son of Margaret Post, of the third generation. 
He married Oct. 20, 1765, Margaret Grant, of Norwich, where 
they settled. He was a justice of the peace, and was a commis- 
sary of supplies for the American army, during the siege of Bos- 
ton. He also had Gen. Burgoine's army under his charge after 
their surrender at Saratoga. He was a member of the legisla- 
ture. He was a merchant and a ship-master. He died Dec. 25, 
1790, at Martinique, W. I. Their children were : William Gid- 
ney, born Nov. 15, 1768, at Norwich, married Jan. 19, 1800, Ra- 
chel Huntington, born April 4, 1779, at Norwich, daughter of 
Judge Benjamin Huntington and Anna Huntington, and mater- 
nally grand-daughter of Col. Jabez Huntington, of Windham, 
and his second wife, the widow Sarah Wetmore, (see Goodwin, 
54, note.) They settled at Whitesboro', N. Y., where he died 
April 15, 1830. She died April 7 f 1852, at Utica. They had nine 
children born at Whitesboro' : Susanna, born Nov. 20, 1800, 
married November, 1834, Moses Bagg, of Utica, and died July 
17, 1859, while on a visit to Saratoga Springs. Margaret, born 
Jan. 18, 1833, married April, 1830, Rev. Chauncey E. Goodrich, 
of Utica, N. Y., and had four children : Anne, born May, 1831 ; 
Cornelia, born in 1833 : Susan, born in 1836, and Rachel, born 


in 1839. William, born June 16, 1805, graduated at Union col- 
lege in 1824, and was a prominent and successful lawyer. He 
married May 20, 1831, Lucy Perkins, daughter of Frederich Per- 
kins, of Lisbon, Conn. They settled at Utica, and removed to 
New York, where they were living in 185"9, and had three child- 
ren : Lucy Eldridge, born May 5, 1835, married May 22, 1861, 
William P. Lee, of New York ; Catherine Parker, born Dec. 8, 
1839 ; and William Frederick, born June 15, 1837, died Feb. 11, 
1839. Anne Huntington, born Oct. 7, 1807, married May 1, 1831, 
William Curtis Noyes, a lawyer, and settled at Whitesboro', 
where she died Oct. 5, 1838, had one child, Rachel Tracy, born 
April 1, 1832. He removed to New York, and married a daugh- 
ter of Frederick A. Talmadge, and was living at New York in 
1860, and was one of the most distinguished lawyers of that city. 
Charles, born Feb. 17, 1810, graduated at Yale in 1832, and was 
a lawyer. He married Aug. 30, 1837, Louisa Kirkland, daughter 
of Gen. Joseph Kirkland, of Utica. They settled at Utica, and 
removed to New York, where they were living in 1859, and had 
five children : Anne Huntington, born June 10, 1838 : Mary Kirk- 
land, born Nov. 23, 1839 ; Frances Louisa, born May 15, 1842 : 
Clara, born Oct. 30, 1843, and Charles Edward. Catherine, born 
July 10, 1812, married Oct. 17, 1834, Milton D. Parker, of Utica, 
who died Dec. 8, 1839. She was lost by the wrecking of the 
steamboat Swallow, in April, 1845, near Athens, N. Y. They 
had two children : Charlotte Huntington, born Oct. 22, 18c5, and 
Catherine Roxanna, born June 5, 1839. Henry, born Feb. 10, 
1815, was a civil engineer, and died May 31, 1851, at Panama, N. 
(Jr., unmarried. Edward Huntington, born March 31, 1817, was 
a civil engineer, unmarried in 1858. Frances, born Jan. 6, 1821, 
married March 16, 1852, William Henry Welles, of Brattleboro', 
Vt., son of Ebenezer Welles and Mary Chester. He was through 
his mother, descended from Mabel Harlakenden, and from the 
kings and nobility of England They were living in New York 
in 1862, and had one daughter, Julia Chester, born in 1856. 

Joseph Winslow. born March 9, 1773, at Norwich, married 


Sept. 21, 1807, Wealthy Huntington, born Jan. 8, 1780, at Nor- 
wich, daughter of Elijah Huntington, Esq., of Bozrah, by his 
second wife, Lydia Baldwin. They settled at Norwich, and he 
died April 3, 1845, and she died July 11, 1849. They had six 
children, born at Norwich : Jarred Winslow, born May 29, 1812, 
a merchant in New York in 1859 ; James Joseph, born Dec. 3, 
1814, a merchant in New York in 1859 ; Edward Huntington, 
born April 21, 1817, married Jan. 10, 1856, Louisa H. Thomas, of 
the state of Delaware, was a merchant, and they were living at 
New York in 1859 ; Sarah Grant, born Aug. 21, 1819, died in 
1838, unmarried ; Cornelia Margaret, born Oct. 15, 1822, living 
at Norwich in 1857, unmarried ; Lydia Huntington, living at 
Norwich in 1857, unmarried. 

Gardiner, born Feb. 23, 1777, at Norwich, married Feb. 9, 
1805, Catherine Lansing, daughter of Cornelius Lansing, of 
Lansingburgh, N. Y., where they settled, and where he was for 
many years the proprietor and publisher of the " Lansingburgh 
Gazette. They subsequently removed to Utica, N. Y. They had 
six children, born at Lansingburgh : Cornelius Lansing, born 
Nov. 25, 1805, graduated at Union College in 1824, and was a 
lawyer ; he married Sept. 9, 1845, at Cohoes, Mary Olmstead, 
born Aug. 1, 1808, at Onondaga, N. Y., daughter of George W. 
Olmstead and Mary Tyler. They settled at Lansingburg, and in 
May, 1846, removed to Troy, N. Y., where they lived in 1863, 
They had three children, born at Troy : Cornelius Lansing, born 
Feb. 2, 1848, died Dec. 17, 1856 ; Mary Elizabeth, born May 2, 
1850, and Catherine, born Feb. 6, 1852, died Feb. 20, 1854. 
George, born Nov. 30, 1812, married at Utica, Sept. 28, 1836, Car- 
line Drake Tracy, daughter of Seymour Tracy, of Franklin, 
Conn., maternally a lineal descendant of George Drake, the 
brother and heir of Sir Francis Drake, the great captain of 
Queen Elizabeth, (Sir Francis Drake died unmarried,) she was 
also great niece of John Fitch, one of the originators of the 
steamboat ; her grand-father, Uriah Tracy, fell in the battle of 
Lundy's Lane, and was buried under one of the church windows 


there. They settled at Utica, N. Y., and removed to Milwaukee, 
Wis., in June, 1856, and had two children : Olive, born July 11, 
1837, and George Lansing, born March 25, 1841. Catherine 
Margaret, born Jan. 17, 1816, married at Utica, Sept. 6, 1836, 
John E. Lyon, of Cleveland, 0., where they settled, and removed 
to Oswego, N. Y., and had four children : Catherine Tracy, born 
Sept. 14, 1838 ; James, born Aug. 2, 1841 ; Gardiner Tracy, born 
Dec. 9, 1847, and Annie, born April 10, 1850. Susan Hester, 
born Feb. 23, 1818, married at Utica, Feb. 10, 1847, Ashbel H. 
Barney, of Cleveland, O., and had three children : Gardiner Tra- 
cy, born December, 1849, died July 29, 1856 ; Helen Tracy, born 
May 16, 1852, and Charles Tracy, born Jan. 27, 1854. They set- 
tled in Cleveland, and removed to New York city. James Jared, 
born Dec. 3, 1819, married at Fortress Monroe, Va., April 25, 
1883, Jane Allyn Foote, daughter of George Foote, of Detroit, 
Mich. They settled at Cleveland, 0., and had two children : 
James Jared, Jr., born Feb. 27, 1884, and Catherine Lansing, 
born Feb. 27, 1888. Helen Alvord, born Aug. 4, 1823, married 
at Utica, July 6, 1847, John E. Taylor, of Lansingburgh, N. Y., 
who graduated at Union college in 1839, and was a lawyer. They 
had no children. They settled at Troy, N. Y., and removed to 
Cleveland, 0., where he died. 

James Grant, born March 16, 1781, at Norwich, married 
Nov. 30, 1836, Sarah Osgood, born at Andover, Mass. They set- 
tled at Syracuse, N. Y., and had three or more children : James 
Grant, born Oct. 4, 1837 ; Osgood Vose, born June 25, 1840 ; 
William Gardiner, born April 7, 1843, an officer of volunteers in 

Sarah, born Feb. 10, 1767, at Norwich, who died in 1838, un- 

Susanna, born Aug. 8, 1770, at Norwich, married March 20, 
1795, Gurdon Huntington, born March 16, 1768, at Norwich, son 
of Judge Benjamin Huntington and Anne Huntington, of Nor- 
wich, and afterwards of Rome, N. Y. He was a merchant, and 
v they settled at Norwich, where she died Aug. 21, 1793. He had 


by her one child, Edward, born Dec. 5, 1792, graduated at Union 
college in 1810, and was a lawyer. He died Dec. 16, 1816, at 
New York, unmarried. Grurdon Huntington then married July 
6, 1794, Anne Perkins, and lived at Rome, and afterwards New 
York, and had by her four other children, three of whom died 
unmarried. The other one, Susanna, married Major James S. 
Dalliba, of the U.S. army. 

Margaret, born July 28, 1782, at Norwich, and died Aug. 1, 

Second Margaret, born Dec. 19, 1783, at Norwich, died Nov. 
24, 1788. After the death of Jarred Tracy, his widow married 
Get. 30, 1796, Jabez Backus, Esq., of Norwich, and died Nov. 13, 

Lucy Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., July 20, 1744, eldest 
daughter of Dr. Elisha Tracy, of Norwich, by his first wife, Lucy 
Huntington, was a great grand-daughter of Margaret Post, of 
the third generation. She married April 7, 1763, Dr. Philip Tur~i 
ner, born Feb. 25, 1740, at Norwich, eldest son of Capt. Philip 
Turner and Mrs. Anne (Huntington) Adgate, of Norwich. [This 
Anne Huntington Adgate, born March 20, 1715, at Norwich, mar- 
ried April 24, 1739, Capt. Philip Turner, was the widow of Thom- 
as Adgate, the third, of Norwich, and was the third daughter of 
Daniel Huntington and Abigail Bingham, and grand-daughter 
of Deacon Simon Huntington, the first, and Sarah Clark, of Nor- 
wich. Capt. Philip Turner, born about 1716, at Scituate, was 
probably a great grand- son of Humphrey Turner, of Scituote, 
who came from England previous to 1630, as follows: the emi- 
grant, Humphrey Turner, had two sons, named John. The first 
married Nov. 12, 1645, Mary Brewster. The last, called by his 
father, young John, married April 25, 1649, Anne James, and had 
a son, Philip, born Aug. 18, 1672, at Scituate, who was probably 
the father of Capt. Philip Turner, of Norwich, who died Jan. 
13, 175,5, in the 39th year of his age.] Dr. Turner, for three 
years previous to his marriage, had been an assistant surgeon to 
a provincial regiment, in the service of the Crown, in the French 


war, and became a very skillful surgeon. They settled at Nor- 
wich, where he went into the practice of his profession with dis- 
tinguished success. At the commencement of the revolution he 
was with the American troops at Boston. He was with the army 
at New York in 1776, where his services were of immense value 
to the wounded in the battles of Flatbash, Harlem Heights and 
White Plains. In 1777 he was appointed surgeon-general of the 
army of the United States for the eastern department ; the du- 
ties of which situation he continued to discharge with ability to 
about the close of the war. He then returned to his private 
practice at Norwich, which he continued there for nearly twenty 
years. About 1800 they removed to the city of New York. He 
was soon after appointed post-surgeon to the troops in the seve- 
ral fortifications in and about New York. It was there that, in 
the spring of 1809, the writer hereof, while visiting a brother, who 
was an officer in the army on Bedlow's Island, became acquain- 
ted with the then venerable Dr. Turner, (whose wife was a first 
cousin of the writer's mother.) He died in 1815, at New 7 York 
and was hurried with military honors. Their children were: 
John, born May '29, 1764, at Norwich, married Hannah Hunting- 
ton, born April 29, 1765, daughter of Jonathan Huntington and 
Eunice Lathrop, and settled at Norwich, where he was an emi- 
nent physician and surgeon, and was a member of the legisla- 
ture. He died May 7, 1837, at Norwich, and she died May 7, 
1845. They had four children: George Frederick, born about 
1791, died Feb. 9, 1813, at Norwich, died unmarried ; Charles W., 
born about 1793, died Feb. 13, 1794 ; Julia Frances Marionette, 
married Bev. George Perkins, and died leaving a daughter, Han- 
nah Parkins, who died unmarried ; Elizabeth H., the second 
wife of Bev. George Perkins, had by him two sons : John Turner 
Perkins, died unmarried ; George Turner Perkins, who in 1859, 
was the sole surviving descendent of Dr. John Turner. 

William Pitt, born Sept. 3, 1766, at Norwich, the poet and 

satirist. He married Phebe , and settled at New York, 

where he was a physician, and was in the service of the United 


States as an assistant surgeon. They had four children : George 
F., died s. p. ; Francis Lathrop ; Marvin Waite : Marionette. 
The three last were living in 1859. 

Lucy Ann, born at Norwich, married Dr. Gurdon Lathrop, 
born Dec. 6, 1767, at Norwich, eldest son of Azariah Lathrop 
and Abigail Huntington, of Norwich, and grand-son of Nathan- 
iel Lathrop and Anne Backus, of Norwich, and great grand-son 
of Samuel Lathrop and Hannah Adgate, of Norwich. He grad- 
uated at Yale in 1787, and was a physician. He died in 1828. 
They had two children : John, who was a merchant in Savannah, 
Ga., died unmarried; Abby Maria, married Edward Whiting, of 
Norwich, died s. p. 

Nancy, born April 1, 1772, at Norwich, married Nov* 15, 
1810, Judge Marvin Waite, of New London, born Dec. 16, 1746, 
at Lyme, second son of Richard Waite, of Lyme, by his first 
wife, Elizabeth Marvin. She was his third wife, and they set- 
tled at New London. Judge Marvin Waite was a lawyer, and 
went into practice at New London about 1769, in partnership 
with Samuel Holden Parsons, and was a successful practitioner 
there until he retired from the bar about 1800. He was frequent- 
ly a member of the legislature, was a judge of the county court, 
was a presidential elector at the first election of Gen. Washing- 
ton, and was one of the council appointed to dispose of the lands 
belonging to the state and establish the school fund. He died 
June, 1815, at New London, and his last wife died Apri., 1851, at 
Norwich. He had by her one child, John Turner Waite, born 
Aug. 27, 1811, at New London. He was educated at Trinity col- 
lege, Hartford, and was a lawyer. He married April, 1842, Eliz- 
abeth Harris, at New York. They settled at Norwich Town, 
where he held the office of post-master for a few years, and 
where he was a successful and very distinguished lawyer, and 
where they were living in 1863. They had three children : Mar- 
vin, born in 1843 ; Anne Eliza, born in 1846 ; and Mary Eliza- 
beth, born in 1856. Marvin was a lieutenant of volunteers, and 
was killed at the battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862. The first 


wife of Judge Marvin Waite, to whom he was married April 25, 
1779, was Martha Jones, of New London, by whom he had seven 
children : Marvin ; Martha Jones ; Harriet, who married Francis 
Kichards ; Richard ; Howard ; Oliver, and Eliza, married Jede- 
diah Huntington, of Norwich. He then married April 22, 1805, 
the widow Harriet Sal ton stall, and had by her one child, second 
Marvin, born Dec. 10, 1806. 

Elizabeth Tracy born at Norwich, married Aug. 14. 1793, 
Daniel Lathrop, born Oct. 18, 1769, at Norwich, youngest son of 
Dr. Joshua Lathrop, of Norwich, by his second wife, Mercy Eells, 
of Stonington. [This Dr. Joshua Lathrop, born May 8, 1723, 
at Norwich, graduated at Yale in 1743, and was a physician and 
druggist, married May 21, 1748, Hannah Gardner, who died July 
24, 1750, s. p., and after her death, married Nov. 5, 1761, Mercy 
Eells, of Stonington, and died Oct. 29, 1807, was the youngest 
son of Thomas Lathrop and Lydia Abel, and grand-son of Sam- 
uel Lathrop, the second, and Hannah Adgate, of Norwich.] 
Daniel Lathrop graduated at Yale in 1787. They settled at Nor- 
wich, where he died in 1825. They had four children, born at 
Norwich: Jaue Eliza, born July, 26, 1795, married Jonathan 
George Washington Trumbull, son of David Trumbull and Sarah 
Backus, and grand-son of the first Gov. Jonathan Trumbull and 
Faith Robinson, of Lebanon. He graduated at Yale in 1807, 
and was a lawyar. They settled at Norwich, where he died in 
1853, and where she also died. They had a son Daniel Lathrop 
Trumbull, and perhaps other children : Frank Turner, born Aug. 
9, 1798; Ann Matilda, born March 10, 1800, died unmarried; 
Cornelia Sophia, born July 30, 1804. married George G. Willes, 
and died leaving a son, William Henry Willes, who was living in 
1859, unmarried. 

Sophia, born at Norwich, married Judge Alexander Richards 
of New London, afterwards of St. Lawrence county, N. Y. He 
was a judge of the county court, collector of customs for the 
district of Oswegatchie. She died s. p. 


Alice Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 11, 1745, second 
daughter of Dr. Elisha Tracy, of Norwich, by his first wife, Lucy 
Huntington, was a great grand- daughter of Margaret Post, of 
the third generation. She married June 15, 1766, Elisha Leffing- 
well, born Nov. 4, 1743, at Norwich, seventh son of Benajah Lef- 
fingwell and Joanna Christophers. [This Joanna Christophers, 
born March 19, 1707, at New London, married Aug. 24, 1726, 
Benajah Leffingwell, of Norwich, youngest daughter of Judge 
Richard Christophers, of New London, by his second wife, Grace 
Turner, of Scituate, Mass., which Bichard Christophers, born 
July 13, 1652, in Devonshire, son of Christopher Christophers 
and Mary, his wife, who came to New London in 1665. Grace 
Turner was a daughter of John Turner and Mary Brewster, of 
Scituate, and grand -daughter of Jonathan Brewster and Lucre- 
tia, his wife, of Duxbury, afterwards of New London, and great 
grand- daughter of elder William Brewster, of the Mayflower. 
The wife of Jonathan Brewster, with his son William, came over 
with Elder Brewster, in the Mayflower. But Jonathan, the hus- 
band, came over in the Little Ann, Nov. 10, 1621. This Bena- 
jah Leffingwell, born Aug. 9, 1693, at Norwich, married Aug. 24, 
1726, Joanna Christophers, and had eight sons and five daugh- 
ters, was the third son of Thomas Leffingwell and Mary Bush- 
nell, and grand- son of Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell the first, of 
Norwich, and Mary, his wife, and was also grand-son of Richard 
Bushnell, of Saybrook, and Mary Marvin.] Elisha Leffingwell 
and wife settled at Norwich, but I have not ascertained the dates 
of their deaths. Their children were : Dyar, born April 6, 1767, 
at Norwich, died Oct. 1770 ; second Dyar, born Oct. 5, 1770, at 
Norwich, married his mother's fourth cousin, Hannah Water- 
man, eldest daughter of Arunah Waterman and Hannah Leffing- 
well, of Norwich, afterwards of St. Johnsbury, Vt. After her 
death, he married the widow Eunice (Sutherland) Brewster, and 
died Dec. 5, 1821. 

Elisha, born Feb. 28, 1778, at Norwich, married his mother's 
fourth cousin, Frances Thomas, the eldest daughter of Simeon 


Thomas and Lucretia Deshon, of Norwich, and he was lost at 

Martin, born October, 1785, at Norwich, married March, 
1819, his mother's fourth cousin, Mary Thomas, eldest daughter 
of Thomas Langrel Thomas, of Norwich, by his first wife, Eunice 
Birchard. He died at sea in 1819, s. p., and she was living at 
Geneva, N. Y., in 1859. 

Lucy Huntington, born Sept. 4, 1768, at Norwich, married 
her second cousin, Deacon Simon Abel, of Bozrah, eldest son of 
Simeon Abel and Martha Crocker. 

Sarah, born Nov. 27, 1772, at Norwich, married Roswell Cul- 
ver, and died at Buffalo, N. Y. They had three children : Jona- 
than E., married Miss Denison, (sister of Rev. Charles Denison) 
who was a grocer at Norwich, and removed to Wisconsin ; Asa, 
who lived at New York, and afterwards went to New Orleans : 

Cornelia, married Crandall, a merchant of Norwich, and 

afterwards of Buffalo. 

Alice, born Aug. 8, 1775, at Norwich, married her second 
cousin of the Tracy blood, and her mother's fourth cousin of the 
Hyde blood, Henry Tracy, eldest son of Capt. Frederick Tracy 
and Deborah Thomas, of Norwich. 

Nancy, born Feb. 15, 1781, at Norwich, married Sept. 8, 
1814, Deacon Nehemiah Huntington, born April 20, 1782, at Nor- 
wich, youngest son of Elijah Huntington, of Bozrah, by his sec- 
ond wife, Lydia Baldwin, and grand-son of Isaac Huntington 
and Rebecca Lathrop. [That Isaac Huntington, born Feb. 5, 
1688, at Norwich, married Feb. 81, 1716, Rebecca Lathrop, born 
April 20, 1695, at Norwich, eldest daughter of Israel Lathrop 
and Rebecca Bliss, of Norwich, was a justice of the peace and a 
member of the legislature, and was town clerk of Norwich for 
about sixty years. He was the second son of Deacon Christo- 
pher Huntington, born Nov. 1, 1660, at Norwich, and his first 
wife, Sarah Adgate.] Deacon Nehemiah Huntington and wife 
settled at Bozrah, where she died July 12, 1835. He had by her 
four children, born at Bozrah : Nancy Leffingwell, born June 14, 


1815, married Oct. 24, 1841, Alba C. Thompson f a merchant of 
Norwich, where they were living in 1858, and had five children : 
Elizabeth Huntington, born Aug. 19, 1842 ; Malvina Hunting- 
ton, born May 11, 1845 ; Frank, born July 23, 1848, died in in- 
fancy ; Annie, born Aug. 30, 1849 ; and Caroline Hamlin, born 
March 5, 1855. Elijah Baldwin, born Aug. 14, 1816, educated 
at Yale, married March 6, 1843, Julia Welch, daughter of Thom- 
as Welch and Laura Lathrop, of Windham. He was a clergy- 
man, and was settled in Putnam, Conn., in 1848, and from 1850 
he was engaged in teaching. He received the honorary degree of 
Master of Arts at Yale, in 1851. In 1861 they were living at 
Stamford, Conn., where he was principal of a select school. He 
was then engaged in preparing a genealogical history of the 
Huntington family. They had five children : Abby Swift, born 
April 7, 1845, died Feb, 12, 1846 ; Julia Swift, born Sept. 1, 1846 ; 
Clara Louisa, born July 27, 1848 ; Sarah Lee, born Sept. 12, 
1850, died Dec. 24, 1850 ; and Edmund Clement, born May 30, 
1852, died Sept. 9, 1852. 

Elisha Tracy, born Dec. 28, 1817, married Sept. 2, 1844, Mal- 
vina Boswell, daughter of Dr. Thomas Boswell, of Norwich City. 
He was a gold-smith at Norwich, and died Feb. 16, 1859, at Nor- 
wich, s. p.. where she was living in 1881. 

William Dyar, born Dec. 18, 1821, married Nov. 16, 1847, Mary 
Anne Kinney, daughter of Thomas Kinney, of Norwich. She 
died July 27, 1848. He then married May 19, 1852, Calista Eeed 
born March 29, 1830, daughter of James Reed, Esq., of Spring- 
field, N. Y. They were living at Providence in 1860. He had one 
child by his first wife, William Tracy, born July 16, 1848, and one 
by his last wife, Mary Anne, born May 28, 1855. After the death 
of his first wife, Deacon Nehemiah Huntington married Dec. 21, 
1741, Mrs. Nancy (Hinckley) Hough, widow of Jirah Isham 
Hough, and daughter of Timothy Hinckley and Saloma Strong, 
of Lebanon. He died June 2, 1852, at Bozrah, where she was 
living in 1858, s. p. 


Lncretia, born Nov. 14, 1782, at Norwich, married Dec*. 25, 
1803, Elijah Huntington, born Dec. 19, 1777, at Norwich, brother 
of her sister Nancy's husband, and second son of Elijah Hunt- 
ington, Esq., by his second wife, Lydia Baldwin. They settled 
at Bozrah, where he was a farmer and a justice of the peace, and 
where she died Oct. 30, 1816. He had by her three children, 
born at Bozrah : Philura Leffingwell, born March 23, 1805, mar- 
riad March 22, 1832, Christopher Leffingwell Lathrop, son of 
Deacon Charles Lathrop, of Norwich. They removed to Cleve- 
land, 0., where she died Aug. 13, 1843, leaving one daughter, 
Elizabeth Hutchins, born Feb. 8, 1836, married in 1860, William 
Merriam, of Cleveland. Winslow Tracy, born Aug. 25, 1807, 
married June 1, 1830, Almira Carson, of Pittsfield, Mass. He 
graduated at Pittsfield medical school in 1829, and was a physi- 
cian. They lived at Ohio City, where she died February, 1838. 
He then married July 12, 1840, at Akron, O., Julia (Swift) Bab- 
cock, daughter of Chief Justice Zepheniah Swift, of Windham, 
Conn. They settled at Akron, where he died Dec. 23, 1849, from 
a wound received in conducting a post-mortem examination. He 
had five children : William Henry, born June 12, 1832, married 
Kate Stanley ; Frances Elizabeth, born July 30, 1834 ; Cornelia 
Winslow, born Aug. 3, 1837, married in 1861, William Silliman 
Huntington, of Cleveland ; Julia Almira, born Aug. 6, 1845, and 
Emely Lucretia, born Aug. 12, 1849. Caroline Matilda, born 
Sept. 29, 1809, married Sept. 16, 1835, Samuel K. Hamlin, Esq., 
of Buffalo, where they were living in 1858. and had two children : 
Charles W., born in 1836, and Harriet Cornelia, born in 184*2. 
Elijah Huntington then married June 13, 1821, Olive Starke, 
born March 17, 1797, at Bozrah, fourth daughter of Joshua 
Starke and Olive Lathrop, of Bozrah, where he was living in 
1863. She died Sept. 26, 1862. He had by her three other child- 
ren, born at Bozrah : Lucretia Leffingwell, born Sept. 18, 1822, 
married March 7, 1853, her first cousin, Lemuel Barlow Starke, 
born July 1, 1823, eldest son of Dr. Joshua Starke and Silence 
Rose, of Granville, O., where she died May 13, 1856, and had two 


children. Albert Elijah, born Aug. 4, 1828, a farmer, living at 
Bozrah in 1852, unmarried. Albert Joshua, born June 11, ]834, 
a soldier in the Union army in 1862, unmarried. 

Philena, born in October, 1791, at Norwich. She died un- 

Philura Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 30, 1751, fifth 
daughter of Dr. Elisha Tracy, ef Nojwich, by hisjirst wife, Lucy 
Huntington, was a great grand-daughter of Margaret Post of the 
third generation. She married Dec. 19, 1782, her third cousin 
of the Tracy blood, Samuel Huntington, born Nov. 15, 1751, at 
Norwich, son of Rev. Simon Huntington and Hannah Tracy, of 
Norwich, his first wife. [This Hannah Tracy, born Sept. 2, 1727 
at Norwich, married Rev. Simon Huntington, was the second 
daughter of Daniel Tracy and Abigail Leffingwell, and grand- 
daughter of Daniel Tracy, the first, of Norwdch, and his first 
wife, Abigail A.dgate. Rev. Simon Huntington, born Sept. 12, 
1719, graduated at Yale in 1741, and died Oct. 2, 1801, a son of 
Ebenezer Huntington and Sarah Leffingwell, and grand-son of 
Deacon Simon Huntington, the second, and Lydia Gager.] He 
was a farmer, and they settled at Norwich, where he died June 
23, 1812, and she died Aug. 30, 1816. Their children were : Roger 
born Feb. 1, 1784, at Norwich, married Jan. 30, 1814, Anne Den- 
ison, born about 1784, daughter of Benadam Denison. He was a 
merchant, and they settled at Norwich, wdiere she died Sept. 15, 
1819. He had by her three children : Harriet Denison, born Jan. 
9, 1815, died May 22, 1816 ; James Denison, born Jan. 25, 1817, 
was living at Meriden, Conn, in 1857, unmarried ; Mary Ann, 
born March 30, 1819, living with her step- mother in 1857, 
unmarried. He then married in 1820, Amelia Matilda Lambert, 
and lived at Norwich, where he was a member of the house of 
representatives and a senator. He was comptroller of the state 
of Connecticut. He died June 27, 1852, at Norwich, and she w 7 as 
living in 1858. He had by her five other children : Lydia Lam- 
bert, born Nov. 6, 1821, died Feb. 22, 1824 ; Louis Charles Lam- 
bert, born April 26, 1824, married Dec. 20, 1848, Mary L. Tuite, 


and in 1858 was a salt manufacturer at St. Martins, W. I., and 
had five children: Eliza Matilda, born Sept. 13, 1850; Caroline 
Maria, born June 10, 1852 ; Louis Charles Lambert, born May 
28, 1854 ; James Clement, born April 17, 1857, and Edward Car- 
rol, born June 22, 1859, died Oct. 26, 1760. John Fosdick, born 
July 27, 1827, died Oct. 23, 1828. Amelia Matilda, born Nov. 15, 
1829, married December, 1857, Dr. C. C. Thomas, of Augusta, 
Ga. ; Gilbert Clement, born April 9, 1841, unmarried in 1862. 

Gilbert, born May 26, 1796, at Norwich, married June 5, 1836, 
Mary Anne Clement, died Aug. 21' 1841, at Norwich, s. p., where 
she was living in 1858. 

Hannah Tracy, born June 19, 1790, at Norwich, married 
Nov. 19, 1810, Solomon Dickinson, a farmer of Hatfield, Mass., 
and had four children: Abby Huntington, born Sept. 8, 1811, 
unmarried in 1857 ; Daniel Huntington, born Ja'n. 28, 1816, liv- 
ing with his father at Hatfield in 1857, unmarried ; Philura Tra- 
cy, born Jan. 31, 1818, married in 1843, George W. Hubbard, a 
farmer at Hatfield ; Harriet Maria, born Sept. 21, 1825, married 
in 1849, David F. Wells, of Hartford, and in 1858, had one 

Dr. Philemon Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn.. May 80, 1757, 
second son of Dr. Elisha Tracy, of Norwich, by his second wife, 
Elizabeth Dorr, was a great grand-son of Margaret Post of the 
third generation. He married in 1785, Abigail Trott, and settled 
at Norwich, where he was a very distinguished physician, and 
received the honorary degree of docter of medicine at Yale in 
1817. He practiced medicine in his native town more than fifty- 
five years. He excelled in the investigation of chronic diseases, 
especially those which from their complication, demanded deep 
research and accurate discrimination. Mrs. Sigourney says : 
"His habit was minutely to investigate every symptom before 
prescribing ; to require strict obedience to his prescriptions ; to 
regulate diet and regimen, and to give as little medicine as pos- 
sible." He died in 1837, at Norwich, aged 80 years, having be- 
come blind some time before his death. Their children were : 


Phinehas Lyman, born Dec. 25, 1786, at Norwich, graduated at 
Yale in 1806, and was a lawyer, married Harriet Lay, settled at 
Batavia, N. Y., where he was a member of Congress^ and where 
he was living in 1859, s. p. 

Edward Dorr, born March 21, 1794, at Norwich, married Su- 
san Campbell, and was a lawyer. They settled at Macon, Ga. 
He was a judge of the superior court. She died September, 1834. 
He then married Aug. 2, 1835, Caroline Campbell, and died at 
Macon. He had six children ; Anne, Philemon, Edward, Matil- 
da, Campbell, Harriet Charlotte. 

Kichard Proctor, born March 21, 1791, at Norwich, (twin.) 
He was a physician, and occupied his father's homestead at Nor- 
wich, where he was living in 1860, unmarried. He graduated in 
1816 at the medical department of Yale college. 

Albert Haller, born June 17, 1793, at Norwich, was a lawyer, 
and settled at Buffalo, where he was elected to congress at the 
early age of 24, but attained the constitutional age before con- 
gress convened in December, 1819, and he was elected to the two 
next congresses. During his six years services in congress he was 
much respected by all parties, and finally succeeded in carrying- 
through a bill for the relief of his constituents upon the Niagara 
frontier for the destruction of their property by the enemy in the 
war of 1812. He subsequently served eight years in the state 
senate, where he rendered very valuable services to the state, 
particularly as a member of the court of dernier resort. He sub- 
sequently retired from public life, and devoted his time to his 
private affairs and became a very wealthy man. He married 
Nov. 23, 1825, Harriet Foote Norton, daughter of Ebenezer Foote 
Norton, Esq., and Abigail Kibbe, of Canandaigua, afterwards of 
Buffalo, and grand-daughter of Aaron Norton and Martha Foote, 
of Goshen, Conn. The following is an abstract of an obituary 
notice of him in a Buffalo paper: "We have left for ourselves 
but little space in which to describe Mr. Tracy's intellectual and 
moral characteristics. He has of late years been chiefly distin- 
guished among us by his extraordinary conversational talents. 


He was one of the few American who cultivated this beautiful 

and difficult art. His mastery of it was complete, and won the 

admiration of all who were admitted to his society : distinguish- 
ing him while yet a youth in the circles of society in Washing- 
ton. Every subject, whether gay or severe, seemed equally agree- 
able to him, and was treated with a wealth of diction, a felicity 
of expression, and a justness of thought, which can seldom be 
surpassed. His mind was both analitical and discursive ; skep- 
tical, yet eminently open to conviction. Always ready to aban- 
don old opinions when he discovered that they were false, he 
stubbornly resisted every opinion, however venerable or common, 
which could not stand the tests of reason. In his youth, with- 
out instruction, he acquired sufficient knowledge of Latin to read 
the best known Roman authors. He had also some acquaint- 
ance with French, and was familiar with most of the philosoph- 
ic and a few of the lighter writers of that language. These ac- 
quisitions he greatly prized, and was accustomed to say that they 
were an invaluable treasure to him. His knowledge of English 
literature, judged from any point, must be said to have been 
very extensive. He was an industrious and unprejudiced reader 
of the new as well as the old. He did not commit the folly of 
stolidly rejecting romance but found constant pleasure in the 
pages of Fielding, Dickins, Thackery and Bulwer. He sought 
eagerly for the latest publications, and was an admirer of Ma- 
cauley, Tennyson, Buskin, Longfellow and Carlyle. A lack of 
imagination measurably impaired his judgment upon belles-let- 
tres, but notwithstanding this defect, his criticisms were highly 
valued and eagerly sought after by some of the most distinguish- 
ed and successful of our own writers. It was in political and 
metaphysical science that his mind found its most congenial nu- 
triment. Upon these subjects he had read much and thought 
more. No one who knew him and observed his keen instinct af- 
ter truth, his quickness in perceiving error, the agility and sub- 
tlety of his intellect, and his judicial skepticism and fairness, can 
doubt that he might easily have taken high rank as a political or 


metaphysical writer. ' ' ' 'Mr. Tracy ' s moral character was equally 
worthy of admiration. He has dwelt among us for more than 
forty years, but has done no act of which he or we need to feel 
ashamed. Simple in his tastes, frugal in expenditure, generous 
in hospitality, free to the approach of the humble, ever at hand 
to console or sustain the unfortunate and the distressed, ever 
ready to rebuke the adventurous and oversanguine ; to his debtors 
most lenient, to his creditors paying every demand ; the guide of 
the young, the counselor of the widowed and the orphan ; an 
honorable foe, a faithful friend, scrupulous in the performance of 
every public and every private duty ; he has exhibited to us for 
our emulation a noble example of a good citizen, wise statesman, 
a republican gentleman, and a kind and most liberal man." 
Albert H. Tracy died Sept. 12, 1859, at Buffalo, where his widow 
was living in 1863. They had two children : Albert Haller, born 
Oct. 29, 1834, graduated at Yale in 1854, was a lawyer, living at 
Buffalo in 1863, unmarried ; Francis Walsingham, born June 9, 
1839, married Sept. 25, 1862, Mary Kobinson, daughter of Alan- 
son Kobinson and Zillah Townsend. 

Francis, born April 13, 1797, at Norwich, and died April 23, 

Harriet Frances, born Sept. 1788, at Norwich. She was 
the early friend of Mrs. Sigourney, whose gifted pen has done 
justice to her memory. She died April 25, 1830, at Norwich, 

Col. Elisha Tracy, born at Norwich, Conn., May 27, 1766, 
third son of Dr. Elisha Tracy, of Norwich, by his second wife, 
Elizabeth Dorr, was a great grand- son of Margaret Post, of the 
third generation. He married Oct. 31, 1796, Lucy Coit Hunt- 
ington, born March 15, 1778, at Norwich, only daughter of Judge 
Andrew Huntington, of Norwich, by his second wife, Mrs. Han- 
nah Phelps, of Stonington, and grand-daughter of Major Gen. 
Jabez Huntington and Elizabeth Backus, his first wife. [This 
Major Gen. Jabez Huntington, born Aug. 7, 1719, graduated at 
Yale in 1741, married first, Elizabeth Backus, who died in 1745, 


second, Hannah Williams, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer Williams 
and Penelope Chester, of Pomfret ; son of Joshua Huntington 
and Hannah Perkins, and grand-son of Deacon Simon Hunting- 
ton, the second, and Lydia Gager, of Norwich.] Col. Elisha 
Tracy was a lawyer, and they settled at Norwich, where he was 
frequently a member of the legislature, and a very successful 
lawyer, and was also a justice of the peace and a colonel of mili- 
tia. He died March 10, 1842, at Norwich, where she died May 
9, 1846. Their children were : William Swan, born Feb. 4, 1799, 
at Norwich, married Sept. 18, 1833, Mary G. Rogers, settled at 
Painesville, 0., had three children: Elisha, a lawyer at New 
York in 1859 ; William Rogers ; Mary. 

Winslow, born Jan, 13, 1801, at Norwich, died May 11, 1823, 
unmarried. Elisha Dorr, born June 4, 1810, at Norwich, died 
June 12, 1823. Stephen Decatur, born July 14, 1812, at Nor- 
wich, drowned June 25, 1817. Elisha Winslow, born April 8, 
1823, at Norwich, graduated at Harvard in 1843, was a lawyer, 
living at Chicago in 1858. Elizabeth Dorr, born July 22, 1803, 
at Norwich, married Oct. 29, 1829, Erastus Williams, settled at 
Norwich, where she died in 1855. Lucy Huntington, born May 
11, 1806, at Norwich, married Sept. 11, 1833, Albert Smith, of 
Norwich. Hannah Phelps, born April 13, 1808, at Norwich, died 
May 10, 1810. Mary Griswold, born May 1, 1816, at Norwich, 
died Sept. 15, 1835, unmarried. Charlotte Isabella, born Sept. 
30, 1819, at Norwich, married May 17, 1841, Giles M. Eaton, who 
died, she was living at Norwich in 1860. 

Irene Burnham, born at Norwich, Conn., Nov. 18, 1744, eld- 
est daughter of Daniel Burnham and Irene Tracy, was a great 
grand-daughter of Margaret Post, of the third generation. She 
married Nov. 2, 1763, Aaron Bushnell, born June 16, 1743, at 
Norwich, third son of Nathan Bushnell and Margery Jackson, of 
Noiwich ; grand-son of Nathan Bushnell and Anne Carey, of 
Norwich. [This Nathan Bushnell, born Feb. 12, 1686, at Nor- 
wich, married first, Dec. 2, 1713, Anne Carey, second, Sept. 12, 
1715, Mehetable Allyn : youngest son of Joseph Bushnell and 


Mary Leffingwell, of Norwich. That Joseph Bushnell, born 
May, 1651, at Saybrook, married Nov. 28, 1673, Mary Leffing- 
well, the eldest son of Eichard Bushnell and Mary Marvin, of 
Saybrook. His wife, Mary Leffingwell, born Dec. 10, 1654, at 
Saybrook, youngest daughter of Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell, one 
of the original proprietors of Norwich, and Mary, his wife.] 
Aaron Bushnell and wife settled at Norwich, where they had six 
children recorded to them : Asa, born July 27, 1764, at Norwich ; 
Joshua, born Dec. 7, 1766, at Norwich, died Jan. 13, 1767; se- 
cond Joshua, born Feb. 27, 1775, at Norwich ; Abigail, born Nov. 
24, 1767, at Norwich; Margery, born Aug. 18, 1770, at Norwich; 
Mary, born Dec. 11, 1772, at Norwich. 

Thomas Huntington, born at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 28, 1757, 
second son of Christopher Huntington and Sarah Bingham, of 
Norwich, was a great grand-son of Margaret Post, of the third 
generation. He married Oct. 14, 1779, Abigail Backus, born 
Nov. 6, 1761, at Norwich, youngest daughter of Ebenezer Back- 
us, Esq., by his third wife, Sarah Clark. She died March 6, 1781, 

s. p. He then married Griswold, and settled at Bozrah, 

and removed to Middletown, Vt., and removed to Dresden, N. Y., 
about 1820. He was a justice of the peace and deacon of the 
Baptist church at Middletown. His children by her were : Back- 
us, born at Bozrah ; John, born at Bozrah; Erastus, born at 
Bozrah; Noel, born at Middletown, Vt. ; Abigail, born at Boz- 
rah ; Minerva, born at Bozrah. 


The Hyde genealogy, from which the greater part of my 
book is copied, published by Chancellor Reuben H. Walwoith, is 
a work of great value in the line of family history ; embodying a 
vast amount of pedigree, and displaying clearness of perception 
and skill in arrangement as well as unwearied perseverance and 
accuracy in research. It forms a grand memorial record of 
paternity and lineage, spreading far and wide, but taking the 
nine miles square of Norwich as the center from which it radi- 
ates. Such a work is a monument to perpetuate the name of the 
author, Reuben H. Walworth, L. L. D., more lasting than stat- 
ues of marble or pillars of granite. (Extract from Miss Calkin's 
work on Norwich, Conn.) 

Home of the Tracy's. 

The home of the Tracy's in England is Tcwksbury, a borongh 
of England, situated ten miles north-east of Gloucester, on the 
Avon, at its junction with the Severn, and connected with the 
Birmingham and Gloucestershire railway by a branch three 
miles in length. It has a magnificent (Abbey) church, town- 
hall and many public buildings. Market houses, various ( ha pels p 
penitentiary, jail, literary and scientific mechanic institutes, 
grammar school, alms-houses, and very many charitable institu- 
tions. It has many manufactories, especially of bobinet lace, 
stockings, leather, nails, etc. It returns two members to the 
house of commons. The great battle of Tewksbury was fought 
immediately south of the town, from this was called "Blood} 7 
Meadow," Tewksbury is pronounced Tuksbury. 


Uriah Tracy. 

Uriah Tracy, of Litchfield, born at Norwich in 1755, was 
United States Senator from 1796 until his death. He died in 
Washington, July 19, 1807, and was a descendant of Winslow 
Tracy, the youngest son of the first John, who was Lieut. Thom- 
as Tracy's first son, and was the first person buried in the Con- 
gressional cemetery. He was a very brilliant man, celebrated 
for his wit and humor. 

Dr. Elisha Tracy. 

Dr. Elisha Tracy graduated at Yale college in 1738, and 
studied for his profession with the senior Dr. Rogers. He was 
eminently skillful in medicine and surgery and one of the earli- 
est advocates of inoculation as a preventive of the small-pox. 
He died May 1, 1783, aged 71. 

Philemon Tracy. 
Philemon Tracy, son of Dr. Elisha Tracy, was 55 years in the 
practice of medicine. He was able and faithful in his vocation 
and respected in the community. He was distinguished for his 
skill in the treatment of chronic diseases, discriminating, 
thorough and attentive in all his professional duties. He died 
April 26, 1837, aged 80. 

Frederick Palmer Tracy. 
Frederick Palmer Tracy made a careful examination of the 
records of Gloucestershire, when in England, which proved the 
royal descent of Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, Conn. Frederick 
Palmer Tracy, of Lowville, Lewis county, N. Y., died Oct. 10, 
aged 45. He was the son of Cyrus and Hannah Tracy, and was 
born at Windham, Conn., Feb. 22, 1815. He was of the seventh 
generation from Thomas Tracy, the first, the ancestor of all the 
Tracy's of Connecticut. Frederick Palmer Tracy in 1832, when 
a little more than 17 years of age, joined the Methodist Episco- 
pal church, of Bozrah, Conn., and soon began to preach. In 
1833, he was received on probation in the New England Confer- 


ence of that denomination, and appointed to Lyme, Conn., and 
in 1834, to Hebron, Conn. In 1835, he was ordained a deacon 
and appointed to Southbridge, Mass., and in 1836, to South Bos- 
ton. In 1837 he was ordained an elder, being then the youngest 
man known in New England to have attained that position, and 
was stationed at Newberg, Mass., and in 1838 at South Lyme. 
While at the latter place he proposed to emigrate to Oregon, and 
published for about a year, a monthly periodical, devoted to the 
extension of the idea of emigration to that almost unknown 
country. In 1839 he energetically pursued his favorite idea, but 
the plan failing, he removed in 1840, to Concord, N. H., and es- 
tablished a paper called " The People's Advocate." In 1842 he 
removed to Cambridgeport, Mass., and in 1844 to Williamsburg, 
Mass., where he had charge of the Methodist Episcopal church 
until May, 1846, when his health and voice failing he was obliged 
to abandon the pulpit. He visited Europe that year for the ben- 
efit of his health, returning in 1848. The succeeding summer 
and autumn he edited the "Cuyaga New Era," published at 
Auburn, N. Y., and in the spring of 1849, removed to California. 
He was admitted to the bar in 1851, and commenced the practice 
of the law in San Francisco, and was very successful. At one 
time he held the office of county attorney for civil business for 
San Francisco. He was a delegate to Chicago to the republican 
convention in 1860, and remained in the Atlantic States deliver- 
ing political addresses in support of the nominees of the conven- 
tion till his death. His remains were brought to Lyme, Conn., 
and his funeral took place Oct. 15, from the church where he had 
been a distinguished pastor. His father had died at that place 
a few weeks previous. Frederick Palmer Tracy left a widow and 
several children, when last heard from were at San Francisco. 
He was a man of fine parts, a clear, strong logical thinker, and 
an eloquent and effective speaker. While at Williamsburg he 
was appointed a resident member of the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Society, and after he removed to California he 
became corresponding member. 


Mrs. Matilda Ormond Abbey. 

Mrs. Matilda Ormond Abbey, the compiler of this book, was 
born in Philadelphia, daughter of Tracy Taylor, of that city, and 
grand-daughter of Mary Tracy, of Norwich, Conn. She was 
married in her native city by Kev. Benjamin Griffiths to Harvey 
Birchard, of Milwaukee, to which city she removed. She has 
one son, Harvey L. Birchard, now 28 years old. After Mr. 
Birchard' s death, she married Col. D. C. Abbey. The Tracy's, 
Hyde's and Birchard's have so intermarried they seem like one 
family. The immediate ancestors of Harvey Birchard, of Mil- 
waukee, lived at Wilton, then moved to Kidgeburg, Conn. His 
grand-father was Lieut. Isaiah Birchard, who married Sarah 
Betts in 1757. 'Harvey Birchard's brothers and sisters were: 
Eleia, married Mary Demming ; Pheobe, married John Foster ; 
Mirilda, married Eliazer Taylor ; Lyman, died aged 22 years : 
Anise, married Harvey De Forrest ; Stephen, married Betsey 
Gray ; Alanson, married Esther Kockwell. Mr. Francis Birch- 
ard, nephew of Harvey Birchard, is the son of Alanson Birchard, 
has lived in Milwaukee many years Elizabeth, married Charles 
De Forrest. Jeremiah Birchard's brother was a very rich and 
eccentric man, and died a bachelor. Harvey Birchard's mother 
was Elizabeth Abbot, she was a beautiful woman and of noble 

Benjamin F. Tracy. 

The State of New York has the honor of being the birth- 
place and home of many of the Tracys. The following was 
kindly sent me by Mr. Kelby, librarian of the Historical Society 
of New York, (regarding the family of the Hon. Gen. Benjamin 
F. Tracy, our present Secretary of the Navy.) Copied from the 
Historical Gazetter of Tioga county, N. Y., town of Owego. 
Thomas Tracy came to this vicinity with his wife and infant 
son, Benjamin Tracy, and settled near the mouth of Tracy creek, 
Broome county, in 1790. This creek receives its name from Mr. 
Tracy. In 1801 he removed with his family to the Holland Pur- 


chase near Buffalo. His son, Benjamin, several years after- 
wards returned and settled on the Apalachin creek where he 
raised a large family of children, one of whom is Gen. Benjamin 
F. Tracy, born at Owego, April 26, 1830, now a resident of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Benjamin Tracy, the son of Thomas and father 
of our Secretary of the Navy, was born in 1795 and died in 1883. 
Benjamin F. Tracy is distinguished not only for his eminent 
career as a lawyer but as a learned, impartial . and laborious 
judge, and acute independent minded legislator who follows the 
leadership of his own judgment, subordinated to partisan inter- 
est only so far as it enhances the interests of all his constitu- 
ency ; a determined enemy to all political quackery. He is also 
distinguished as a soldier, inspired by a self-sacrificing patriot- 
ism. As a fearless able prosecuting officer of government who 
discharged difficult and responsible duties with clean hands and 
honest heart in times when speculations and stupendous frauds 
were nearly overwhelming it, when strong defiant rings and 
unscrupulous juntas were by the unstinted use of money cor- 
rupting the very sources of justice. Benjamin F. Tracy was 
born at Owego, N. Y., April 26, 1830. His father, Benjamin 
Tracy, was one of the oldest and most highly respected residents 
not only of Owego but of the county of Tioga. A pioneer of the 
southern tier, one of that band most of whom are now banished 
from earth whose virtue, integrity, enterprise and industry made 
the desert bloom and laid the foundation for wealth and culture 
of that beautiful region. The secret of Benjamin F. Tracy's 
success and his control of the popular mind may be found in his 
sincerity, constancy and directness. There is no deceit in his 
nature, men are never left in doubt about his views, and what is 
better he is never in doubt about himself. One always knows 
where to find him. His sympathy is always with the masses. 
No man better understands the impulses of the people than he, 
and he has an intense sense of justice between man and man, 
estimating men according to their worth. He never stands an 


assumed dignity nor by word or manner indicating any assumed 
personal superiority in his official positions. His policy was 
never timid or vacillating ; whatever the responsibility he never 
hesitated to assume it but always moved promptly to the front. 
Perhaps nowhere in his whole career were these features more 
conspicuously exhibited than when discharging the duties of 
United States District Attorney for the eastern district of New 
York. In the spring of 1852 still remembered as a period of 
alarm to the friends of the Union cause, new levies were imper- 
ative for the Federal army, and Gov. Morgan at once appointed 
a committee in each senatorial district to organize a general 
recruiting effort. Tracy was one of the committee for Broome, 
Tioga and Tomkins counties. He accepted the charge and in 
addition to general service as a member, he received a commis- 
sion from the governor, and personally recruited two regiments, 
the 109th and the 137th, making his headquarters at Binghamp- 
ton. The active work was completed in 30 days, and Tracy was 
appointed colonel of the 109th with which he reported to Gen. 
Wool at Baltimore, in whose department it remained until 
transferred to that of Washington. In the spring of 1864 the 
regiment was ordered to join the 9th (Burnside) corps, then a 
part of Grant's advance. Col. Tracy led his regiment with 
great gallantry in the battle of the Wilderness when its loss on 
Friday, May 6, was upward of eighty killed and wounded. Near 
the close of the fighting on that day he fell exhausted and was 
carried from the field, urged by the staff of his commanding 
officer to go to the hospital. He refused, but resumed the lead 
of his regiment and held it through three days of the hard fight- 
ing at Spottsylvania where he completely broke down and was 
compelled to surrender the command to the Lieut. Colonel. When 
he became satisfied that months must elapse before he could 
again join the army, and not liking military service in a hospi- 
tal he tendered his resignation and came north to recruit his 
health. In the following September without solicitation on his 
part Sec. Stanton tendered him the appointment of colonel of 


127 United States colored troops which he accepted ; subsequently 
was ordered to the command of the military post at Elmira, in- 
cluding the prison camp and the draft rendezvous for Western 
New York. This was a large and important command in the 
prison camp. There were at this time 10,000 prisoners. In his 
domestic relations Sec. Tracy is fortunate and happy. In 1850 
he was united by marriage to Miss Delinda E. Catlin, a sister of 
Gen. Isaac S. Catlin, Ex-District Attorney of the county of 
Kings and one of the ablest members of the bar. Judge Tracy 
has three children — two daughters and a son. After retiring 
from the bench in 1882 as he could not resist his love for the 
profession he decided to resume it again. Accordingly he form- 
ed a co-partnership with William C. Dewitt, Esq., and his son, 
F. B. Tracy, and opened an office in Brooklyn. This was an 
advantageous and fortunate business relation, combining a 
strength, a variety of talent, learning and influence which gives 
it high rank in the profession, and is justly appreciated at home 
und abroad. Unfortunately for Judge Tracy his devotion to his 
judicial labors and duties impaired his health to such an extent 
that he was incapacitated for business, but a total abnegation 
from business^ judicious medical treatment and a tour to 
Europe has nearly restored his health, and he' is once more in 
the discharge of those duties his noble nature loves so well, and 
by which he has gained the high honors he so well merits and 

The Birchard's. 

Thomas Birchard, aged 40, embarked for New England in a 
vessel called the "True Love," Sept. 20, 1635, with his wife, 
Mary, and six children, one of them a son, named John, aged 
seven years, the others were daughters. He is subsequently 
found at Saybrook, and was deputy from that township to the 
general court in 1650-51. After that there seems no record ex- 
cept an account of a very extensive land sale in 1656, to William 


Pratt, of Martha's Vineyard, wherein he quits claim for himself 
in behalf of his son, John Birchard. It has been proved that 
this son John was one of the ten inhabitants of Norwich, Conn., 
accepted as freeman, and was deputy to the general court in 
Oct., 1691. The marriage of John Birchard and Christian An- 
drews, July 22, 1653, and ranging from 1654 to 1680, the birth of 
14 children is recorded in Norwich, Conn. The first five chil- 
dren and one of later birth died in infancy. The mother was 
called away while her family were still young. Mr. Birchard 
married for his second wife, Jane, widow of Samuel Hyde, and 
daughter of Thomas Lee. In the settlement of Lebanon, Mr. 
Birchard took a prominent interest. He was one of the four 
original proprietors of the nine-mile tract, Norwich, purchased 
from the Indian chief Owaneco, in 1692. He assisted in the ex- 
pense of laying out the lands and moving thither with his family 
in 1698, and died Nov. 17, 1702. His wife, Mrs. Jane Birchard, 
died at Lebanon, Jan. 21, 1723. Mr. Birchard had six sons that 
lived to maturity. These sons all left families. The two daugh- 
ters of John Birchard, of the nine-mile tract, married John 
Caulkins and Jonathan Hartshorn. , 

Ezra Birchard, born at Norwich, Conn., Sepi 11, 1731, eld- 
est son of John Birchard and Jane Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand- son of Thomas Hyde, of the third generation. He mar- 
ried Oct. 17, 1756, Martha Barret. They settled at Norwich, 
where they had six children recorded to them : Andrew, born 
April 22, 1759, at Norwich, died at Norwich, Feb. 16, 1767; 
Asahel, born June 14, 1762, at Norwich, married Jan. 1, 1788, 
Elizabeth Fox, at Bozrah, and settled at Lima, N. Y. ; Ezra, 
born Aug. 9, 1766, at Norwich ; second Andrew, born Dec. 2, 
1768, at Norwich ; Eli, born Aug. 7, 1772, at Norwich ; Eunice, 
born Dec. 6, 1774, at Norwich. 

John Birchard, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 30, 1733, sec- 
ond son of John Birchard and Jane Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand- son of Thomas Hyde, of the third generation. He mar- 


ried July 5, 1759, Anne Barker, and settled at Norwich, where 
they had three children recorded to them : Jonathan, born Nov. 
11, 1763, at Norwich ; Jabez, born May 16, 1765, at Norwich, 
married Jan. 31, 1799, Mary Downer, at Bozrah : Anne, born 
Dec. 4, 1761, at Norwich. 

Gideon Birchard, born at Norwich, May 23, 1735, third son 
of John Birchard and Jane Hyde of Norwich, was a grand-son 
of Thomas Hyde, of the third generation. He married April 13, 
1757, Eunice Abel, born March 1, 1737, second daughter of Capt. 
Joseph Abel, of Norwich, Conn., by his first wife, Jerush« Frink. 
They settled at Norwich. He died at Utica, N. Y. Their chil- 
dren were : Elisha, born June 14, 1758, at Norwich ; Roger, born 
May 5, 1762, at Norwich, died Oct 15, 1782; Jedediah, born 
Aug. 17, 1765, at Norwich ; (xurdon, born Dec. 29, 1767, at Nor- 
wich ; Erastus, born April 7, 1769 ; Eunice, born April 27, 1780, 
married her father's second cousin, Thomas Langrel Thomas, 
second son of Ebenezer Thomas and Deborah Hyde, of Norwich, 

Phinehas Birchard, born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 26, 1738, 
fourth son of John Birchard and Jane Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand- son of Thomas Hyde, of the third generation. He mar- 
ried June 14, 1764, Lydia Farnham, and settled at Norwich, 
where they had one child recorded to them : Amasa, born Jan. 
19, 1765, at Norwich. 

Lois Birchard, born as Norwich, Conn., Nov. 15, 1744, fourth 
daughter of John Birchard and Jane Hyde, of Norwich, was a 
grand-daughter of Thomas Hyde, of the third generation. She 
married May 23, 1767, Joseph Chapman, born Sept. 8, 1729, son 
of Joseph Chapman and Elizabeth Ames. They settled at Nor- 
wich, where she died March, 1769. His child by her was : Joseph, 
born Oct. 13, 1768, at Norwich. He then married in 1769, Eliz- 
abeth Abel, born Dec. 5, 1749, third daughter of Capt. Joshua 
Abel, by his second wife, Anna Backus. 

Of the many illustrious persons who are connected with the 
Birchard family, one of the most noted is the Hon. Rutherford 


Hayes, Ex-President of the United States. The Hayes' family 
can boast of a long line of honorable ancestors, which can be 
traced back as far as 1280, when the Hayes' and Kutherford's 
were two Scottish chieftains, fighting side by side with Baliol, 
William Wallace and Robert Bruce. Both families were num- 
bered among the nobility, owning extensive estates and having 
a large number of followers. The first who came to America 
was George Hayes, he left Scotland in 1680. He made his home 
in Connecticut, all that can be learned of him is that he settled 
in Windsor, Conn. He had one son, named George, who remain- 
ed in Windsor during his life. Daniel Hayes, the son of the 
latter, married Sarah Lee, he lived after his marriage and until 
his death, at Sinisbury, Conn. Ezekiel Hayes, son of Daniel, 
born in 1724, was extensively engaged in manufacturing iron, 
especially scythes, at Bradford, Conn. Kutherford Hayes, son 
of Ezekiel, and grand-father of Gen. Hayes, was born at New 
Haven, Aug 1758. During his life-time Vermont was the eldor- 
ado of New England, and a large number of people from Connec- 
ticut, emigrated to that state, including Rutherford Hayes, who 
purchased a farm and established a hotel at Brattleboro'. It 
was at Brattleboro', the father of Gen. Hayes was born. He 
married Sept , 1813, Sophia Birchard, of Wilmington, Vt., whose 
family also emigrated from Connecticut, they having been 
among the wealthiest and best families of Norwich, Conn. Her 
ancestry by the male side can be followed in an unbroken line 
back to 1635, when John Birchard came to Norwich, and became 
one of the original proprietors of that place. Both of her grand- 
fathers were valient soldiers of the revolution. The father of 
Gen. Hayes was one of those interesting characters whose life 
illustrates the perseverance and varied talents of our early New 
England people. He was a leader among his young companions 
in all their plays and games. He established a store at Brattle- 
boro'. In this mercantile occupation, which he conducted on 
the strictest principal of honesty f he made a large number of 
acquaintances, who invariably became warm friends. He was a 


sincere christian and was a liberal and active member of his 
church. It was at church that he met Sophia Birchard. Too 
much can not be said of this admirable woman. She was a most 
fit companion for Kutherford Hayes, and her disposition had a 
most happy effect on his. He was often inclined to be silent 
and sad ; she was gay, witty and sparkling as a mountain 
spring ; with him, religious services were a solemn duty ; witli 
her, they were a happy privilege ; she was playful, witty, light- 
hearted and unconsciously forced him to merriment. He was 
charitable and generous out of a sense of duty ; she performed 
kind acts because she loved to make others happy. Their lives 
ran parallel ; his keen sense of duty and her unbounded love- al- 
ways brought them to the same conclusion. What motive could 
have induced Kutherford Hayes to abandon his old home and 
thriving business, many warm friends. He had secured enough 
in business to be independent and comfortable, and yet Ruther- 
ford Hayes followed a destiny he could not fathom, and moved 
by an impulse none could explain, determined to set his face to- 
wards Ohio, that terrible wilderness, then the home of wild 
beasts and savage men, where he arrived after many difficulties, 
accompanied by his wife, Sophia, his two young children, Fanny 
and Lorenzo, and Sardes Birchard, Mrs. Hayes' brother. The 
years 1821-22 were terrible years for the people of Ohio. During 
these years a malignant fever swept over the state like a simoon, 
smiting with deadly blow the young and the old, in many in- 
stances, whole households were exterminated at one swoop. 
Rutherford Hayes was one of its victims. It was but a few short 
hours after the first feverish flashes ran through his limbs before 
the poison had performed its dreadful mission, and Rutherford 
Hayes passed away from this life ; he died July 22, 1822, and 
the desolation surrounding his lovely wife can be imagined only 
by those who have experienced such a bereavment under simi- 
liar circumstances. Oct. 4, 1822, less than three months after 
the death of his father, and in his house, built four years before, 
was born, the Hon. Rutherford Birchard Hayes. 


Unique Letter Written in 1639. 

This unique and interesting letter of the Kev. John Daven- 
port, communicated by the Rev. John Wadington, of London, 
was published for the first time by the Historical and Genealog- 
ical Society of New England. The Rev. John Davenport held a 
correspondence with Lady Mary De Vere, who was a daughter 
of Sir John Tracy, Kt., of Toddington, Gloucestershire, who was 
of the family of the Tracy's of Norwich, Conn. In the British 
Museum, are several letters by him, written to her from London, 
Rotterdam and New Haven. In the history and geneaology of 
the Davenport family, A. B. Davenport, Esq., has printed many 
of these letters entire, and from others made extracts ; we quote 
from an account of Lady De Vere, prefixed to these letters. 
"Lady Mary De Vere was the wife of Horatio Lord De Vere, 
Baron of Tilbury, sen of John De Vere, the fifteenth Earl of Ox- 
ford. During the reign of Charles, the first, he went into Hol- 
land as a commander of a regiment, sent to join with the United 
Princes, of Germany. He is characterized by Fuller in his 
"Worthies," as of excellent temper, being true of him as what is 
said of the Caspian Sea, "that it doth never ebb or flow ;" ob- 
serving a constant tenor, he is neither elated with success nor 
depressed by defeat,. He died May 2, 1635, and was intered near 
his brother, Sir ^Francis De Vere, in Westminister Abbey. By 
his wife, Lady Mary De Vere, he had five daughters, his co-heirs, 
viz.: Elizabeth, married John Hollis, second Earl of Clare; 
Mary, married Sir Roger Townsend, Baronet of Raynham, in the 
county of Norfolk, after whose decease she married Mildmay 
Fane, second Earl of Westmoreland; Catherine, married first, 
Oliver, son and heir of Sir John St. John, of Lydiard Tregeze, 
second, John Lord Paulet ; Anne, married the celebrated parlia- 
mentarian, Gen. Sir Thomas Lord Fairfax ; Dorothy, married 
John Wolstenholm, Esq., eldest son of Sir John Wolstenholm, 
Baronet of Nostel, county York." 


The Letter. 

To the Right Honorable Lady Mary Vere— Madam : " By 
the good hand of our God, upon us my deare child is safely ar- 
rived with sundry desirable friends, as Mr. Fenwick and his lady, 
Mr. Whitfield, and to our great comfort thyre passage was so or- 
dered as it appears that prayers were accepted, for they had no 
sickness in ye ship except a little sea-sickness ; not one dead, but 
they brought to shore one more than was known to be in the 
vessel at their coming forth, for a woman was safely delivered of 
a child, and both are alive and well. They attained to the Hav- 
en, where they would be in seven weeks. There provisions at 
sea held good to ye last, about the time when we guessed they 
might approach near us, we sett a day apart for public extraor- 
dinary humiliation, by fasting and prayer, in which we com- 
mended them unto ye hands of our God, whom windes and seaes 
obey, and shortly after sent out a pinnis to pilott them to our 
harbour ; for it was ye first ship that ever cast anchor in this 
place. But our pilott having watched for them a fort- night, 
grew weary and returned home, and the very next night, the 
ship came in, guided by God's hand to our towne. The sight of 
ye harbour did so please the captain of the ship and all the pas- 
sengers that he called it Fair Haven, since that, another ship 
hath brought sundry passengers, and a third is expected daily, 
and which is more, the Lord our God hath bestowed upon us, 
the greatest outward privilages under the sun, to have and enjoy 
all His ordinances, purely dispensed in a church, gathered and 
constituted according to His owne mind in all things, and hath 
promised that in every place where he shall sett his name, He 
will come' unto his people and bless them, and now madam my 
desire is that your La-P (lady-ship) may be assured that what- 
ever interest I have in J X, and by him in fellowship with his 
people at the throne of grace, it is wholly for your advantage, if 
in anything I may express ye reality of my thankfulness to your 
honour, for my favours formerly received, and for your helpful- 


ness to my little one in carrying him in your coach to Sir Theo- 
dore Maherne, for advice about his neck, and for your cost in a 
coate, of which bounty and labour of your love, my servant, 
Ann, hath made full report to us. The Lord recompense ye, 
same to your La-P, and to your noble family, one-hundred-fold, 
I hope befor this time He hath rebuked the feverness and small- 
pox in your family, which has lately affected it, and will make 
the losse of Mr. St. Jo, a mercy to your daughter, whom I love 
and honor in the Lord. The Lord ye holy one of Israil, our re- 
deemer, hath undertaken to teach his people to profitt as well 
by his provedences as by his ordinances even by all his dispensa- 
tions ; accordingly I believe He will, and pray that he may be 
pleased gr^ tiously to make this losse be her gain, and these trials 
evidances of his fatherly love, both to your La-P, and her, that 
mortality of earthly comforts and the dissolubleness of the mar- 
riage-bond, with ye creature may quicken us to secure our inter- 
est in the everlasting God, and our marriage with the Lord J. 
C, by an everlasting covenant of his grace, which nothing can 
dissolve. My wife presenteth her humble service with much 
thankfulness to your La-P. We both desire in like manner to 
salute my Lady Wake, and all your noble daughters. Had I 
time, I would write to Mrs. Watson, your scribe, at present, I 
have no more liberty than to salute her, and to let her know that 
if her affections stand hetherward, I shall be gladly be useful to 
her in what I may and do think that it would be comfortable to 
her many wais. But it is God who setts the bounds of our habi- 
tations, to whose everlasting doings I commend your Lady-ship 
with all yours in Jesus Christ, in whom I rest. Your honorable 
La-P, much obliged in ye Lord." 

John Davenport. 
Quinnepiack, 28 vf e 7 month, 1639. 


The Fashions of Norwich 

The fashions of Norwich in 1757. The dress of that middle 
period can not be eulogized for its simplicity, or economy. The 
wardrobe of the higher circle, was rich and extravagant, and 
among the females of all classes, there was a passion for gather- 
ing and having articles of attire, beyond what was necessary for 
present use, or even years ahead. It was an object of ambition 
to have a chest full of linen, a pillow bier of stockings, and other 
articles in proportion laid by. In this connection we present a 
schedule of the wardrobe of widow "Elizabeth White," of Nor- 
wich, as contained in the inventory of her effects, taken Aug. 16, 
1757. She was a daughter of Samuel Bliss, and relict of Daniel 
White, of Middletown. After the death of her husband in 1726, 
she returned to Norwich, and died there July 2, 1757, aged 71. 
The items of jewelry, plate and apparel, were circumstantially 
enumerated, but we give them in abridged form : she had many 
gowns of durog striped stuff, plaid stuff, blach-silk crape, and 
blue camlet, a scarlet cloth cloak, and one of blue satin, flowered 
mantel and fur below scarf, a woolen petticoat with border, cam- 
let riding-hood, long silk hood, velvet hood, white hoods brimed 
with laces and ribbons, a silk bonnet, and 19 dress caps, cambric 
lace handkerchiefs, silk and 16 linen ones, a lace apron embroid- 
ered, one green taffety, and 14 aprons in all, a silver girdle, a 
blue girdle, four pieces of flowered satin, many yards of silver 
ribbon, a parcel of crewels, and handsome fans, Turkey worked 
chairs, a gold jewel necklace, deaths-head, gold ring, set of gold 
sleeve buttons, plain gold ring, gold locket, silver hair-pin, silver 
cloak-clasps, a precious stone, set in silver, for a button, a large 
silver tankard, a silver cup with two handles, one silver cup with 
one handle, silver spoons. The next generation was still more 
extravagant. Kicher goods were imported, and more splendor 
was exhibited. The following is an illustrative instance : The 
daughters of Gen. Jabez Huntington were sent successively, at 
the ages of 14 and 15 to finish their education at a boarding 


school in Boston. The lady who kept the establishment was of 
high social standing, and made it a point, of taking her pupils 
often in society, that their manners might be formed according 
to the prevailing codes of politeness and etiquette. Of course 
the wardrobe prepared for the young ladies was rich in articles 
of ornament and display. One of the daughters, who had been 
carefully fitted out with twelve elegant silk dresses, had been but 
a short time in Boston, when her instructress wrote to her par- 
ents, requesting that another dress should be procured for her, 
made of a certain rich fabric, that had recently been imported, 
in order that her appearance in society might be equal to her 
rank. A thirteenth robe of silk of the requisite richness was 
sent. Before the revolution, wigs full and curled for clergyman 
and other dignitaries were white, and powdered, red cloaks, or 
rouquelaurs, and buckles or bows of ribbon at the knees and in 
the shoes, were worn by gentlemen. Even young boys were often 
arrayed in cocked hats, small clothes and knee buckles. If on 
ceremonious occasions, wigs were not worn, gentlemen had their 
hair crimped, curled and powdered by barbers. A full dress for 
gentlemen were mostly made of silk, with trimmings of gold and 
silver lace. The waist-coat most always highly embroidered. 
Ladies wore trains to their dresses or gowns, often quite long, 
and when they walked out they threw the end over the right arm. 
They dressed their feet in silk stockings, sharp-toed slippers, al- 
ways made of rich material, mostly of embroidered satin, and 
with very high heels. At one time sharply gored gowns, and 
cumberous hoops were the fashion. Cushions stuffed with wool, 
covered with silk, were used to dress the hair. At one period, 
feathers were much wor,n on the head, surmounting a high tur- 
ban of gauze. Parasols were unknown, or of rare occurance, but 
a fan, nearly a foot and a half in length, was often carried open 
to keep off the sun. A lady in full dress for great occasions, dis- 
played a rich brocade, with open skirt and trail, front skirt trim- 
med and embroidered elegantly, with stomacher and full ruffles 
of real lace at the elbows. As the great struggle for liberty grad- 


ually over- shadowed the land, and the sacrifices necessary to 
consummate the revolution, began to be appreciated, a decided 
change took place in regard to dress, amusements, and display ; 
women discarded all imported articles, ornaments, etc., arrayed 
themselves wholly in domestic goods. Gentlemen also, who had 
been accustomed to appear in society in the daintiest costume, 
following the example set by the women, discarded their shining 
stocks, their linen cambric ruffies, silk stockings, silver buckles, 
and other articles of foreign production, and went back to leath- 
er shoe-strings, home-spun clothes, et(;. 

Copied from "Picturesque Canada," Page 87. 

A handsome new church was dedicated in 1876 to La Bonne 
Sainte Anne de Beaupre, To it were removed the old altar and 
pulpit, both of the seventeenth century, and the relics and orig- 
inal oruaments of the old church. Among these are an altar- 
piece by Le Brun, the gift of the Marquis de Tracy ; a silver 
reliquary, and a painting by Le Francois, both the gift of Mons. 
Le Laval ; a chasubel, worked by Anne of Austria, and a bone 
from the finger of Sainte Anne. 

A great number of the Norwich Tracy's have been graduates 
of Yale college. 


Letter of Sir Bernard Burke, C. B., L. L. D., Ulster King 
of Arms, Dublin Castle. Author of the Extinct and Dormant 
Peerages ; The Landed Gentry ; The General Armory ; Vicissi- 
tudes of Families, and Eeminiscences Ancestral, Anecdotal and 

Dublin Castle t Ireland, November 3, 1888. 

Dear Mrs. Abbey : 

I am and have been so ill since I last wrote to you, that I 
am obliged to use the pen of an amanuensis. I do not like wait- 
ing until I am better and able with my own hand to express how 
much I am pleased with your admirable history of the great 
house of Tracy. I have carefully gone through the volume and 
my estimate is formed on a minute perusal. When I return to 
my usual pursuits, which, please God, will be soon, I trust to 
obtain some genealogical additions for your acceptance. 
With esteem and regard, yours most truly, 

J. Bernard Burke, Ulster. 

JUL 5 1916